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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Jan 31, 2011 9:19 am
by DiGoRyKiRkE
MOD NOTE: Several of you have been breaking the rules of this thread. In the opening post to this thread, it clearly states the following:

Try to come up with reasons for why those characters are your favorites. While you don't need to come up with a reason for every single character on your list, keep in mind that posts that only contain a list of characters may be deleted.

I count 7 posts on the previous page that break the above mentioned rule, and although it may seem silly for us to ask this of you, the moderator team has asked that you post reasons why you chose the characters that you did.

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Feb 24, 2011 6:47 pm
by puddleglum32
i think my favorite Narnian character is shasta, because he feels lost. a)He has a different colored skin than the Colormans.b) when he finds out Arshesh is not his father he thinks he might be the son of anyone.c)He is brave and noble.d) he is also very curious.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Mar 30, 2011 4:20 pm
by OftheNORTH0095
My to ten characters are......

1. Puddleglum- his wit, humor, pessimism, and faith throughout the book. me and him are kinda alike too.
2. Tumnus- His friendliness toward Lucy and the fact that he chose to do the good thing and allow Lucy to go free, no matter the consequences.
3. Edmund- His transformation.
4. Reepicheep- His loyalty, nobility, and faithfullness to aslan and the narnian crown.
5. Mrs. Beaver- Her jolliness and optimism.
6. Fledge- His lordship over horses and his majestic nature
7. Trufflehunter- his faithfullness to caspian.
8. Trumpkin- his willingness to go to cair paravel awaiting Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy in PC
9. Lucy- her belief in narnia
10. Glimfeather- His hospitable nature, especially toward Jill and Eustace

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Mar 31, 2011 1:34 pm
by NarnianAtHeart
1. Aslan: because he is AWSOME!
2. Lucy: she has always been my favorite character because of her courage,faith,kindness, and loyalty
3. Digory: he maid the best of his hard life and was willing to go get Polly when she disappeard and got the apple to save his Mothers life
4. Jill: she is who I relate to most in wanting to show off :ymblushing: and in the end she is brave and a changed person + she ends of making a life long friend
5. Edmond: he was a traitor and had an amazing relization that he loved his family
6.Aravis: she is the stong girl everybody loves
7.Eustace: he started out as well a brat and became a guy that helped others and stood up for what he believed in
8.Peter: because he loved his family and would do anything to protect them
9.Shasta: he had the courage to run away to narnia with a talking horse and didn't give away the escape plan to the king
10.Jewel the Unicorn: a loyal friend to king Tirian and fought to his death for his country in the Last Battle

That's my favorite 10 :D

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Sep 10, 2011 4:40 pm
by Lilygloves
1. Aslan- the last time I reread LWW I realized I loved Aslan like I love Jesus.
2. Jill Pole- I don't know why she's one of my favorite characters, she just is
3. Shasta- he's such a lovable character. Even though he doesn't know right from wrong in some cases, he tries so hard.
4. Aravis- she's so tough but still has her feminine side
5. Reepicheep- chivalry in mouse form!
6. Dufflepuds- they are so funny!
7. Jewel- unicorns are just awesome
8. Peter- he tries to act grown up and eventually lives up to it. You can tell how much he wants to take care of his family
9. Lucy- she has such a childlike faith. It sets an example as to what my faith should look like
10. Edmund- even though he's almost a villain in LWW, it makes his seem realistic and relatable. And I love how he redeems himself and focuses on Aslan.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Oct 02, 2011 12:07 pm
by Alice_WL
For me, it's:
1. Lucy
2.White witch Jadis
3. Digory
4. Edmund
5. Tumnus
6. Mr Beaver
7. Jill Pole
8. Polly
9. Aslan
10. Puddleglum

I would post the reasons, but I couldn't explain it any better than the posters before me.. :D

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Nov 03, 2011 7:40 am
by Aravis_Tarkheena011
Hmm... my top ten favourite Narnia characters? That's a hard one... so many of them are on just about the same level, do they have to be in order? Well, we'll see what I can do :) (Oh, and I'm excluding Aslan because he's obviously going to be at the very top).

