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Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Liberty Hoffman » Dec 11, 2009 10:54 am

let's see:

1 Edmund - he is the best example of redemption in the whole series!
2 Lucy - She's so brave and her belief in Aslan is so much deeper than her siblings!
3 Reepicheep - he's bold, he's blunt, and he respects authority. and he plays chess. what more could you want from a mouse? :D
4 Puddleglum - while he is always expecting the worst, he also is great at putting a bold face on bad situations and his deep trust and belief in Aslan is what saves the day in SC.
5 Peter - he's brave enough to face the White Witch's army without Aslan.
6 Trufflehunter - so trusting. he is ready to die waiting for Asaln or the Kings and Queens of old to come and make things right again.
7 Digory Kirk - he found Narnia in the first place.....and he so despratly wanted to do Aslan's bidding in MN.
8 Aslan - He is the king of Narnia! he died in Edmund's place on the stone table and came back to life. he saved Narnia again and again!
9 Mr. Tumnus - He nearly turned Lucy over to the White Witch, but he showed his true loving, caring nature by returing her to her own world and was captured in the attempt to save her from being taken by the evil witch!
10 Trumpkin - at first he doesn't believe in Aslan, but is willing to follow Peter and his siblings anyway. that's loyalty right there! and he ends up believeing in Aslan later on and becoming one of Caspian's most loyaly subjects!
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Georgie Fan » Dec 21, 2009 8:35 pm

1. Lucy - Always been my favorite. Her unwavering faith in Aslan has often helped me in my walk with Christ as a good example. She is such an all-around wonderful person.

2. Polly - There are a lot of similarities between Polly and I, which is one of the reasons I like her so much. She was the first human to go out of our world, and though she is a bit bossy, stubborn, and stuck-up at times, she eventually comes through.

3. Jill - I've always liked Jill also. In the beginning, she is a bit of a cry-baby, but after she helps rescue the Lost Prince, she really is a lot better.

4. Aslan - Obviously, we have to have the Great Lion. Aslan is a visual of a God-like figure, which is why I like him so much.

5. Eustace - I've always liked him, even when he was a bully. He really comes through in the end and transforms inito a totally different person.

6. Susan - Bossy and logical, but being the oldest sister in my family, I know why she acts like she does. :D

7. Digory - Even though he hurts Polly in the wax-works room, he is a kind boy at heart. When he grows up, he is wise, and takes in the Pevensie children!

8. Rillian - He's cool... That's all I can think of... xD

9. Mr. Tumnus - Lucy's first friend, and kind, though slightly mislead.

10. TIE = Shatsta & Aravis - <33
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby lostin1800 » Dec 24, 2009 6:46 am

1. Edmund, I just love his character's journey and his place in the books.

2.Lucy, because of her sweetness and faith.

3. Jill because she has her faults and yet she is actually pure of heart as in she always means well-and I love the way she matures from SC to LB.Also with a great character journey.

4.Mr Tumnus, I just love him for doing the right thing.

5.Puddlegum, his role was awsome in SC and made me laugh.

6.Polly, I don't know why I just like her character.

7. Puzzle, a cute and naive character. I like him for that.

8. Mr and Mrs. beaver, the couple who helped the Pevensies you've just got to love them.

9.Eustace, he makes me laugh and also like Edmund has a great character journey.

10.Peter and Caspian, I'm a sucker for good leaders-who-struggle-with-their-destiney roles.

Aslan has no place with numbers, he is at the top before Edmund.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby moo25 » Jan 24, 2010 4:33 pm

Ok, this is going to be a really hard decision to make methinks. I love almost every character in the books, and it's really hard to choose favourites.

10) Mr Tumnus- I've always loved Mr Tumnus. When I first read the books I delighted in imagining his home and what would be in it, and I loved his kind nature. Even when he turned out to be kidnapping Lucy, I still couldn't think of him as bad, and I've always had a soft spot for him. ;;)

9) Susan- The best big sister and the one who looks after all the others. I loved the way that even when she was described as being so beautiful, she still had flaws that were easy to see. I also adored her character in the Horse and his Boy. I cried when I found out that she didn't believe in Narnia any more, and I was hyper for ages when I read C.S Lewis' quote that said she still had chance to get to Narnia. B-)

8) Peter- Forgeting the total jerk that the High King was made out to be in the Prince Caspian movie, I've always pictured Peter as the noble, kind and caring big brother and king that he was always meant to be. I always loved his willingness to do what was best for his family, and his care for them. I also loved his dedication to his country, and the way he jumped to his aid even though he knew he couldn't go back. He still felt it his duty to try and save Narnia. :ymapplause:

