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Top Ten Influences?

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Top Ten Influences?

Postby -centaur- » Sep 21, 2010 4:54 pm

I was looking at a book recently called "The 100: a listing of the 100 most influential people in history." I thought it would be interesting to see a Narnian version of this.
So here's a list of who I think are the top ten most influential characters in Narnian history. Perhaps not the most famous, but the character that had the most influence on Narnian history. (Please exclude Aslan because he's obviously number 1. Also, only do Narnia, not Archenland, Telman, or Calormen. Please include a few sentences telling why you chose who you did.)
My list is somewhat surprising, but I think it's true.

1. Jadis/The White Witch- She ruled Narnia with an iron hand for one hundred years, held it in perpetual snow and ice, and led one army in the greatest war in Narnian history.

2. Lucy Pevensie- the four Pevensies obviously had a huge impact in history, but if Lucy hadn't looked into the Wardrobe that fateful day, none of them would have gotten there.

3. Peter Pevensie- High King over all kings of Narnia. He drove out the Northern Giants, killed off remnants of the Witch's army, etc. What more needs to be said?

4 Caspian the First- interesting choice, as he is only mentioned once or twice in the series, and has no part at all. However, he led the Telmarines into the land of Narnia and conquered it.

5. Caspian the Tenth- led the Narnians in a rebellion 1300 years later and regained freedom for the "sad realm of Narnia."

6. Eustace Scrubb/Jill Pole- I counted them as one, because everything one did, the other helped with. Together they found Prince Rilian and gave Narnia a rightful heir to the throne. Together they freed Tirian and led the last battle. (Eustace didn't do much in VoDT so I didn't include that.) feel free to separate them on your own list.

7. Shift the Ape- were it not for his insistance on retrieving a lost lion's skin, Calormen would not have invaded, the world would not have ended, etc.

8. Digory Kirke- he let Jadis into the world in the beginning. If he hadn't rung the bell, she wouldn't have gotten in.

9. Edmund Pevensie- He shattered the Witch's wand. If he hadn't, Jadis would have (according to the movie) killed Peter, and probably Edmund too. Aslan would have gotten her anyway, but there might never have been a High King Peter.

10. Doctor Cornelius- perhaps a surprising choice. He gave Caspian the horn of Susan, and if he hadn't, Caspian wouldn't have gotten help from the Pevensies, and therefore may not have freed Narnia.

Honorable Mentions:
Susan Pevensie didn't have an exceptionally huge impact personally, so I didn't include her.
Reepicheep was famous, but not so historically influential.
LotGK had a big impact, but not enough to make it to the top ten.

ANYWAY, happy ranking!!!
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Re: Top Ten Influences?

Postby ChristProclamer » Sep 24, 2010 11:08 pm

1. Peter Pevensie
2. Jadis
3. Digory Kirke
4. Caspian X
5. Edmund Pevensie
6. King Frank; As the first king of Narnia, he laid the groundwork for the future kingdom. Also, most of the humans in that world come from him.
7. Dr. Cornelius; Without him, the horn would never have been found, Caspian would have been either igorant or murdered (or both), and Narnia would not have been freed.
8. Shift the Ape
9. Andrew Ketterley; Because MN was really kind of his fault.
10. Cor; because the books say he saved Narnia from the greatest danger it ever faced...who knows what Rabadash would have done?

I love that you added Dr. Cornelius on your own, -centaur-. He is way underrated by readers in my opinion.
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Re: Top Ten Influences?

Postby DiGoRyKiRkE » Sep 25, 2010 5:33 am

1. The Pevensie Children: I've included all of them as the number one influence on Narnian history and culture. From the early time of the White Witch, the Narnians looked towards their reign, and all kings and queens who came after their reign looked back to the "Golden Age."

2. Jadis/ The White Witch: Obviously a crucial character in the history of Narnia. Her activities from MN to LWW are unknown, but were obviously strong enough to allow her to reign for one hundred years.

3. Caspian I: The conqueror of Narnia, which threw Narnia into a new regime lasting for hundreds of years of foreign rule.

4. Digory Kirke: Without him, the White Witch would have attacked Narnia long before she did. The tree of protection that he planted is one of the most crucial aspects to early Narnian history.

5. Shasta/Cor: Saved Narnia from the deadliest danger in which ever she lay. Without his actions, Narnia would have likely fallen to Calormen early on the history of the world. Archenland would have definitely fallen.

6. Doctor Cornelius: His unshakable faith of the old times were crucial in leading Caspian, teaching Caspian the true ways of a King, and helping Caspian to restore the old times.

7. Puddleglum the Marshwiggle: Without him, Rillian would have never become king, and Narnia would have likely fallen into a state of anarchy. It was his actions that kept Jill and Eustace focussed on their task.

8. Shift the Ape: His actions led to the destruction of Narnia

9. Rishda Tarkhaan: Finally conquered Narnia, even though the action came at the last moment of Narnia's history

10: Tumnus: The faun's choice not to betray the Pevensies allowed for the Golden Age of Narnia to be ushered in.
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Re: Top Ten Influences?

Postby sandyentersNarnia » Oct 02, 2010 6:16 am

1. Peter Pevensie - being a good brother
2. Aslan - never leaves you even in your greatest need
3. Lucy - Very brave
4. Susan - sometimes tries to fight for what she believes
5. Edmund - accepts consequences from what he had done
6. Reepicheep - noble and courteous
7. Caspian - loving son and a loyal Narnian
8. Puddleglum - a very indeed loyal Narnian
9. Trufflehunter - never loses hope
10. Eustace - learns a lesson from his own mistakes

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Re: Top Ten Influences?

Postby DOECOG » Oct 05, 2010 8:59 pm

Digory Kirke-His actions affected Narnia more than any other character (except) Aslan of course) He freed Jadis form her self-induced sleeping spell, brought her to Narnia, brought King Frank to Narnia, planted the tree of protection, and brought back the apple that became the wardrobe that the Pevensies used to get into Narnia.

King Frank/Queen Helen-Father and Mother of all Narnian humans (except for the Telmarines, they’re descended from pirates from our world.)

Father Time-Signals the end of Narnia

Lucy-discovered Narnia in LLW and showed everybody in PC to follow Aslan again.

Edmund Pevensie-His actions causes the death of Aslan which gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his power by rising again.

Jadis-conquered Narnia and kept in a hundred years of winter.

Shift-convinced loyal Narnian to follow a false Aslan, which led to the world’s demise.

King Tirian-led Narnia till the end, literally.

King Caspian X-ushered in a new age.

Caspian I the Conquer-conquered Narnia and set up a new society
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