Tiny Tidbits of news...

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Tiny Tidbits of news...

Postby fantasia_kitty » Nov 09, 2018 8:36 pm

Going to go ahead and open this thread because I'm bored and that rarely happens :P . I know the news posters are working on a story that should hopefully go up in the next couple days. In the meantime, I'll go ahead and post this here.

https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists ... te-1156933

Racheline Benveniste, 35
Manager, original features, Netflix

Benveniste likes to say her big break came when trying to persuade Mike Medavoy to hire her as an assistant even though she "had no idea what I was doing." Still, she hoped her English accent would get her through. "And it kind of did," she jokes. That gig led to others, including her lengthy stint at Warner Bros. before settling at Netflix in 2016. At the streaming giant, Benveniste has helped shape the movie slate with a collection of family films and franchises, including the upcoming holiday movie The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell. Among her biggest endeavors, however, will be overseeing the new Chronicles of Narnia franchise. In October, Netflix picked up the rights to C.S. Lewis' classic book series with plans for a cinematic universe spanning TV and film. The London native, whose mother is American and father Egyptian, has also worked tirelessly to bring the upcoming rom-com Always Be My Maybe, starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, to the streamer.

And Rose-Tree found this on Racheline's Linked In profile....
Projects in development include a live action CARMEN SANDIEGO starring Gina Rodriguez, a live action adaption of C.S Lewis' THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, and YA thriller TELL ME EVERYTHING , being adapted by Leslye Headland for herself to direct.

So there you go. I guess we have the official Netflix rep on board? And we now know it's going to be live action. Good to hear things are moving along. :)
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Re: Tiny Tidbits of news...

Postby Col Klink » Nov 09, 2018 9:33 pm

Cool to be getting even a little bit of news. Can't wait for the news story.

Like I said in the live action vs animation topic, I think live action is generally preferable. (Maybe if there were more live action versions of the books which I really liked, I'd be interested in animated adaptations. But since I expect only one cinematic adaptation of each book in my lifetime, I'd rather they be live action except for the special effects.)

I wonder if the Narnia series really will be the biggest project or if they just said that because it sounded more interesting that way.
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Re: Tiny Tidbits of news...

Postby The Rose-Tree Dryad » Nov 10, 2018 12:22 pm

Yay! Now there's a thread for the bits and pieces I run across when I'm dissolving into a fit of googles. :P ;))

Aside from the live action aspect, this is also interesting to me because it seems like they're already laying out the groundwork for movies. Racheline Benveniste only has experience working with feature films; she doesn't have any links to television. So this doesn't appear to be a situation where they're first and foremost making a television show, with an eye to eventually add films to the franchise. (Like The Walking Dead and their recently announced movie trilogy, for instance.) So I'm guessing we can expect a movie of some kind in the relatively near future. (Perhaps a MN movie, followed by a television series about the Pevensie adventures?)

Also, the LinkedIn page doesn't say an adaptation of a particular book, it says The Chronicles of Narnia... yeah, not going to read too much into that at this point, but it does make one wonder if they're thinking a movie franchise of the seven books, with spin-off television shows.
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