Prince Caspian: What could Netflix do better?

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Prince Caspian: What could Netflix do better?

Postby Tumnus » Jan 20, 2020 8:08 am

After several viewings of the Walden Media movie and the BBC Miniseries episodes of Prince Caspian, it seems to me there is untapped potential that Netflix could tap with a TV series or miniseries that covers the chapters in detail, especially the following:

-The movie doesn't show the Dancing Lawn meeting, and only gives us the names of a few talking beasts e.g. Reepicheep and Trufflehunter. The BBC Miniseries names the minor character creatures but doesn't explore their personalities or mannerisms much. Netflix could explore the personalities and perspectives of the various creatures more to show the diverse beings and the wonderful world that the Narnians are fighting for rather than rushing on to the battles as Walden did.

-In the Walden movie, Caspian's army attempts to attack Miraz at his castle, while in the BBC miniseries Caspian's army stays at Aslan's How to battle the Telmarines. The miniseries follows the book's events, but it just shows us some of the combat and Caspian's forces clearly weakened and wounded but without a real sense of the strategy or details of the battle. I'd enjoy seeing an onscreen version of the attack in which Caspian sends Wimbleweather and the centaurs in and when the plan goes awry because Wimbleweather breaks out in the wrong place, he knows it's all his fault and that night his huge tears fall on the mice. This is a scene that's easy to gloss over to get to the big battle at the end, but it also is a wonderful exposition of the personalities of the Narnian characters and would create drama and tension by showing how badly the campaign goes for the Narnians before help arrives.

-The Prince Caspian season of the Lamp-post Listener podcast (highly recommended!) mentioned that the pages describing what Miraz does to eliminate any possible rivals in his effort to usurp the throne have as much Machievellian maneuvering as a whole season of Game of Thrones. If there was to be a TV series based on the Chronicles of Narnia, the various nobles of Telmar getting murdered, sent off to fight giants, and to explore the sea could be shown to viewers rather than just summarized. This would make for drama worth seeing by itself and would help to establish Miraz as a villain to be feared and hated so that the audience has all the more reason to wish him to lose the final duel against Peter.

It seems to me that Prince Caspian is an underrated entry in the Chronicles of Narnia. Its main problem is that there are so many threads to the story and so many characters and events introduced and described that many wonderful and exciting scenes are introduced but are then quickly gotten through to get to the final events at Beruna and Aslan's return. The short descriptions that leave us wanting more also give the reader more room to fill in the details with his or her own imagination, though, and if a TV series season of Prince Caspain showed these details well it could be incredible.

What do you think?
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Re: Prince Caspian: What could Netflix do better?

Postby Glenwit » Jan 21, 2020 11:17 am


Just kidding.

No I'm not.

People have often referred to PC as the last cinematic book in the series. I think it has the potential to be very cinematic - it just needs to be given the right treatment.

Especially if it's a series, the events will definitely be more impactful if given the right breathing room. This includes finding a creative way to show Caspian's backstory without skipping over it (like the Walden film did) or whatever the heck that juxtaposition was in the BBC series (going back and forth between the Pevensies at the train station and Caspian in Narnia -seriously, I never understood that).

Also, both versions rather butcher the scene where Lucy sees Aslan and nobody else believes her, in my opinion.
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Re: Prince Caspian: What could Netflix do better?

Postby narnia fan 7 » Jan 21, 2020 11:48 am

While I have my misgivings about an episodic format, but if they where to go that route it would allow them to stick with the structure of the book.

The way the story is structured didn't really lend itself well to film, I think the way it was restructured for the Walden film: eliminating the flashbacks and shifting the timeline work pretty well. But as a consequence they had to cut basically all of Caspian's backstory and some memorable scenes like the Dancing lawn and Caspian and Cornelius on top of the tower. With a miniseries you could dedicate an entire episode or two to Caspians backstory.
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