7) Eustace- I love the transformation this character goes under. When he was a prat when we first met him, he aggravated me no end and I couldn't understand how someone could be so swotish yet so stupid. Then when heturned back after being a dragon, I really liked him and the way he tried so hard to be a better person. And I also love the fact he never really seemed to envy his cousins for being rulers of Narnia when he was not. Then I loved his progression through the Silver Chair, and how he cemented the fact that he'd changed, and that he was going to stay the better person and do the right thing. :D

6) Caspian- I always thought Caspian was cute. The way he always believed in the old Narnia, and the way he always thought the other Telmarines wrong touched me. I also loved the way he was honest, and accepting, and took all help he could get knowing that he wasn't ready to take it all on on his own. The way he was able to put away his pride was a great moment for me. Then I loved the way that in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you got to know his flaws, so he didn't seem perfect. \m/

5) Lucy- Her unshakable faith was adorable, and I always thought the way she was so down to earth yet could remain so openminded was a great quality. What I also thought was great, was the fact she fought as an archer in some of the battles in the Golden Age, showing she was Valiant. At times she did seem a little perfect though, but then we got to the Voyage of the Dawn Treader and we found out her flaws of caring too much about what others think of her. This made her much more likable in my eyes, and her acceptance of everyone no matter who they were was amazing, and her belief in giving second chances. O:-)

4) Reepicheep- Who doesn't like this little mouse? He's sp funny and adorable, you can't help but love him. His courage and Valiance cutified him for me, and I loved his fierce spirit. The way he would stand up to anything, no matter how big always gave me a deep respect for Reep, he has a huge heart. :x

3) Puddleglum- Puddleglum rules. His pessimistic attitude and unwavering loyalty have always made me love him. He brings such comedic relief to the Silver Chair, he had me in hysterics. The way he shone true and loyal even when in the face of danger, earnt him my respect for life, and his true companionship also earnt him Brownie Points (that and stinking out a room with the smell of burnt Marshwiggle.) ;)

2) Jill- I could always relate to Jill, in a way I couldn't relate to anyone else. She's in some ways a lot like me. I really liked the way she couldn't see why she couldn't fight just as well as the boys, but over her tough show, she still had vunerabilities, and wasn't nearly a perfect character. She seems a normal girl with normal problems. And I like this about her. To me it makes her more real. She also overcomes her fears and puts right her mistakes, then progressing to be a trustworthy and strengthened person in the Last Battle. She also saves Puzzle the cute misunderstood donkey. :ymdaydream:

1) Edmund- The most amazing character hands down, although Jill did come in a close second. I love the way Edmund is completely horrible, and then redeems himself. I actually thought everyone was a bit harsh on Edmund. I know he was a traitor and everything, but was he really meant to know the first person he met in a land in a wardrobe was going to be a witch? Of course he didn't know that. And to be honest, it just sounded to me like he was reacting to the war badly. Still, he grew into an amazing ruler after his redemption, and he became an amazing brother. Also, he's emense with a sword which is epic, and I love his personality as a grown king in The Horse and his Boy. Oh, and he got Brownie Points for saying funny things now and again and being a trouble maker. :ymparty:

And the reason I didn't include Aslan in this long list is because I always thought of him as something more than just a character, he was so much more than the books, he's off the scale awesome :)
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Claire-ayes » Feb 06, 2010 4:34 am

Alright guys, I'm going to go in descending order here:

Starting things off - drum roll please - with number 10) Lucy Pevensie.
So, I like Lucy, she's very sweet. Perhaps the only reason she's so low down on my list is that she's a little too perfect.

9) Diggory Kirk. I love Diggory, he seems like such a normal kid, with a big heart. He's does things wrong (striking the bell/gong? - it's been a while since I read 'The Magician's Nephew'). The whole thing with the apple really earns him a place in my list though. Also, he's the professor! That's cool!

8) Jill Pole. When I first read 'The Silver Chair' she annoyed me. A lot. However, I've come to love her in spite of that. How she treats Puzzle is very endearing.

7) Prince/King Caspian X. ^:)^ Because he's King Caspian. He loves Narnia - so do I!

6) Mr Tumnus. :) Bless him, even though he actually carries out half of a kidnapping, everyone is still routing for him! At heart he's a good guy - in 'The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe' he is Narnia at the beginning, for me. That's why the White Witch must be defeated, to save 'people' like Tumnus.

