Bonus Prince Caspian Scene

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Bonus Prince Caspian Scene

Postby Col Klink » Mar 16, 2019 6:35 am

I'd heard that the video game for Prince Caspian included a scene that wasn't from the movie, featuring Dr. Cornelius telling Caspian about Narnian/Telmarine history. Not being interested in video games, I never saw it. But recently I looked it up on YouTube and I have some questions.

The scene really looks and feels like it came from the movie. Does anyone know if they got the screenwriters to write it? Was it maybe a scene from an early draft of the script? Part of me wishes it were in the movie itself because it would make Caspian a more compelling character. In the final movie, it kind of comes across that he initially helps the Narnians so they'll make him king. Here it sounds like he wants to undo the wrongs that his ancestors did. However, if this scene were in the movie, the beginning would be less exciting and it would lose the element of mystery since the audience would already understand the political situation in Narnia and how much time had passed since the first movie. Anyway, my head-canon is that this scene happened in the universe of the movie even though we never saw it.
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Re: Bonus Prince Caspian Scene

Postby Reepi » Mar 17, 2019 3:02 am

As far as I remember the scene was written specifically for the video game and not ever intended to be in the movie, but it was written by the movie screenwriters.
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