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Fresh Coat of Paint

PostPosted: May 14, 2019 7:03 am
by fantasia
You all may have noticed that the front page has a fresh coat of paint (still working out a few tweaks here and there to get everything streamlined and working).

Once the front page is finished up, Rose-Tree, Gp, Dot, Tirian, and I are going to dive into the forum.
I don't know how many of you were around back in 2009 when we updated the site then, but at the time we scrapped the entire site and started over with a new forum. We're hoping to avoid that this time. We're hoping instead to keep all of our members (no reregistering) and threads that are already here and just change the way it looks.
Having said that, we can't promise that's going to happen, so we want to give you all fair warning that if there are any posts or threads that you want to save, now's the time to do so!