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Re: Astronomy: Adventures in Stargazing

Postby stargazer » Jan 21, 2019 12:46 pm

Glad you were able to enjoy the view, jo!

Yesterday was perfectly clear during the day, if chilly. We had some friends over in the evening so I was able to share eclipse viewing with about half a dozen friends (several were eclipse veterans).

The night was brisk (air temperature around 0F with a little wind chill), but not as invigorating as Jo's temperatures.

Clouds were predicted to move in overnight in advance of snow today (which has arrived), so by the time the umbral phases started (9.34pm local time), the sky was slightly hazy with some bands of very thin clouds. We were able to observe out on the deck, which faces east and south.

We also were in and out of the house a lot due to the temperature. By the time we reached totality, the sky was hazy and it even seemed foggy in the south (in the area of Sirius and Orion, which is also the direction of the Minneapolis city light glare). The surroundings were darker, not only due to the eclipse but the haze overhead. The moon was dark orange and quite pretty.

By the time totality ended (11.44pm), the moon was in a relatively clear area of the sky, though the rest of the sky was pretty hazy. We watched until the moon was about half uncovered and then called it a night. Very impressive!
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Re: Astronomy: Adventures in Stargazing

Postby fantasia » Jan 30, 2019 6:54 pm

Haven't had a chance to post in this thread yet, but I bundled up with coats and blankets and headed outside about 20 minutes before totality. :) My husband and I enjoyed some views through our telescope and got one pretty decent photograph. But the cold chased me back in so I didn't watch much more after that.
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