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Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby king caspian » Jun 27, 2010 7:40 am

My top ten:
1. Ramandu's Daughter
2. Lucy
3. Caspian
4. Tirian
5. Puddleglum
6. Shasta/Cor
7. Aravis
8. Reepicheep
9. Jill
10. Aslan
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Pepper Darcy » Jun 30, 2010 10:17 am

Ah! Neat!

1. Lucy (cannot beat her =) I usually end up liking characters that are most like myself... at least, that's the way it usually ends up working... SHE is the one who first believed of the others; SHE is the one who's always looking for Aslan; SHE is the one who always sees him first; SHE is the one who NEVER doubts Aslan or what he's going to do.
2. Aslan: he is the King of the whole wood; he is wild and untamable, but he *is* good.
3. Edmund: he has a quiet loyalty. He's there for Peter in the books whenever Peter needs him. Especially in the book Prince Caspian.
4. Peter: he's the High King. He has a passion and desire to be noble and good to all the good creatures. He's man enough to give Trufflehunter the strong kisses of a king. He's manly.
5. Eustace: he's fiercely passionate in his loyalty.
6. Jill: Jill doesn't have the same quiet innocence of Lucy, but she's not as hardened or snotty as Susan or Aravis (was at first, I mean); she's more vocal about what *she* wants, but she does want to do good and deeply loves Aslan; she has compassion for when Narnia she's afraid it's going to end forever. She (like Lucy) IS in love with all the magic of Narnia that made *us* fall in love with the stories.
7. Digory: he's boyish and though he makes mistakes he does mend them by Aslan's strength =D He loves his mother. He's man enough to say 'I'm sorry' and really mean it. He's also somewhat Chivilrous in his indignation of Uncle Andrew sending Polly to The Wood Between the Worlds.
8. Puddleglum: he may be a wet blanket but he is brave and he has enough faith to hope and believe in Aslan. He doesn't let his 'low spirits' turn him from what he *has* to do.
9. Reepicheep: I'm like Lucy; I like Reep because he's way too cute! Even in his passion for noble deeds and glory etc. etc. etc. he's soooo cute!
10. Polly: she might get mad at Digory sometimes, but she's still there for him.

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Andrew » Jul 08, 2010 10:02 pm

Here's mine:

1) Peter! (need I say more?)
2) Shasta/Cor
3) Reepicheep
4) Emerald witch
5) Edmund
6) Eustace
7) Caspian
8) Cornelius
9) Digory
10) Aslan
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Ithilwen » Jul 19, 2010 8:45 pm

My Top 10. This was very difficult to do, because if I was to write all my favorite characters, it would probably be a top 20 instead of top 10. But here it is (by the way, I did not include Aslan, even though he's one of my favorite characters, because I consider Him more of a real character (Jesus) instead of a fictional one. So this is my top ten fictional character list) --

Starting with Number Ten and counting down to my very favorite --

10. Digory Kirke -- I love Digory, first of all because he was really the first male hero in the series, and he has all the qualities a hero should have. I love his relationship with Polly, his relationship with Jadis, and his love for his ailing mother. And I love how that little boy later grows up to be the wise but eccentric professor that the Pevensies stay with.

9. Susan Pevensie -- I pick Susan the Gentle for number nine, because she is just that -- gentle. And kind and compassionate. She also seemed very motherly to me, always worrying about the younger children, and trying to be the sensible, grown-up one, the way a mother would want to be. And, of course, what completes it is the shock that came
in The Last Battle, when she is "No longer a friend of Narnia"

8. Reepicheep -- Who wouldn't love Reepicheep -- the smallest yet bravest of all knights?

7. The Dufflepuds -- Possibly the most hilarious characters in the series, the way they are so agreeable, find great wisdom in the most obvious things, don't listen to reason, and most of all -- absolutley adore their Chief and all he says.

6. Lucy Pevensie -- Lucy is to me, a perfect model of all that is good and pure -- an example of the little child we must become to enter the kingdom of heaven.

5. Puddleglum -- Another humorous Narnian character. Really, he is, in his own way, quite positive. Only his positive is usually worse than our negative. "The bright side of it is that if we break our necks getting down the cliff, then we're safe from being drowned in the river. Yet, with all his negativity, he still seems to be the only hero who is completely able to always save the day.

4. Polly Plummer -- The first Friend of Narnia and character we meet if reading them in chronological order. I love her relationship with Digory. And her personality makes me smile -- she is such a little grown-up, calling herself a woman, and calling Digory a man.

3. Jill Pole -- Small and feminine, yet stubborn and fierce as a tigress, Jill makes the perfect heroine. I love her impatience and tendency to blame Eustace for things, and also her bravery and the compassion she showed for Puzzle.

