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Written in the Stars: Section Rules

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Written in the Stars: Section Rules

Postby DiGoRyKiRkE » Aug 17, 2009 10:08 am

Welcome to Talk About Narnia, where you can discuss and dissect every detail of the Narnia books! To help you and everyone else enjoy this section, please read and follow the forum rules as well as these guidelines:

1.) Talk About Narnia is for discussion of the Narnia books and all elements of Narnia not specifically related to the films (such as modern music that reminds you of Narnia, every day images or places that remind you of Narnia, etc...) Threads about the films and film characters need to go in the appropriate movie sections (General Movie Discussion or Cast and Character Discussion).

2.) Please look through the currently open topics before starting a new topic. It may be that the topic you want to discuss already has a thread.

3.) Topics are considered to be "inactive" if they have not received a post within three month's time. Such threads will be locked. If you wish to start a conversation on one of these "locked" topics you may either start a new topic, or you may send a private message to one of the Talk About Narnia Moderators, who will unlock the thread and revive the discussion.

4.) Talk About Narnia has may polls and questions about your favorite book, character, etc. If you post in one of these threads, you are expected to post more than your opinion. You must also post why you voted the way you did. For example, don't just post "My favourite book is Prince Caspian." Instead, say something like this: "My favourite book is Prince Caspian, because I enjoy themes of rebellion that are found in it." Posts that do not express an original opinion will be removed or deleted.

5.) Please remember that NarniaWeb's rule about extreme fandom also applies to the characters in the books.

The Talk About Narnia moderators reserve the right to use their best personal judgment to make decisions for this section. Questions and suggestions are always welcome, but criticisms and grumblings are not.

Thanks, and happy posting! :)

— Varnafinde and DiGoRyKiRkE: Your Talk About Narnia Moderators.
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