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First Narnia mod for Skyrim?!

PostPosted: Jan 21, 2020 4:37 am
by Cleander
Hello all,

Not sure whether this belongs on the Video Games thread or not, but since that's in a forum for non-Narnia-related stuff, I'm assuming this topic should go here, because it is most definitely Narnia-related. Please correct me if I'm wrong, moderators!

So anyway, I'm a relatively new player of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and have been looking in past months for a Narnia-related mod for the game. It didn't seem like one existed, and other players had mentioned this in the past as well. However, my most recent search found something: a mod that lets the player wield the sword carried by Miraz in the Walden version of Prince Caspian (a virtual version that is).
I know, it's not what you would expect, but it seems to be the only Narnia mod for the game in existence, so... why not!
The mod can be downloaded for free on the Steam Workshop, and allows you to craft the sword under the Dwarven category if you have the required smithing experience and materials. The sword looks fairly realistic and similar to Miraz's sword from the movie, so you might find it quite enjoyable!