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Re: Bree and Hwin

Postby PhelanVelvel » Aug 13, 2014 2:16 pm

Because of this line: "He rode upon a strong dappled horse..." I always imagined Bree as a dapple grey. I know horses of other colours can be dappled, but since this is how I always imagined him, and how Pauline Baynes appears to have illustrated him, I stand by the idea. That's how I would really like him to look in the film. I don't have a specific preference for Hwin's colouration, though. Some form of brown or pinto would be fine by me. They had to rub mud and everything all over themselves to look like "ordinary" horses anyway, so her having a pretty colouration would be fine, I think. We should expect Bree and Hwin to look like horses of good breeding, and handsome to boot, because they ended up in high class homes. I think that talking Narnian horses would probably vary in breed, since they choose to marry whom they wish and they're constantly mixing up the gene pool. All this inter-breeding would probably result in one general type, but then again, there would probably be different populations in different regions. Due to differences in geography and climate, there might be a variety of conformations, coat lengths, and colours.
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Re: Bree and Hwin

Postby starkat » Aug 21, 2014 4:22 am

Thing about grays is, depending on the type, they mostly end up white by a certain time in their life. Dappled grays go white. Flea bitten grays don't, but their spots can get more numerous.

I've always seen Bree as more of a Thoroughbred or maybe a Hanoverian. A breed that has the speed and skill level to handle war. Thoroughbreds tend to be a bit flighty, but they also tend to have a ton of personality. Most of the ones I know are good at carrying themselves in that slightly snooty manor just because of the way they are built.

There are also different thoroughbred body styles. Some are more like Secretariat who had a thicker look. Some have that thin racer type look. I could see Bree built more like Secretariat and Hwin the same breed, but a much lighter build as she's a lady's horse and not a war horse.
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