1. Edmund: He is such an example of humanity, he lies, he sneaks, he commits monstrous sin, but in the end he falls on his knees before Aslan (metaphorically) and worships him. it reminds me of Philippians 2:10 "so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth," (ESV).

2.Tumnus: He is so repentant and self sacrificing. He really grows allot from the beginning of LWW to when Aslan brings him back to life again. Oh, and suddenly that last park makes me think of Lazarus! (Susan and Lucy being Martha and Mary).

3. Aravis: She is so very spunky! I know, the others I had very allegorical reasons for... but she's spunky, that's all there is to it :P

4. Lucy: She is the very essence of sweet and unconcerned faith, I think she's allot like what Jesus was talking about in (Read Matthew chapter 18).

5. Shasta/Cor: He reminds me quite a bit of David, all his life he has worked hard and suffered, and then out of the blue (well... it took a while, but it still comes as a surprise to him!) he finds that not only is he the son and prince of a loving father, but he's the crowned prince. He grows so much from being a stunted little boy that can only ever follow his master's advice and think no further, to being strong, healthy, and princely.

6. Jill (LB): Well, it's been a while since I read LB... but I remember liking Jill in it! So maybe this is an excuse to read it again and find out what I liked about her :D

7. Reepicheep: Well... what can I say... he's a mouse! A cute (shhh), loyal, trustworthy, chivalrous, honest, and rather prideful mouse. Need I say more?

8. Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah (Bree): He's rather comical, I think, he kinda makes me look at that "Child-like faith" in a slightly different way (if you know what I mean). :p

9: Puddleglum: I really, really, really like the part where he says "Suppose we have only dreamed, or made up all those things… Suppose this black pit of a kingdom of yours is the only world. Well, it strikes me as a pretty poor one… That’s why I’m going to stand by the play-world. I’m on Aslan’s side even if there isn’t any Aslan to lead it. I’m going to live as like a Narnian as I can even if there isn’t any Narnia." I just LOVE that part!

10. Prunaprismia: I just love the description of her red hair! And I really like the fact that she turned good at the end (ish). She is a little like Edmund in that... only kinda different because she leaves... but that's beside the point

So, that's my list!


P.S. I didnt' write this, but it's so good that I thought I would share it... and it uses the Puddleglum quote that I put up above!

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Nov 11, 2011 12:45 pm
by Gildor_Inglorion
1. Edmund - Not a lot to say here. Come on, who doesn't love Edmund? He's so imperfect.

2. Peter - A lot of the reason I like Peter is because he's so... reliably good.
I can pretty much always count on him doing what's right. Or at least trying his best.

3. Puddleglum - Well, to put it in a nutshell, he's a lot like me. :P

4. Caspian - I'll admit I didn't like him in Prince Caspian, (yes I'm talking about the book), but I liked him so much in VDT that he was redeemed in my eyes. :P

5. Trumpkin - He's just so sarcastic. ;))

6. Eustace - I can't put my finger on it: but he's so likable, especially after his conversation with Edmund after his redemption.

7. Rillian - He's so valiant, even after everything that's happened to him.

8. Jill - One of the better female characters in the series, I would say. She's quite smart.

9. Aravis - She's so fiery.... gotta love it. :P

10. Digory - There are so many different reasons, that I don't even know how to explain it. :P

So there you go. There are probably more, I just can't think of them. Plus, I thought Aslan was such an obvious one, that I decided not to put him on the list. :P

