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The Royal Treasury: Section Rules

Postby wisewoman » Aug 13, 2009 12:48 pm

Welcome to Narnian Merchandise, where you will find a trove of Narnian treasures! To help you and everyone else enjoy this section, please read and follow the forum rules as well as these guidelines:

1.) Each item is permitted its own thread. However, multiple versions of an item (such as different covers for movie tie-in books or different movie posters) will be discussed in a single thread.

2.) Please look through the currently open topics before starting a new topic. It may be that the item you want to discuss already has a thread. Duplicate topics will be closed or moved to the existing topic.

3.) The Narnian Merchandise section was not created to be a trading post. There will be no on-site swapping of merchandise or personal property. This section is only for the discussion of Narnian collectibles and merchandise.

4.) Because we do not permit item-swapping on this site, neither NarniaWeb nor any of its staff can be held liable for any damages or fraud that result from using the Private Messaging system to exchange items or personal information.

5.) Please do not open new threads to advertise Narnian merchandise that you are selling unless you have special permission from our webmaster Tirian. If you do not have permission, your post will be removed.

6.) NarniaWeb is not affilated with any retail websites selling Narnia merchandise and is not responsible for the content or management of such sites.

7.) For your safety, please do NOT post your personal information (surname, mailing address, etc.) anywhere on NarniaWeb.

The moderators reserve the right to use their best personal judgment to make decisions for this section. Questions and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks, and happy posting! :)

— Meltintalle and wisewoman
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