Cast From Across Time

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Cast From Across Time

Postby starkat » Feb 26, 2015 9:29 am

We did this once many years ago. If you could go through time and pick an actor/actress for any role in a Narnia movie and team them all up together, who would you pick and why?

So basically... if you had a time machine... name your dream cast for any Narnia movie. :D
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Re: Cast From Across Time

Postby The Rose-Tree Dryad » Aug 31, 2016 3:45 pm

*dusts off thread* Good discussion idea! Fun thing to speculate about. :D

Over on the Lady of the Green Kirtle casting thread, parableproductions has a post where she mentions that she had always imagined Jadis as something like Rosalind Russell, the actress from the 1940s. And that's a great suggestion, had we a time machine, because Russell was a great actress, but it also made me think of the actress that reminds me of my own mental picture of Jadis, especially in MN before she eats the silver apple: Ava Gardner.


I don't know if I would actually cast her, though, because I've never seen very much of her work and I get the sense that she's more renowned for her beauty than her acting.

Now, one person I would have absolutely no qualms about going back in time and nabbing for a role is an older David Niven. I would have loved for him to play Uncle Andrew! He has those large eyes and he would have been so good for the comical side of that character... ahh, if only someone had invented a time machine by now. ;))


It's funny to think that these people were contemporaries of C.S. Lewis... it makes me wonder if he ever had an actor or actress in mind when he was writing a character!
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Re: Cast From Across Time

Postby Princess Frances » Sep 08, 2016 1:32 am

Lewis hated the thought of a live-action adaption, didn't he? as the special effects of the 1950s were too primitive.
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