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Dec 30, 2011 9:21 pm
by Spec-Ops-Dwarf
10. Lasaraleen: Her short speach on the unbenifits of letting Arivis's secret out is enough to remember this character for a lifetime.
9. Tirian: Some of the all-time best parts of the chronicles occur when Tirian is tied to the tree. He just literally calls out to the Friends of Narnia and they hear him. Awesome! I love it when that happens in stories, though cellphones make it harder to appreciate that miracle. Of all the Narnians, he reminds me the most a character from Middle Earth. He reminds me of Farimir somehow. They would certainly make a good pair; Farimir’s perceptiveness and Tirians simple faith.
8.Uncle Andrew: Despite his blatent creaperness & creepiness, he is one of my favorites. Lewis uses him to expose some of the fallacies that some “modern” scientists/intellectuals hold to in a way that children can understand. Such as, “the pursuit of knowledge makes right”. I also love the way he describes Uncle Andrew’s delusions of romance and drunkenness as being the adult version of silliness. I feel personally that drunkenness is an adult’s way of being childish. It’s such a bad crutch to get through life.
7. Trumpkin: no-nonsense, country, tough, fight’en dwarf. He pretends to be almost too close mindedly rationalistic to believe in the supernatural. Yet his loyalty puts him on the road to truth. He doesn’t just ‘cuss and swear; he makes up truly colorful and Benign colloquialisms. I think he probably really did believe a little bit, even before he met the pevensies.
6.Bree: Awesome, fighting, proud, talking, stallion. In some ways Bree is one of the ultimate dream come trues: a talking animal, that actually gives useful information. I just really like him, even his condescending talk towards the humans is endearing and hilarious.
5. Puddleglum: the most tickle me pink marshwiggle around. He at first appears to be one of the dumbest most annoying characters ever, but just like Han Solo woos Leia, Mr. Glum delves deep into our hearts. When things get bad, he gets more optimistic and comforting than anyone (Partly because things really can’t get worse). He’s always honestly matter-of-factual about the worst case scenario. Puddleglum makes the choice between a marshwiggle and a wookie for a traveling companion way more difficult.
4.Arsheesh & Anriden: One of my most favorite conversations in the series is the one between the fisherman and the tarkaan. It's just so quotable! It's sheer epic poetry! ;) If you ever want a good conversation with me, just start reciting that one! Arsheesh makes me smile on a rainy day.
3.Shasta/Cor: the smelly, uneducated, young, everyman. Like Masterchief, Robin, Luke Skywalker, Samwise Gamgee, Soap McTavish, William Turner, or John from the Pilgrims Regress, Shasta is someone that you can imagine yourself being; he is yourself. He like everyone has the longing for something greater. And, like everyone that makes it to heaven, he becomes a royal prince (or princess) in his father’s house.
2. The little sea shepardess: uber, quiet, friendly, sea chick. She is everything that Steven Spielberg wants E.T. (or Eliot rather) wants to be: that random awesome friend that shows up out of the blue from another world that you were meant to be friends with. Her part in VotDT is so small and has such small barring on the plot that it could have been easily edited out, but it has turned out to be one of the most powerful, most imagination sparking, most beautiful things that Lewis ever wrote about Narnia. I hope that real life is filled with many moments like the one that Lucy & the Shepardess had. That would make heaven extra awesome!
1.Aslan:The son of the great Emperor form beyond the sea, the Great Lion, The Lord of the whole wood, the King of beasts, creator of Narnia, <insert own reasons> or<read some of mine> Lewis has such tremendous insight, knowledge, and Wisdom that everything that Aslan says is believable as something that the Lord might say, in another world (Reading every classic definitely helped Lewis). It is kind of sad how Jesus does not make many appearances in fiction. You don’t see jedi walking sith lords on the Roman road, or the Arbiter confessing Jesus as his Lord and Savior after rejecting the Prophets false religion. You certainly don’t see the Doctor healing in Jesus name either.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Feb 11, 2012 2:33 pm
by Lady Rosalia
Only ten?
1) Aslan- The Great Lion by whose death and ressurection all were saved.
2) Lucy- her child-like faith in Aslan always inspires me. And I love her femininity: the perfect blend of strength and sweetness. I always remember her riding out to battle in HHB with her chain- mail shirt, likely over a practical, pretty dress.
3) Tirian- see my post on the favorite Narnian gentlemen section
4) Aravis- Principled, brave, and willing to admit her mistakes. Perhaps because I can identify with some of her weaknesses and therefore admire her virtues more? Also, I liked her femininity. Thought her somewhat similar to Lucy.
5) The other Pevensie children
6)Eustace- unbearable at the beginning, I loved his transformation through the rest of the books.
7) Prince Cor- see my post in Themes in Horse and His Boy
8)Caspian- hard choosing between Caspian and Jill for 7, but I liked how Caspian was trying to be a good king, despite having had very little in the way of mentoring for it. He would be in my top five if it weren't for Deathwater and his tantrum about going to the end of the world
9) Jill- I really like her. Even with all her faults, I admired her bravery and willingness to fight for Narnia, even after knowing it was probably going to end in death. And even though I thought it very wrong of her to disobey Tirian's orders and go into the stable (and selfish, to endanger Tirian and Eustace in that same act) I have to like a girl that was so kind to a silly, grey donkey.
10) Puddleglum- see my signature, and how funny some of his sayings were in the Underworld