5) Trumpkin. B-) Awesome. I won't lie - I think it's more Trumpkin portrayed by Peter Dinklage (Is that spelt right?) that I'm thinking of here. Pretty much one of the best things in 'Prince Caspian'.

4) Bree. Yeay!! I love him, he's so high and mighty at the beginning. The way he worries about whether horses in Narnia roll on the ground is adorable. :ymhug: The fact that he's scared at the end of 'A Horse and His Boy' really draws that vulnerability home for me.

3) Puddleglum. =)) Who doesn't love Puddleglum? He manages to be hilarious and incredibly wise at the same time - pretty hard stuff to pull off. The fact that he only appears in 'The Silver Chair' and still makes such an imprint is proof of his quality.

2) King Edmund. I'm a sucker for a redemption story. He's always been one of my favourites since I first read the books, and before when I watch the BBC adaptations. The fact that he is flawed and yet after everything he turns out to be an amazing King is just (get it?) wonderful character development. :ymapplause:

1) Eustace Clarence Scrubb. :D Once again, I'm a sucker for a redemption story. This time, although he is a brat, I find pre-transformation Eustace so fun to read. Even afterwards in 'The Silver Chair', you can still see his sarcastic character come through. He is just the best - certainly my favourite of all the characters in 'The Chronicles'!
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby HighQueenofNarnia » Feb 12, 2010 7:04 pm

10. Silenus- he's hilarious! =))
9. The Giantess Nurse @ Harfang- she's so sweet to Jill and the others.
8. Drinian- I haven't seen him on the list yet. I don't know why! He's awesome and a great steady to Caspian in VotDT.
7. Susan Pevensie- she's a lot like me, except that I probably wouldn't get used to the idea of being in England, so I wouldn't have her troubles!
6. Lucy Pevensie- she's really the type of person that everyone wants to be like but no one can quite compare to, which isolates her in my opinion.
5. Thornbut the Dwarf (in HHB)- he's very sensible and protective.
4. Aravis- she is exactly the sort of person that I would love to meet! She's daring and willing to kill herself rather than marry a man she doesn't love.
3. Jill- she is impulsive but compassionate, like her bio at this site says. She's also quite bold and brave, but she knows how to stay focused.
2. Aslan- I know, you're all thinking "Why isn't Aslan number one?" Well, the truth is that I loved LWW because Aslan permeates the book. That's the case with HHB (my personal favorite) as well, although it's more subtle. The other books seem to have a little of Aslan throughout but mostly it's Aslan coming to save the day or send someone home. I think that it's more the way C.S.L. wrote the books but it still irritates me that he isn't as prominent as I think that he should be. And then there's my #1...
1. Edmund! He has been my favorite character ever since I read the books in 1st grade. He really cares about his family after his reformation. He almost dies to break the Witch's wand, decides to send Rabadash away instead of killing him, backs up Lucy, and is overall humble enough to win a Mother Teresa award!!! He's not perfect either, though. That's what makes him so cool!!! Like, he still can be grumpy or assuming. But he's cool!
I want to give an honorable mention to Reepicheep. He's very cute- oh, I mean courteous. :) But he is definitely the funniest character! It was a hard choice to leave him out, but I wanted to put Silenus in there very badly! And the Giantess, etc.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby wolfloversk » Feb 18, 2010 8:55 am

Okay... Here it goes...
1. Reepicheep- I like him because he's funny and brave. I also like how he goes against the stereotypical image of a mouse.
2. Aslan- He is the most important character in all the books, noble, just, kind. He's gentle, but ferocious, and he's willing to sacrifice himself for his people.
3. Lucy- I think I have a lot in common with Lucy. She's adventurous and brave, but also kind and gentle. I especially like her willingness to explore.
4. Patterwig- He's hilarious, what else is there to say.
5. Bree- again, he's funny, and I like how he worries to much sometimes. I also like that he has a strong personality, and that he refuses to be controlled by man.
6. Jewel- he's extremely loyal, and very wise. I think he has some very good qualities
7. Puddleglum- His pesimistic nature adds such a flavor to the SC, that makes the book hard to ignore.
8. Peter- I like how in the books, he grows up to be humble, but loyal always to Narnia.
9. Doctor Cornelius- although the nurse had been fired before him, he's shows bravery in teaching Caspian about the old kingdom, He's also very wise.
10. Digory Kirke- As a professor he's very wise, and when in Narnia, he does not take the apple until Aslan allows him to. I think his character reveals the most growth in the books.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Beginte » Feb 19, 2010 6:22 am

