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60th Anniversary Edition!

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Re: 60th Anniversary Edition!

Postby Anfinwen » Jan 31, 2011 9:04 am

I got one for Christmas. Its really nice It doesn't have all the illustrations the original books have, but I really like it. The map is wonderful, and the timeline is really helpful.
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Re: 60th Anniversary Edition!

Postby Arvan » Feb 11, 2011 2:19 pm

This looks beautiful, but the Chronological Order irritates me, so I'm going to stay away. I was introduced to the Chronicles in published order and when I got the new editions I switched 'em around. I'm still annoyed by this, though:

"The HarperCollins editions of The Chronicles of Narnia have been renumbered in compliance with the original wishes of the author, C.S. Lewis."

If Lewis had really wanted to revise the order, he would have done so. He did, after all, revise his stories a little with the American Editions (which got tossed out the window when HarperCollins took over in the U.S.) Original wishes? They make it sound like C.S. Lewis expressed his wishes in a will requesting that the order be renumbered.
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Re: 60th Anniversary Edition!

Postby wolfloversk » Feb 13, 2011 12:29 pm

I really do wish they'd stop numbering them... but anyway.... If I had the money, I might have gotten it, since my copy's getting a little worn :( Unfortunately I don't have the money... And I was hoping to get the Harper Collins ones that came out around the release of LWW, because quite frankly, I love the cover designs :D And as most fans, I'm sure, I dream of getting my hands on the first edition, but it's not happenning anytime soon... :ymsigh:
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