2. Trumpkin -- Such a developed character -- a mix of good sense, stubborness, outward humility and inward pride, responsibility, respect for authority, and demanding respect from those below him. I love how, even though he is skeptical of Aslan, he (most of the time) tries his best to respect those who hold different beliefs than him -- even risking his life to perform something Caspian believed in and he didn't, just out of respect for his new king. He is, all at once, a very mature role model, and a foolish character with a lot to learn -- the perfect combination.

1. Eustace Scrubb -- At first, Eustace started out as the character you love to hate. Later, he became the character you love to love. he is my very favorite in both cases. Back when he was still the Pevensie's bratty cousin, he was hilarious and irritating all at once. His transformation was legendary, of course. And once he was good, he was probably the nicest character in the entire series. I love his relationship with Jill, and how he always tries to remain patient with her even when she snaps at him. I love his matter-of-fact attitude, his cheerfulness, and his bravery -- trying to fight things (even though he usually doesn't win). Out of all of the many great Narnian character, in my opinion Eustace gets the trophy.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby aragorn2 » Sep 28, 2010 7:45 pm

1. Puddlglum
2. Caspian
3. Shasta
4. Reepicheep
7. Edmund
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Matsi » Oct 17, 2010 1:21 pm

1. Aravis
2. Peter
3. Lucy
4. Edmund
5. Aslan
6. Reepicheep
7. Fledge
9. Hwin
10. Trufflehunter
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Katana » Oct 25, 2010 5:45 pm

Best Characters overall (in my opinion): Aslan, Lucy, Peter, Edmund, Reppicheep, Gwendolyn, Eustace.
Of course that doesnt mean the other characters are truth, I like them all :D

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby SweetSirReepicheep » Nov 20, 2010 4:03 pm

This is a hard one. I like so many characters and it's not easy to choose between them.

10 Digory Kirke
9 Bree
8 The Beavers
7 Peepiceek
6 Jill
5 Peter
4 Lucy
3 Mr Tumnus
2 Reepicheep
1 Aslan
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby JillPoleFan565 » Jan 01, 2011 6:10 pm

1. Lucy
2. Aslan
3. Jill
4. Eustace
5. Mr. Tumnus
6. Edmund
7. Digory
8. Rillian
9. Peter
10. Jewel

I used to like susan until i read LB now not so much
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby perfect_jill_pole » Jan 07, 2011 5:16 pm

1st - Jill: Who doesnt love her?
2nd - Polly Plummer: Just sounds cool, 1st girl ever to travel to Narnia
3rd - Edmund: :ymblushing: slight crush
4th - Peter: I think it´s cool how he protects Lucy
5th - Caspian:um...
6th - Lucy: Thanks to her, LWW started!
7th - Susan: so pretty!
8th - Eustace: It´s cool how he goes from bulling to helping
9th - Digory: um...
10th - GK: um...

But of course thats my list not including Aslan cause he is the special charectar
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Conina » Jan 12, 2011 12:07 am

10. Thornbut (From HHB) I just can't help laughing whenever I see his name. He's hilarious.
9. Susan - She just seems so bookish yet glamorous. And she is an archer. I find myself initially more drawn to her than to Lucy. It shook me up badly that she
wasn't with the others in LB.

8. The badger - very faithful and charitable towards Caspian, speaks out against dark magic.
7. Caspian - Troubled past - orphaned, uncle tries to kill him, triumphs against considerable odds with the help of his tutor, ancient royalty, and Aslan. Plus his curiosity to see a round world and to explore.
6. Lucy - I have a love/hate relationship with her. She is just so pure, and so quick to trust Aslan. Have a hard time thinking I can measure up to her. But I admire her quite a bit and I love the cordial,
and how she beats the temptation to be the most beautiful girl in the world
(that would be a challenge).
5. Edmund. I love his character growth throughout the books. He starts out flawed with betraying Lucy in our world, then betraying everyone in the next. But then in PC, he is the first to stick for Lucy and the first to speak against the dark magic.
4. The little mermaid (fish-herdess) girl that Lucy gets a glimpse of near the end of the world. I like the instant friendship between the two of them. The most intriguing character in the books.
3. Ramandu's daughter. She is beautiful, flirts effectively with Caspian. But still maintains her standards. He must break the spell and come back before they kiss. There is also some mystery about her, the question of why she is vulnerable to be bitten by the snake. Was it okay for her to have married Caspian?
2. Tumnus. Lucy's first friend. He errs initially and then is very sorry. He is a good foil for Edmund. He has some of the darkest and most interesting adventures. He lulls Lucy to sleep with his music, then confesses, is turned to stone and is redeemed by Aslan. Then he turns up again in HHB. There he is kind to Shasta and comes up with the plan for Edmund, Susan & company's escape.
1. Aslan

Honorable mentions include Shasta/Corin, Cor, Rillian, Jill, Eustace, Aravis, Bree, Whin, Strawberry, the cabbie and wife, Digory, and Uncle Andrew
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Minty » Jan 13, 2011 6:56 pm

Well, here goes nothing!

