FOR NARNIA!!!!- or not?

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FOR NARNIA!!!!- or not?

Postby Cleander » Mar 18, 2019 9:04 am

Hey all, recently I was wondering what array of battle cries might be used in the battle scenes in the new Narnia series. Though it may not be a great idea to use them every time someone draws a sword, I'm in favor of working in some of the war cries from the books (which got kind of replaced by the somewhat overused "FOOORR NARRRNNIA!!!! AND FOR ASLAN!!!") There's actually several to pick from- "Narnia! Narnia!" "THE LION!" " ASLAN TO OUR AID!" , etc. Perhaps even "For Narnia and the North!" could be used, though it's not technically a battle cry.
Something the filmmakers should keep in mind is that the battle cries of Narnia should express the Narnians' faith in Aslan- that they are fighting relying on him for victory. This would contribute to putting Aslan back in the spotlight, which I think is something most of us would probably want to see- something the Walden versions didn't do so well. With that in mind, my top choice is Edmund's cry from Prince Caspian- "THE LIIIOOOON!"
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Re: FOR NARNIA!!!!- or not?

Postby JFG II » Mar 25, 2019 3:06 pm

I’m all for “OH, RUMBLE, RUMBLE, RUM-BLE!! Rumble, Oh Belabor -“ :-o :-o or something like that. I can’t quite remember it now! It’s from LB. :D :D
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Re: FOR NARNIA!!!!- or not?

Postby SirVincentofNarnia » Mar 28, 2019 12:52 pm

I agree, definitely the battle cries should be representative on their reliance on Aslan, because obviously Aslan is the single most important thing that the Narnians have. Now, the battle cry in LWW movie seemed a little off place (considering the movie was made in 2005), but it does give a good representation of how Narnian battle cries should be like.
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Re: FOR NARNIA!!!!- or not?

Postby mm1991 » Apr 01, 2019 9:11 pm

"Channel The Lion" might be nice, or some version of that.
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