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Feb 21, 2012 5:59 am
by 123asdb
gosh, this is a challenge
1. Aslan
2. Jill
3. Lucy
4. Trufflehunter
5. Tirian
6. Puzzle
7. Puddleglum
8. Lady of the green Kirtle
9. Gwendolen
10. Reepicheep

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Mar 25, 2012 11:42 pm
by DawnTreader07
My initial foray through the Wiki list of Narnia characters (books only, of course) left me with 15 favorites. So after much agonizing and paring down and arguing with are my top ten:

10) Puzzle
Poor donkey, he's so gullible...but the fact that he's willing to admit his mistakes and do everything he can to make things right really struck a chord with me. What else are we to do when we are misled and make mistakes? He really redeemed himself in my eyes.

9) Lucy Pevensie
She is amazing, no two ways about it. First to find Narnia, holds steadfastly to it despite her siblings' mockery, becomes an archer in Horse and His Boy as someone else brought up (very cool), is the only one to clearly see Aslan in Prince Caspian, nice as can be to Eustace for the most part despite his brattiness at the beginning of Dawn Treader...she is just all-around excellent.

8) Hwin
Hwin is a no-nonsense horse and I love her for that. I chose several of my characters because they have just one scene that is a stand-out in my mind, and she is one of them: Her moment of humility with Aslan when they meet ("I'd sooner be eaten by you than fed by anyone else") is inspirational. I'm glad she was able to break free and find happiness in Narnia.

7) Caspian X
(aka the Caspian that we all know best and love) Another one with a stand-out scene: when Aslan asks him if he feels prepared to take up the kingship of Narnia and he says no, to which Aslan replies that "if you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been proof that you were not." He is brave and manages to unite the Old Narnians despite their suspicion of him since he was a Telmarine. Not to mention the utter epicness of the Utter East voyage that comprises the whole of Dawn Treader, and he was of course the king to rebuild Narnia's sailing after Miraz all but wiped it out. He did Narnia a lot of good. Even though I knew that of course he had to die eventually, it still broke my heart in Silver Chair.

6) Strawberry/Fledge
This horse made Magician's Nephew for me. He and the Cabby/Frank have hilarious interactions, and he was so witty and fun to read. I cheered inside (okay, maybe out loud too) when he was chosen by Aslan to become a winged horse. And then of course he was crucial to Digory and Polly's mission. Also, it was so cute how he let the kids cuddle up under his wings!

5) Puddleglum
For reasons everyone else has already said. His Eeyore-like demeanor, his no-nonsense approach that lets him see through the lies of the Lady of the Green Kirtle - TWICE, I might add (on the road when she directs them to the city of the giants, and again in the room with the enchantment in the fire or whatever...forgive me, Silver Chair is my least favorite of the books and I haven't read it in some time.) Eustace and Jill badly needed an "adult" guide on their journey, and Puddleglum provided that for them, being hilarious to read all the while.