10. Bree--Who can't love a talking-horse in the first place, right? He is a wonderful, though unlikely, hero and a loyal friend to Shasta. His yearning for Narnia is so tangible it jumps off the page, as does his humor.

9. Emeth--Though we only meet Emeth in the last few chapters of The Last Battle, he has a lasting impact, more so than other few-chapter characters. He is true and firm in his belief of Tash. Emeth is special because he is one of the only Calormene's to make it to Aslan's Country, and I think he makes it a better place.

8. Jewel--A true and fast friend to Tirian, the unicorn is loyal to Narnia until the very end. He is just so pure and simply the meaning of Narnia. There's not really much else to say to put it better than that.

7. King Tirian--Though initially I didn't find anything special about Tirian--another king, same old deal--I was a big Tirian fan by the end of The Last Battle. The last King of Narnia, and he certainly deserves the title. He is brave and courageous, wise and clever, and so much more. A real king.

6. Lady of the Green Kirtle--She's different than you're average run-of-the-mill villain. Gorgeous, seemingly sweet, and mysterious, who wouldn't fall under her spell? She turns out to be a real terrible monster, though, who has everyone shivering and shaking.

5. Eustace-- Though I was not impressed with him in Dawn Treader, even after he changed, I became a real Eustace fan while reading The Silver Chair. The way he reached out to Jill in the beginning was touching, but he still retained his sarcasm and snappiness throughout the rest of the books. The only time I actually cried with flowing tears (not just my eyes got misty) during the Last Battle, was when he was thrown into the stable. He was a really good friend to everyone he met and wasn't afraid--okay, maybe a little afraid--to fight for Narnia and what he believed in. His sarcasm and disputes with Jill always made me smile.

4. Susan--I don't think people give Susan enough credit. Though she did fall out, she was a true Queen of Narnia. She was always there for her siblings and country. Her logical, no-nonsense character was actually a refreshing difference from the other faithful ones, and Narnia wouldn't be the same without Queen Susan the Gentle.

3. Puddleglum--Even if he wasn't already hilariously pessimistic, his speech to the Lady of The Green Kirtle still would have put him in my top ten. "A word..." The speech he makes really sums up what Narnia is all about: faith. Trust. Puddleglum is everyone's favorite hilarious wet-blanket.

2. Edmund--Edmund is one of the most dynamic characters. He goes from being delightfully snotty to being a true King of Narnia. I especially loved his character in Prince Caspian: everyone could really lean on him and depend on him. His run-in with the White Witch actually makes him a better person and King, because he learns the difference between right and wrong and can probably relate to his people better. Witty and highly intelligent, there's just something about Edmund that I adore.

1. Jill--My favorite heroine. I'm thrilled that she actually got to do some fighting in The Last Battle, which suits her fiery stubborn personality perfectly. She's so relatable because she's not afraid to let others know her weaknesses (crying behind the school, claustrophobia). She and Eustace make quite the team, and their friendship was pitch-perfect. But my favorite thing about her was her faith to believe in Narnia in the first place. It's one thing to believe in a place that you just walked into through a wardrobe and are seeing with your own eyes; it's another thing to believe what a random boy tells you about a strange world. But Jill just goes for it. She dives in headfirst without asking questions.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Rilians Queen » Jan 15, 2011 9:01 pm

These are my top favorites and of course Aslan has to be first.
1. Aslan
2. Prince Rilian
3. Lucy
4. Edmund
5. Caspian
6. Jill
7. Eustace
8. Tirian
9. Susan
10. Peter
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby PollyP » Jan 20, 2011 9:47 am

My top ten favourite are as follows IN ORDER -

1. Polly Plummer
3. Arivis
4.Jill Pole
5. Eustace Clarence Scrub
6.Digory Kirk
7.Pudulglum (do you think marshwiggles have last names and capitals at the beginning of their names?)
9.Lucy Pevinsy
10.Caspian :) ;)
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Lucy_the_Oracle » Jan 23, 2011 6:18 pm

I haven't read all the way through, because I wanted to make my own list without being influenced by others. It was hard! I love all the characters so much. But my top ten are:

10. Doctor Cornelius: He was very committed to what he believed in. Miraz could have done some serious things to him, had he found out all the things he was telling Caspian. But he told him anyway. And if you think about it, that saved Narnia. Without him, none of the events of PC could have happened.