1. Caspian. The most human, easy to connect with. Courageous, with enough bravery to fight against his own people (a threat of his psychology that I regret Lewis didn't explore), the epitome of hope being rewarded. I also think he is one of the most tragic characters in Narnia, while rarely ever anyone seems to notice that. I mean, his own uncle attempts to kill him, he fights against his own people, his wife dies quickly, his son is taken from him and returned only minutes before he dies. Not to mention several other dramas. I love his personality, the way he lives the present moment intensely and is very emotional and fierce about life - you especially can see that in VoDT, along with the swashbuckling hint about him that I also adore :)

2. Susan. I think some of us can connect to her, after all, sometimes we have to leave something beautiful, something we love with all our heart and what is a part of us. And when she was told she would never return to Narnia ever again, the pain was too hard to cherish those wonderful memories, as they killed her each time, knowing she would never breathe Narnian air again, dance with fauns... I love her character to death and I believe she found her own way into Narnia, like Lewis said... but died before managed to guide her. She is left with us now, if we believe she did it, she gets there :) And I also love what a wonderful older sister she is, always thinking of others and caring.

3. Corin. Aww, my sweetheart! I adore him, he's so funny and yet brave, he will stand against any enemy conceivable to defend his close ones and his country! I love his adventurous spirit, his humor, his wits and the knack of embroiling himself into all sorts of trouble! I can only imagine the distress poor Susan went through when he disappeared every second day in Tashbaan! I just can see him grin with his eye black all around, and I adore him!

4. Edmund. Quiet, the silent beholder of the family, and I'm sure he for the first years of his reign in Narnia tried to understand why of all titles he was given that of Just, and I think he finally realized that. I like his character as a writer (just as all three above), very good to explore. I like his past, and how he drew conclusions from it, yet still has his demons, like many of us.

5. Peter. I like Peter Pevensie and Peter the High King, both of them going a long path to understanding themselves. I especially like Peter in LWW, one of my favorite characters in that book. Brave, strong, yet I always thought him to be in need of his right hand, who is Edmund, for which I like Peter even more. I like the way he along with Susan tries to be parents for Ed and Lucy in LWW.

6. The Beavers!!! Enough said, I think, they're lovable form head to the end of their tails!

7. Doctor Cornelius. The man whithout whom Narnia wouldn't have it's savior from Telmarine rule, without him Caspian would have been killed. Wise, calm, intelligent, a good counselor, and I think a tutor and storyteller many of us would love to have! :)

8. Reepicheep... I adore his valiance, his heart is greater than his body! Though he is little, he is fierce!

9. Aravis. I never was extremely fond of her, but I like her strong spirit, courage and resilience, as well as the long way she comes as she travels to Narnia with Shasta.

10. Eustace. He's funny and endearing in a strange way in VoDT, and he sort of resembles Edmund in the way he changes from a brat to a noble person, though without the betrayal motive.

That's about it... I wonder if anyone is actually interested enough to read my long opinion, haha! :D
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby narnia fan 7 » Mar 12, 2010 5:04 pm

My Top 10 Favorite Characters
#1 Aslan
#2 Shasta
#3 Reepicheep
#4 Peter
#5 Lucy
#6 Puddleglum
#7 Eustace
#8 Caspian
#9 Edmond
#10 Tirian
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby DamselJillPole » Apr 13, 2010 7:46 pm

1. Jill Pole- I can relate to her flaws.
2. King Tirian- He's very brave and honest.
3. Eustace- He's funny and his redemption is the best.
4. Caspian- He's interesting, funny, and his naive flaws shows he's just human.
5. Ramandu's daughter- You can make up anything about her because she's so mysterious.
6. Edmund- I loved his redemption in PC and was the only character in the movie that stayed true.
7. Lucy- Valiant and Innocent
8. Polly Plummer- I like her spunk. She would have been an awesome Queen in Narnia.
9. Aslan- Who wouldn't have him in their top ten?
10. Corin- He speaks and acts what his mind tells him. I like that he is headstrong.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby beloved » Jun 04, 2010 8:25 am

1. Lucy- It's her faith and her courage
2. Reepicheep- A noble beast, he is just so passionate.
3. Puddleglum-One word, Ma'am...
4. Tirian-Well done, last king of Narnia
5. Shasta-Because he went back, and then ran forward
6. King Frank- an honest soul
7. Edmund- a forgiving and just king
8. Trumpkin- Aslan liked him too, for all sorts of reasons, I'm sure
9. Peter- humble, motivator, and all around great brother
10. Caspian-for going against the norm