4) Edmund Pevensie
I'll be honest, he irritated me to no end in LWW, even after his redemption. But he more than made up for it in Prince Caspian and Dawn Treader. He's another one I picked because of a stand-out scene - in Prince Caspian, when Lucy sees Aslan and no one else will believe her, and he refers to the fact that she was right before and this time, he believes her. His duel with Trumpkin, his conversation with Eustace-the-dragon where he reveals that he was so much worse than Eustace on his first trip to Narnia, his level-headedness, and of course he's hilarious...favorite for sure.

3) Jewel
This unicorn is the personification of grace and nobility and all that is proper, in my opinion. He is absolutely loyal to Tirian and to Narnia, and is the first to figure out Shift's "Aslan" deception. The one thing I remember most about him though, is right after the Narnians kidnap/rescue Puzzle (however you want to look at it) and at first they are somewhat judgmental of him. Jewel talks to Puzzle about "the sort of things they could both understand, such as eating grass and the care of one's hoofs" or something along those lines. Of course the Narnians all accept Puzzle very quickly, but that little snippet more than anything convinced me that Jewel had a heart of gold.

2) Shasta/Cor

This kid absolutely amazes me. He feels guilty leaving Arsheesh, even though he knows full well that the fisherman doesn't care about him and plans to sell him if he stays. He escapes the comfort and potential wealth he found with the Narnians to honor his rendezvous with his friends; he bravely faces danger several times (though usually he does nothing terribly useful). And all this despite his less-than-ideal upbringing and lack of training. He is compassionate, brave, and determined.

1) The Hermit of the Southern March
I love the Yoda-type characters in any universe: Yoda, Rafiki, Dumbledore, and of course, the Hermit of the Southern March. Old, wise, and caring, the Hermit provides rest and relief just when Aravis and the horses need it most, and direction for Shasta. He has obviously learned to have faith in Aslan, as evidenced by the quote in my sig. Not to mention, he can see current events in his little pool! How cool is that? Coolest character in the entire Narnia universe, in my opinion.

Whew! That was actually quite hard :)

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Jul 07, 2012 11:47 pm
by 7chronicles
1. Aslan: The True King of Narnia! Son of the Emperor-beyond-the-Sea.
2. Lucy: She never lost faith in Aslan or Narnia.
3. Edmund: I always loved that he never forgot the love Aslan showed him.
4. Reepicheep: He is the most noble and courages of them all!
5. Puddleglum: So depressingly lovable!
6. Caspian: I love Caspians's story and he is such a good king
7. Digory: Digory's story is why I love MN, and I love the scenes with him and Aslan.
8.Aravis: She is loyal and will stick with you
9. Jilll: I love Jill because I can relate to her messing up.
10. Trumpkin: I love his attitude!

Really I love every one of the Narnian characters!
They are each so wonderfully unique!

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Jul 08, 2012 1:58 pm
by Ithilwen
1. Aslan: The best depiction of Christ I've seen in fiction.

2. Trumpkin: Loyal and kind, though not (at first) a believer of Aslan.

3. Puddleglum: Negative, but always sweet and braver than you'd think.

4. Lucy: Aslan's most devout follower.

5. Eustace: An insufferable snob turned humble hero.

6. Digory: The brave young boy in MN who became the wise old man in LWW.

7. Reepicheep: The valiant knight in a very small, but honorable, package.

8. Polly: The proper little lady.

9. Jill: A girl of fierce temper and undying bravery.

10. Andrew: The dangerous magician who turns out to be a very foolish and amusing old man.

~Riella =:)

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Jul 09, 2012 7:38 am
by Narnian_Archer
My favorite character in all of the Narnia books is Aslan. Why? I think most anyone could guess why, but one of the main reasons is because he is parallel to Christ. He is Almighty, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent. He is...just everything. I love how Lewis made him so strong, powerful, and wild, and yet so tame and gentle and so full of love. He is Light and Power, but He is also Love, and that's what I love about Him most!

