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Re: Wondering.....

Postby Valiant_Nymph » May 04, 2018 5:47 pm

The Rose-Tree Dryad wrote:
Liberty Hoffman wrote:Many were literally proudly stating that they made sure their family and friends never went to the cinema. And then everyone's wondering why there are no more films to date.....hmmmmm....

It seems to me you're longing for the Old Days of NarniaWeb, Libby, and that's normal. I look back fondly on NarniaWeb's heyday, too. That said, I don't know what the forum will be like going forward. The internet has changed a lot in the past several years and a lot of social media platforms have sprung up that cater well to fandoms. They're good for general chat, sharing graphics and memes, posting fan theories, telling jokes, et cetera. Forums, on the other hand, work better for extensive, ongoing, linear discussion where a community of members share their thoughts and ideas on different topics. It's a better format for people who like to analyze and talk about positives and negatives, imo.

Once upon a time, a forum or a fanlisting was pretty much the only place online for fans to gather and connect, but now that NarniaWeb will be competing with the likes of Tumblr, Twitter, et cetera, I think it will impact the nature of the forum during the next era of Narnia filmmaking. Things never happen the same way twice, but I'm excited for this new chapter to begin on NarniaWeb. :)

I agree Rose Tree Dryad. I was on the forms years ago (different account; I forgot the old one), and things have changed so much. I kind of like the new ways we can interact on Facebook pages and all. But anyways, you're right -- things never happen the same way twice :)
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Re: Wondering.....

Postby Lilygloves » May 15, 2018 1:08 pm

Personally, I've grown a lot in how I understand movies and adaptations. I was in elementary/middle school when LWW and PC came out, so I have a lot of nostalgia attached to those movies. Now that I'm older I can understand the details that moviemakers need to consider and it's easier to understand and express the flaws in the movies.
Sometimes we like things because of the "brand", basically out of obligation without really thinking about whether or not something is good or why it's good. (I grew up with the Star Wars prequels so I love them just like I loved the older Narnia movies because of nostalgia and the "brand"). Then we change.
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Re: Wondering.....

Postby Col Klink » Aug 10, 2018 12:45 pm

I'm not sure if you're still reading this, Liberty Hoffman. Since you said you're averse to criticism and some people have criticized what you've said here. But I hope you're still reading this because I'd really like to talk to you.

I understand that it's depressing when a lot of people dislike or are ambivalent about a movie you really like. This is especially true when the movie, which you loved, doesn't make much money while other movies, of which you're not a fan, make loads. :( (FWIW, while I wasn't much of a fan of the VDT movie, I loved Prince Capsian which many book fans hated.)

However, I think the idea that you will be shouted down or bullied if you express appreciation for the VDT movie may have come from your head. I've been lurking in the forums and I can't remember anyone attacking you for your opinions. In fact, I remember some people posting that they found your enjoyment of it refreshing. It's true several Narniawebbers had opinions opposite to yours. But few, if any, implied that there was something wrong with you because you disagreed with them.

It's legitimate for you not to want to read this forum if it makes you depressed. But you're going to have to accept that there will always be movies/books/paintings/what have you which you will really enjoy and others won't. You don't have to see those others as the enemy and they don't have to see you that way. If they don't like the VDT movie, they have the right to post so and you have the right to post your disagreement. But please try not to demonize the non-movie fans for ruining the series or the forum. From what you've posted elsewhere, it sounds like you're not a fan of Johnson's vision for The Silver Chair. Would you like it if people, who were excited about it, criticized you for criticizing his statements and saying you were to blame for the movie not being greenlit?
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