Mansion: Winning Your Spurs

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Mansion: Winning Your Spurs

Postby Delia Death » Mar 15, 2019 4:55 pm

Welcome, travelers!

Come on in and choose a seat! If you haven't heard, the illustrious Dr. Lyman Milner is stopping over in Ditto Town. If you don't know, Dr. Milner is one of the leading experts on the westward expansion of humanity, and he is on his way to share his latest research in Monstropolis. Fortunately, he has kindly agreed to share some of his knowledge (and maybe give us a sneak peek at his new discoveries!) before continuing his journey. You can stash your coats in this closet, and then come on in to the lecture hall! You are welcome to mix and mingle with the other guests, but do keep in mind that the lecture will begin promptly on March 18th!

As you listen to the lecture (and attend the reception following in the Mansion!), remember the following:
1) If you choose to come as a character (other than yourself), please do keep your characters original. Showing up as Lucy Pevensie or Bilbo Baggins would be a no-no.
2) Do not fold, staple, mutilate, maim, kill, or otherwise destroy, another writer's character(s) without their express written permission.
3) Keep in mind that all general forum rules still apply.
4) Keep all posts rated “G” or “PG” for the sake of our younger members.

I also recommend making frequent trips to the Cavern Tavern, as this is a planned story, and more plot-sensitive details may be discussed over there.

If you are new to Ditto Town, or are interested in learning a bit more about what goes on here, this is a perfect place to jump in, as no prior knowledge about the subforum is needed to participate. If, however, you have any questions, feel free to visit the Cavern Tavern or PM myself or one of the Ditto Town mods, and we would be happy to provide you with an answer. And if we don't know the answer, we'll either make something up, or refer you on to someone who does know. We're pretty good about knowing, though!

Come on in and join the fun!

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Re: Mansion: Winning Your Spurs

Postby Ryadian » Mar 16, 2019 11:22 am

For the past couple of weeks, Cody had been subtly hinting to his boss that he was interested in going to the lecture at the Mansion. He'd "casually" mention that his parents and sisters weren't interested, but drop hints about his long love of history and especially the Old West (both things Faye had never heard him mention before, but then again he didn't often talk about his interests on the job).

At first, Faye's plan was to wait until he actually worked up the nerve to ask her directly, instead of his attempts to get a backdoor invitation. She even made a point of making it clear that the event was going to be a lecture, not a costume party, and that he'd probably get quite bored. She suspected she should've found a better way to say that, since he apparently took that as a challenge.

Finally, she lost her patience and told him, "Cody, if you want something, you should just ask for it directly. I'd rather you ask for something presumptuous than beat around the bush." Cody turned bright red and didn't say anything for quite a few minutes, but he did eventually come back and contritely asked if she was going, and if she was if he could come with her.

In truth, she'd been debating it in her mind - she had some fascination for the time period as well, but enough to go see a lecture on it? Ultimately she decided to make him happy and agree to it. And now that it was finally the night of the lecture, and they were walking up the steps to the front door. Cody had decided to come wearing a cowboy hat and boots, though he either didn't have a full costume or chose not to wear the whole thing. Even with just the two accessories, Faye could see him change his mind about whether or not it was too much more than once on the trip there. Faye hadn't bothered with that at all, she just chose a simple dress.

They stepped inside, and it quickly became clear that they were the first guests to arrive. Faye found that her first instinct was to look for any squirrels that might be running amok.
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Re: Mansion: Winning Your Spurs

Postby stargazer » Mar 17, 2019 9:16 pm

“Isn’t it nice that Melissa was available to watch the girls while we’re gone?” Dan Baxter smiled over at his wife as they walked toward the Mansion. They’d met Melissa’s brother, Cody, during the Holiday celebration, and they’d learned she was available to help out watching their kids if needed.

“Yes it is, but I hope Grace will be all right.”

Angie was understandably worried. Their older daughter was still uneasy when separated from her parents, and after their ill-fated adventure on the Titan IC, who could blame her? But Melissa had proven wonderful in helping put Grace at ease, and in any event the two of them also had little Emma to keep them occupied.

“So do I, but she is getting better.”

The couple arrived at the Mansion shortly after Faye and Cody had arrived. “I wouldn’t have pegged you as an Old West kind of gal,” Dan said as he held the door open for his wife.

“My dad loved watching all those old Westerns when I was growing up, and I guess I caught the bug that way. And besides, it still reminds me of good times with him.”

“Well, I’ll do my best to stay awake,” he said with a wink.

“I love you too,” she shot back. “There’s Cody and Faye. I think we have time to say hi to them before the lecture starts.”
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Re: Mansion: Winning Your Spurs

Postby Pattertwigs Pal » Mar 18, 2019 3:15 am

Ottelia Nordin stepped into the mansion. She did not particularly care about the topic but her father liked her to go to a variety of events. It was good for their family's public image.
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Re: Mansion: Winning Your Spurs

Postby Bob Saget » Mar 18, 2019 8:05 pm

Bob Saget has graciously donated his account for Dr. Milner to use for this Mansion. Thank you, Bob!

"Errm, excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, but if you would please take your seats, it's time for the lecture to begin." The man who murmured into the microphone was none other than Dr. Lyman Milner himself. He was a short man, and could comfortably be called plump. His light brown, curly hair was clearly thinning, though under his white ten-gallon hat, it was hard to tell to what extent.

In any other scenario, his unassuming figure probably only would have stood out because of the bolo tie and kerchief - and of course the hat - that he wore over his light brown suit. But, what with the staff all also wearing period attire, he'd been very easy to miss until the moment he stepped up to the podium.

Dr. Milner cautiously adjusted his hat while waiting for those assembled to take their seats, or at least for the chatter to quiet enough for him to begin his lecture. A slideshow was projected onto the wall behind him, a minimalist but professional visual aid for his audience.

Once he felt the room was sufficiently settled, he straightened himself and began. His eyes rarely left the copy of his slideshow projected off the back wall for his own reference, and when they did it was usually only to check his note cards or to give a quick glance around the room. Nonetheless, as he began his speech, he spoke with a practiced confidence in his material:

"The time we call the Wild West is one that has certainly captivated our collective imaginations. Why, my own boyhood was filled with books and old movies, which couldn't help but let you dream of a time when the world was so open and free to possibilities. But, of course, there's often a great deal of difference between fact and fiction, so today we'll explore some of the finer details of what life was truly like in that time, and find out if it was truly the place we imagine it to be...."
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