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VDT scenes

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VDT scenes

Postby Reepi » Apr 21, 2010 9:24 pm

I remember this thread in the old Narniaweb where people could post their scenes from VDT as they want them to appear in the movie, I tried to find it but couldn't so I opened this new one.

I hope the other one wasn't closed or deleted for a reason?
If there isn't a new one on the new Narniaweb then I hope I can start this again.

Anyways here is my scene:
(The Producers of the movie have added a new romance to the plot of VDT to make it more interesting and to ensure the movie will reel in lots of money. Obviously there is already Caspian and Ramandus Daughter, but that one is already in the book and as the rule of the producers says: "If it's in the book, it's not good enough." However, as human romance is already in the book, they tried to add a twist using the natural charm of Narnia, which means: Reepicheep Romance. The romance also adds to the movie as it creates more drama by creating a moral dilemma of Reepicheep being torn between his love and his sense of duty for Narnia, and his Longing for the Utter East, where he will find all he seeks.
His rodent love interest is Keepicheepilla, a gentle and tender mouse they brought back from the Dark Island with Rhoop. Only with the companionship of another fellow being, they both were able to withstand the horrors of the dark Island. However, as they both return to a somewhat "normal" life on-board the Dawn Treader, Keepicheepilla grows fond of Reepicheep, and vice-versa as a fellow mouse who must withstand the challenges of being smaller than others.
During their brief time they only grow ever-so-closer, until it is time to depart for Reep, Lu and Ed when they can go east no more with the Dawn Treader and are about to board the by-boat.)
Caspian: "I guess it is time to say goodbye."
Edmund: "By golly! Yes, it is."
Lucy: "Goodbye everyone, it was a nice adventure."
Reepicheep: "And when you return, you will find the lords awakened from their slumber and all will be right, the seven swords of the seven missing lords have been found and the Curse of Caspians forefathers is finally destroyed. All will be well. Goodbye."
Reepicheep is just about to go on board the by-boat with his coracle, one foot in the air, the other still on deck the Dawn Treader, as...
Keepicheepilla: "Maybe not all will be well, Reepicheep"
Reepicheep, at this sudden exclamation, turns around again, one foot still in the air and deeply looks at Keepicheepilla
Reepicheep: "What exactly do you mean?"
Keepicheepilla: "I wish we had more time together. Reepicheep.. I cannot... you... you cannot go. Don't leave me, Reepicheep. I... I love you Reepicheep."
Reepicheep: "But... how.. why? I have to go.. for myself, for my country, even if it means leaving behind what I love. I love you Keepicheepilla, but I have to go."
Reepicheep hesitates, about to leave the Dawn Treader and with it, leaving forever, when he turns around again and draws near Keepicheepilla. Their whiskers barely touching, his handsome furred face draws nearer hers and her tender, deep eyes. She quietly looks back in astonishment.
Keepicheepilla: "Are you sure you want to do this? To leave behind your one and only love, only to never return again?"
Reepicheep: "You are and will be my only ever love, but my hearts desire lies in the east. I am Sorry."
Keepicheepilla: "Then so be it."
Reepicheep to his terror sees as Keepicheepilla with a cackling laughter slowly transforms into.... Jadis, No! the Lady of the green Kirtle, No! It was undoubtedly Jadis in a new green dress, who had been resurrected by dark sorcery. The soul-eating witch had returned, how terrifying!
Jadis of the Green Kirtle (Or Lady of the white winter, however one wants to put it: "Behold the great Empress Jadis, who has returned to seize Narnias reign again. But now..."
And then she looked at Reepicheep
Jadis: "I will eat your soul and drag it to the depths of the endless, sunless, green sea! HAHAHAHA"
Reepicheep, in terror, had to realize that all his love was ill-spent, he was betrayed and the tender Keepicheepilla had never existed, as it was merely a form of Jadis to confuse him and tempt him to his own demise. In an instant, Reepicheeps terror and sadness about his own foolishness became anger, his one driving force behind his most great combat abilities.
Reepicheep: "Prepare yourself, vila witch, you have been vanquished twice already and now I will vanquish you again. To the depths of the sea with you!"
An epic battle ensues as the rest of the Dawn treader crew just stares confused, in terror or amazed by the whole situation, unable to do anything and charmed by the magic and beauty of the again-returned witch. The epic battle goes on as Sea serpents at the witches bidding emerge and maelstroms form around the Dawn Treader, just about to swallow the heroic ship whole.
Jadis (hatefully): "I have so much at my disposal, the sea serpent is about to destroy the ship and if she doesn't, the maelstrom will swallow you, the ship and the whole crew whole. What are you planning to do to stop me? You are just a little mouse after all!"
Reepicheep feels his anger peak, the film is going in slow motion, as Reepicheep prepares his final strike.
Reepicheep: "YES. I'M. A. MOUSE"
Reepicheep strikes and pierces the evil witch, who transformed into a snake, right in her vile heart. Jadis screams in Horror and slowly turns black, explaining "I am.. I am MELTING!!" then explodes, her flying innards covering everything on board the dawn treader, sail and crew included. Reepicheep calms down.
Reepicheep: "Well, now that's done it's time to go I guess."
The crew waves goodbye as Reepicheep enters the by-boat and and Lu, Ed and Reep slowly depart in the distance.
Lucy (to Reep): "Now that just was soo coool."
Ed: "Yeah, you know, just when she exploded, I..."
Screen slowly fades to black and credits start to roll
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Re: VDT scenes

Postby Alyosha » Apr 21, 2010 10:28 pm

If that's really a scene that you want to appear in the movie, I am very, very frightened :P

However, as it probably won't, this falls into the category of fanfiction which is not allowed on NW. If you want to start a more serious script-building thread for VDT (like the old one was), please put it in General Movie Discussion. Thanks :)
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