Summer Mini Games 2012!

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Summer Mini Games 2012!

Postby ramagut » Jun 01, 2012 3:20 pm

Summer Mini Games have returned!

Mini Games will run for just a few days, on the weekends throughout the summer.
As we did last summer, there will be some new games, some games that have not been played on NarniaWeb in a very long time, and some that we played last year.

There are a few main things to note:

1. These games are opened and closed at moderators' convenience and discretion.
This is true of all our games in this forum, but it will be especially noticeable in the mini-games. As such, these games will open and close without any prior notice. So, don't put off playing a game simply because you think it will be there when you come back. ;)

2. Read every game rule before playing.
Again, you should do this before playing any game, but please especially make sure to do it for these mini-games. The rules will be different for each one. Don't just assume that because you've played a game one way before that it will be played the same way again. Following the rules makes the game more fun for everyone involved. :)

3. Rules may change, so be aware of it!
Depending on how a game is being played the moderators may, at any time, either edit or add rules. These will often be reflected with a moderator post and/or a note in the title. If you see either of those, be sure to read and follow them. Again, this helps the game go better for both the other players and the moderators. :)

4. Don't monopolize or speed-post.
As a general rule of thumb, don't be every second or third post, and don't go back and forth with another person or two posting rapidly. It can be great fun to post back and forth with someone, especially if you feel like you're starting to converse with them a little, but it can also sometimes leave other members trying to play feeling left out or like they're intruding on a private game. If you want to talk with someone in particular, there's always the chat room or the Town Square. :)
Simultaneous posting does happen, but please try to avoid it by making sure you read the post above yours both before you post and after. If you find that someone has posted right before you did, please go back and edit your post to reflect that change. This helps the game flow better and makes it easier on your moderators. :)

If you have any questions, you can either post here or PM one of the G&B moderators. :)
Also, we welcome game suggestions or requests at any time---simply send one of us a PM! :)

We all hope you have a lot of fun playing these games! :D
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