Screwtape Letters Adaptations

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Screwtape Letters Adaptations

Postby Pattertwigs Pal » Jul 07, 2013 7:23 pm

Recently, I was lucky enough to see the Screwtape letters preformed by Brent Harris. Since the performance was only 90 minutes, they understandable had to cut a lot out. The main points were intact however. The play started with Screwtape giving part of Screwtape proposes a Toast. It is implied that Wormwood was among the recent graduates. The action then moves to Screwtapes study. He dictates letters to Toadpipe. There is a box for correspondence with lights that moves to indicate which direction mail is coming. Toadpipe reminded me of Gollum in looks and movement. Sometimes Toadpipe acted out what Screwtape was talking about. It was quite interesting seeing him pretend to be the patient's mother. Screwtape reminded me of a military gentleman type. I had a bit of trouble reconciling the two types of demons. I really enjoyed how Toadpipe reacted to getting a letter about Screwtapes "heresy" He didn't hand it directly to Screwtape but acted very nervous and put it next to Screwtape. When Screwtape didn't notice it, Toadpipe had to point it out. Screwtape took a look at it and then went into dictating an appropriate letter to Toadpipe. As things started getting bad for Wormwood, Toadpipe pulled out a set of knives to prepare for Wormwood's arrival.
Overall, I like the performance and thought it was well done. I also enjoyed the question and answer period at the end.

Additionally, I have listened to the FotF radio drama of Screwtape. Andy Serkis is Screwtape. Bertie Carvel is Wormwood. I could go on to tell you what I think of the Radio drama but I think I've written enough. :P

This topic is for posting about adaptations of The Screwtape Letters. Here are some ideas to consider. (This is not an inclusive list.)

If you have seen / listened to different adaptations which is your favorite and why?
What did you like about the adaptation(s)?
What would you change about the adaptation(s)?
If you have seen / listened to more that one adaptation which Screwtape did you prefer?
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Re: Screwtape Letters Adaptations

Postby Varnafinde » Jul 08, 2013 4:27 pm

Pattertwigs Pal wrote:Additionally, I have listened to the FotF radio drama of Screwtape. Andy Serkis is Screwtape. Bertie Carvel is Wormwood. I could go on to tell you what I think of the Radio drama but I think I've written enough. :P

I haven't got it, and all I've heard of it, was a video where they talked about making the radio drama, and included some shots of the recording of the drama. (I followed a link which I got here on NarniaWeb.)

I guess the actors acted a little bit extra because of the filming, but seeing Andy Serkis read from the letter, I guess that he would be doing some acting just to be in the right mood for speaking in character.

He did a great job as Screwtape, judging from the small section that I heard. He was suitably "demonical" in different ways according to different sections of the text.

I suppose I ought to try to get the recording ... ;)
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Re: Screwtape Letters Adaptations

Postby 7chronicles » Jul 08, 2013 9:19 pm

What did you like about the adaptation(s)?

I saw the same play! It was a really well done adaption, (in my own opinion) and the best play I had ever been to. :)
My aunt knew my favorite author is C.S. Lewis and she heard about the play and wanted to treat us.
She has never read anything by Lewis and after the play she said she loved it!
The thing I loved about it, is that they managed to really grab your attention even though the whole play consisted of the letters being read, Lewis' words were front and center.
The same production is trying to adapt The Great Divorce for release sometime in 2014!

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Re: Screwtape Letters Adaptations

Postby stargazer » Jul 09, 2013 7:46 pm

The only Screwtape adaptation I'm familiar with is the FOTF theatre version Twig's mentioned above. I listened to it while traveling with friends. As is often the case, I picked up things listening to the story that I'd missed when reading it (though it was a while ago so I'd be hard-pressed to cite specific examples).

I thoroughly enjoyed this production and would recommend it, Varna.

As a side noted I didn't realize at first that Andy Serkis was playing Screwtape. It was only when he said something in a Gollum-like fashion that I made the connection. ;))
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