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Lady Haleth » Jun 04, 2010 2:19 pm

Here are my top ten, in no particular order:
1 Aslan. Of course. These reasons are so obvious. Awesome.
2 Bree. Talking horses are cool.
3 Hwin. See above.
4 Reepicheep. I love how gallant he is.
5 Aravis. I like her strength
6 Caspian. He is so great and survives so much.
7 Eustace. I like how practical and matter-of-fact he is.
8 Puddleglum. He is so funny and brave.
9 Jill. She is so real and so brave.
10 Edmund. Redeemed guys are awesome.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby sandyentersNarnia » Jun 07, 2010 10:06 am

here's mine :D.

1. Aslan - of course he's always on the top!
2. Reepicheep - he is unique. not all mice like him are chivalrous. :))
3. Prince/King Caspian - I liked him because when I read the SC, he really is a loving father because even though he was old, he still never stopped looking for Prince Rillian. :(
4. Aravis - i like her fighting spirit.
5. Bree - very noble and smart for a horse.
6. Shasta - very patient and obedient to Bree.
7. High King Peter - very good in fighting, especially the strategies he make.
8. Queen Lucy - sweet and caring, believes in Aslan so fully.
9. King Edmund - knows what's right or wrong from what happened to him in LWW.
10. Mr. Beaver - he is a funny beaver and a very loyal beaver to Aslan.

that's all. :D.

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Aslans Country » Jun 12, 2010 12:39 am

After seeing this thread for months, I finally get around to choosing my 10 :p

1. Edmund - I love the way his character changes from LWW, and really wish he had more scenes/dialogue in the other books.
2. Lucy - Her faith never wavers, I wish I could be more like her.
3. Digory - I love his story in MN, he has a really difficult time and doesn't get to enjoy Narnia that much. I like to imagine his journey from MN to being a Professor in LWW.
4. Susan - I can relate to her logical-ness, and difficulty in believing. Plus, her character interests me in that she didn't come back to Narnia.
5. Jill - She's brave - I love her story throughout SC and her part in LB.
6. Puddleglum - His 'speech' in SC says it all. Plus, his pessimism cracks me up.
7. Tirian - He's very brave, and has a hard part to play as the last king of Narnia.
8. Hwin - She's shy and doesn't say much but is very faithful to her mistress, and to Narnia.
9. Trufflehunter - He never forgets his loyalty to Narnia and Aslan.
10. Poggin - This dwarf was brave to turn his back on his own kind and fight for Narnia.

Aslan's not on the list because he doesn't seem like a 'character' to me, like the others are.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Narnian1993 » Jun 12, 2010 7:03 am

This was really hard and I had so much trouble picking only 10. :(
But here we go: :)
10. This one tied for me- Trumpkin/Puddleglum. These two are so ingenious with their little sayings. They always make me laugh :)
9. Eustace- I love him even at the beginning of VDT :) But I hink his tranformation is amazing. I also love how he has changed in SC and Jill notices. :)
8. Jill- In the beginning of SC, she seems very timid and doesn't trust many people. But she leanrs that the Lion knows best :)
7. Peter- I love his courage in LWW, and even when his character goes slightly downhill in PC. I loves his brother and sisters and trys to protect them rather than himself.
6. Caspian- I think how his opinion of Narnia changes show how we can change our opinions of others :)
5.Tumnus- I have always loved the image that Jack had of a faun in the middle of a snowy wood, walking past a lampost carrying some parcels. It's a beautiful picture. :)
4. Reepicheep- I love his courage, bravery, love for Aslan. And he could beat me in a sword fight any day. :ymhug:
3. Aslan- He should be #1. but alas... I love the image of a lion, and Jack created this character with such beauty that you cannot help from loving him!! :D
2. Edmund- I love his transformation in LWW. I love his strength and courage in PC. in VDT he stands for what is right. He would be the perfet "big brother" for me. ;)
1. Lucy- This one was the easiest for me to choose. I just love her character, her love for the truth, for Aslan for Narnia!
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

Postby Boy Scout » Jun 14, 2010 8:46 am

This is my first post and I would have to say,
1. Aslan
2. Lucy
3. Tirian
4. Edmund
5. Peter
6. Reepicheep
7. Cor
8. Eustace
9. Caspian
10. Corin Thunderfist
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