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Narnia vs Harry Potter a fresh start

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Re: Narnia vs Harry Potter a fresh start

Postby Gandalfs Beard » Oct 29, 2009 12:37 pm

I wasn't sure about all the hype when I first started reading the books myself. But I think it's important to distinguish between media generated hype and popularity. The Potter books were hyped because of their immense popularity, not the other way around.

As far as Christian "allegory", the most prominent aspects of the Potter story that are applicable (in Tolkien's sense of the word) to Christianity are to be found in later books. But it should be noted that many of the themes ascribed to Christianity from the books are in fact universal archetypes, found in many ancient Hero Myths. So the connection to Christianity is definitely there, but it's a lot looser than many Christians care for, hence some of the controversy ;) .

I haven't read the Le Vay Fragment, so I can't comment directly on that. But, Rowling and Lewis are both drawing from an existing pool of literary archetypes and British "children's" authors' traditions, so it's not surprising that there would be other similarities, as well as the obvious Rowling "shout-outs" to Lewis in her books.

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