9. Polly Plummer: She is a really, really good friend. And very brave, as well. She swallowed her fear and went exploring with Digory. Then, she tried to keep him from ringing the bell. When he didn't listen, actually hurt her physically, and woke up the White Witch, she was still quick to forgive when he said sorry. And she didn't only say it, but also proved it. She didn't have to go with Digory and Fledge, nor did she have to stay when they were cold and had no food. But she did, and he probably couldn't have made it without her. She would have been higher, but I didn't like her as much in LB. She seemed too harsh with her words about Susan. Yes it was true, but they had to have been close once, and it just seemed like she no longer cared at all. Where was the forgiveness then?

8. Reepicheep: What exactly can I say about him? You have to love him, with his endless worrying about honor and his unfailing chivalry. But he also has a great faith. And to think that he wanted to get to Aslan's country so much that he was willing to ride up a wave at the end of the world? He could just keep falling, and falling, and falling... But that didn't scare him. He wanted to get to Aslan's country more then anything.

7. Eustace Clarence Scrubb: He was okay in VDT, but I adored him in SC. He tried to reach out to Jill and be a good friend, both at Experiment House and on the edge of the cliff. He ended up getting tossed off, his greatest fear, but he didn't hold that against her. (Well, not much, anyway.) He showed a lot of loyalty to Caspian by immediately telling the owls that if their meeting was in any way against the king he wanted no part of it. That was pretty brave, considering that fact that he was vastly out numbered. And while he did get taken in by the promise of luxury at Harfang, he didn't try to make any excuses as to why they messed up, as Jill did. He was willing to own his mistakes.

6. Hwin: I love Hwin because of her... faithfulness, I guess. She's not used to hard riding, and she seems to be a bit shy, but she does what needs to be done. She digs in and sets the pace when Bree can't, and she is very humble. Plus, how can you not love her response to Aslan?

5. Puddleglum: I had almost forgotten about Puddleglum, not liking him much when I was little. But when I re-read the Chronicles after VDT came out, and he became one of my all-time favorites. He's so funny with his endless pessimism, but under that is a heart of gold. He sticks to what he says he's going to do, and he doesn't even waver when things get tough. His outlook, depressing as it may be, helps with that, I think. A clear view of reality makes for a clear view of Aslan. He's an amazing friend to Eustace and Jill, as well.

Now it's getting harder! Numbers 2-4 are very close.

4. Jill: I love Jill because she's so easy to relate to. She's a tough girl, but she's also not afraid to let her emotions out. I also share her fear of underground places. I would have totally freaked out, had I even been unfortunate enough to fall into the Underworld. But she just whined a little, held on to her friends, and recovered well. She's spunkier then Lucy, Susan, and Polly, which is fun. She knows what she wants and will do what needs to be done to get it. And she likes horses-- that gets her points! :D

3. Edmund: How can you not love him? He didn't hang with the best of crowds in England, and in Narnia he was unfortunate enough to bump right into the White Witch. But he turned it around and put his strong feelings and passions into something good and proved his true character and love for justice. He's great with Eustace after the whole dragon thing, and he's good with a sword. My favorite line of his is from HHB: "But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did."

2. Lucy: Was the username a hint at all? ;) Lucy was my first character role model. Her faith is amazing, and since I was six, I've wanted to be like her. Then, as far as personality goes, I can relate to her as well. I especially feel her pain in VDT with the magician's book, thinking of yourself as second best to someone "prettier" then you and wondering if your friends really love you as much as they say they do. And her relationship with Aslan is something to be envied.

1. Aslan: I mean, it's a given. And I understand Him here so, so much better by reading about what He did there. As long as I can remember, the words "Courage, dear heart" have popped into my head whenever I feel like I can't do something. (But that's a bit off topic.) How can you not love him?
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Omac the centaur » Jan 31, 2011 9:10 am

Ok here goes:
1. Aslan: well u just gotta love him. ;)
2. Edmund: probably because of his transformation from the annoying traitor to the humble (and awesome) king. And he's a good fighter. :)
3. Lucy: she was the first to find Narnia, and never doubts Aslan will help. :)
4. Puddleglum: his loyalty to Aslan, and his personality is awesome. Always saying the worst that could happen and then putting a bold face on it.
5. Reepicheep: his loyalty and courage
6. Glenstorm: many reasons. centaurs are probably my favorite creatures in Narnia, and he's a realy cool one. lol. hes loyal and is a really good fighter.
7. Corin: reminds me of me. haha. i like his wiled but fun personality. :)
8. Jewel: his loyalty to Tirian.
9. Farsight the eagle: i like eagles. ;)
10. Poggin the dwarf: he is the one dwarf who stays loyal to the king. :)
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