The Dark Age of Narnia

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The Dark Age of Narnia

Postby SirVincentofNarnia » Mar 28, 2019 1:02 pm

When I look through Narnian history, I know about the Golden Age with the Pevensies, and the story of Prince Caspian, but the time in between that, this Dark Age has always puzzled me. I would like to know about any thoughts that people have on this, because in my opinion, this seems like a topic that gets little recognition or is passed over in favor of Prince Caspian or LWW. My thought is that by understanding this Dark Age, it will give a little insight into the story of Prince Caspian.
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Re: The Dark Age of Narnia

Postby Cleander » Mar 28, 2019 7:29 pm

After the Four Kings and Queens left Narnia, the country was wracked by civil wars and petty squabbles (most notably the 17- year long war between the Red and Black Dwarfs) until at last the Council of Centaurs elected Crovian, a noble descendant of Lord Peridan, to the throne. His line, the now-forgotten Crovic Dynasty, lasted until the Telmarines conquered Narnia and killed every member of the royal family... and the fact that I just made all this up demonstrates that this portion of Narnian history is left pretty much up to our imaginations! :D
So that's okay, if the Netflix producers wish to expand the Dark Age of Narnia.
Perhaps it could all start with someone finding a lost scroll or tablet from the Dark Age...
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Re: The Dark Age of Narnia

Postby JFG II » Apr 02, 2019 2:38 pm

Cleander :ymapplause: :ymapplause: =)) =))

I think Lewis had a tendency to forget large chunks of history in Narnia in favor of telling a new story each time. LWW is very much a myth, even for Lewis, it seems. But at some point he must have gotten bored with Caspian’s time in PC, VDT & SC and wanted to revisit a more innocent time with HHB & MN. Then Lewis did LB, which puts a damper on much of what came before it. :-s :-s
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