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Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby fantasia » Apr 24, 2014 11:40 am

This forum needs some love. ramagut posted these on her FB page so I thought I'd share them on here. :) ... s=og.likes

I was toying with the idea of ordering some... just because. Jadis, Peter, and Caspian flavors sound kind of good to me. ;))
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Re: Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby johobbit » Apr 24, 2014 12:59 pm

Ahhh, those are so cool! I really like the descriptions as they relate to the characters. Although I am surprised Jadis' does not have a bit of Turkish Delight mixed in, as well. ;)) If I liked tea, I just might order some!
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Re: Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby PhelanVelvel » Apr 30, 2014 1:33 am

Oh my, this is a thing?! I would love to buy them all! Each flavour is so creatively tied in to the character. Love it.
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Re: Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby SummerSnow » Jul 04, 2014 11:32 am

Those look very interesting. I'd love to just try them once, though since I'm not a huge exotic tea drinker (I usually stick with black and sometimes I drink raspberry), I don't know if I'd necessarily like them. Meadow would also love to try them, I'm sure. :D I'd especially like to try Aslan, Susan, Lucy, and (possibly) Jadis flavors.

I think the creator did a very accurate job with the tea matching the different personalities, or at least from what I can tell from the pictures, since some of the ingredients are a bit foreign to me.
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Re: Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby Meltintalle » Jul 04, 2014 12:01 pm

The packaging is delightful!

I'm quite curious about the Edmund flavor--though, of course, it's out of stock at the moment. :p The Peter and Caspian flavors are intriguing as well.
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Re: Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby The Rose-Tree Dryad » Jul 04, 2014 1:01 pm

Oh my goodness, I love those! What a brilliant idea. (I wonder if they do any other fandoms?) Being a bit of a tea fanatic, these are right up my alley. ;)) I hope they continue to make more tea blends as more films are made and new characters are introduced! A lovely green tea blend for the Green Lady just makes sense. :D
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Re: Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby EmpressJadis » Sep 07, 2014 1:58 pm

Yum I want to eat Peter and Tumnus!!!!!
That came out wrong!
Oh, and I also want to eat Jadis!

and @johobbit, great idea, but I'd like to see it in Edmund's tea rather than Jadis'.

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Re: Narnia Inspired Tea

Postby jewel » Jan 04, 2015 9:23 am

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