Second would probably (ironically) be the Green Witch. I really like how she is portrayed - being a witch, which in itself is similar to the White Witch, but she is so completely different, and her approach to conquering Narnia is also completely different. I guess she is my ideal villain - smooth, tricky, sly, and yet so sweet on the outside. I think she is a very good representation of Evil - Evil masked in a cloak of light, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. And I love how she could not stand before the truth of Aslan, and all her spells were dispelled by the power of His Name (and Puddleglum's belief in Him)

Third is Aravis. Although I honestly didn't really like her when I first read HHB and thought she was really being mean to Shasta, I have to admit I really do admire her strength, her wit, and her humility when she accepts that she was in the wrong by being so haughty and proud, and I really liked how she planned to wait for Shasta instead of just go on ahead without him. She's really brave and has a lot of spirit, (and I just have to add that I also always really liked girls who dressed up like boys.) :)

Fourth would be Tirian. From the very beginning I admired and related to his loyalty, his commitment to fight till the end, his nobility and his honor. Even though the going gets rough and it looks like there's no hope in sight, he still goes on because he believes, because no matter what happens he knows that Aslan is, that Aslan will come, and even if he doesn't come, he'll still stand strong despite everything. I think he is the most noble Narnian in all the books.

Fifth is probably Puddleglum. He is so funny - so serious that he's so funny! He's so down to earth, so practical, that it makes you laugh! I guess I would probably go a little mad living with or traveling with someone like that, but I would know that he's loyal and that he'd stick with me till the very end, and that's definitely more important.

Sixth is Polly. Again, someone who is down to earth, practical, and yet such a little lady, so careful and meticulous in everything. I really liked her strength of character and spirit. She's so strong, and yet so weak - I loved everything about her!

Seventh are the Beavers - they are really the heroes of LWW. If it weren't for them, the children wouldn't have gotten anywhere. They are so cute, so funny, so practical, and just beverish (if such a word could exist). I just love them!

Eighth would be Shasta/Cor - I really felt so sorry for him and everything that he went through, and yet at the same time I felt such relief and received so much understanding when he meets Aslan up in the mountain. I think he is one of the characters most easy to relate to in the Narnia series. Everything he goes through is so similar to what we as humans go through on this earth. It's amazing.

Ninth would be Hwin - Such a sweet, gentle, and yet smart horse! She is so soft, but she comes up with the most practical and logical conclusions of what should be done. I loved her as soon as she appeared in the book, and really empathized with her through everything she went through.

Tenth, and last, is Ramandu's Daughter and her father, the Star. (I know it's two in one, but they're family, so I think it's ok? :D :D ) They are so beautiful and so wise! There's this mysticism about them, because they are so real, and yet we really don't find out so much about them. I loved the idea that the Narnian stars were people dancing in the night sky. It's so mysterious, and that's why I love it! :) :)

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Jul 09, 2012 9:54 am
by De_De
Oh goodness, I have tried to post here so many times, but would stop because I would get so tired. But "for the love of the game" I will do it :D

Ok, so my absolute favorite character is....Aslan. The ultimate character in the Chronicles. Why? Well, he's is complete, I'm not saying that the other characters aren't, it's just that Aslan has this peace around him, and you really feel it when you read the books. Also he is a constant character, there can't be a Narnia book without Aslan :D

Next is Aravis, ah I love Aravis. Now with Aravis I don't have any reasons, I just like her.

Next up is Puddleglum. I just love the way he can be so negatively positive. In any situation he comes up with the best lines. It's to bad that he's in only one book :(

Uncle Arndew is number 4. I this he is positevly creepy. When you read the book and start imagining him, it is sooooo...ugh

#5 is Prince Tirian. I think he is the best King of Narnia

Number 6 is Caspian. I love the way he is so...I don't know, full of faith. He makes mistakes, but he always stands back up and keeps going

7 is Lucy. I feel so bad for putting Lucy way down in the list, but what can I do. I love Lucy's faith and trust. She also appears in 5 of the books, which is quite a record. :D

Number eight is The White Witch. She is so perfectly evil :D

Number nine is Mr. Tumnus. He is so sweet and is such a darling

ANd number 10 is Bree. He is so adorable, so lovable :D

Well, I did it. :D