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Words Modern Readers May Not Know (from the Narnia books)

The cultures, creatures, geography — anything about the books!

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Re: Words Modern Readers May Not Know (from the Narnia books)

Postby TheGeneral » Feb 22, 2011 6:37 am

haha thanks for the lists, guys. I hope this thread is still here the next time I read through the chronicles, there's quite a few words that I didn't know and when I'm caught up in a story I'm too lazy to find a dictionary ;) . A lot of them seem like British words.
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Re: Words Modern Readers May Not Know (from the Narnia books)

Postby Graymouser » Feb 23, 2011 3:55 pm

My first post at Narniaweb :)

pleasantlie -just a variation on 'pleasantly'. Before spelling became standardised the "ly" ending on adverbs was often spelt this way e.g. 'trulie', or 'Verilie, verilie, I say unto you'.

gentleman-in-waiting - the male equivalent of a lady-in-waiting. A person of high birth, as opposed to a servant, who waits in attendance on a king or queen. Basically companions, though available for service as in this case. Usually the sons or daughters of noble families introduced into court to gain royal favour.

dappled Pomely- 'dappled' means spotted white, as in a fawn (with a"w'!) or a "sun-dappled glade"; pomely is an old word meaning the same thing. A 'dappled Pomely" means a gray horse with white spots.

order-mark- a mark against a student's name showing they have behaved badly, though good order-marks are also possible. If a person gets too many they are punished or, at the end of a week/month/term, they are added up, either individually or to a house, just like the marks handed out at Hogwarts.
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