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You Read it Here First! Section Rules

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You Read it Here First! Section Rules

Postby starkat » Aug 04, 2009 8:33 pm

Pssst — welcome to Rumors! If you've heard something about the film production that has not been confirmed, this is the place to discuss it. To help you and everyone else enjoy this section, please read and follow the forum rules as well as these guidelines:

1.) Be a skeptic! Remember, the title of this section is Rumors and everything that you read here is based on hearsay. Always be skeptical of things posted here by people who claim to have inside knowledge. With the anonymity of the Internet, people are often tempted to pretend to know things they don't. Please don't panic over anything they say.

2.) If you post a rumor, it is strongly suggested that you cite your source if at all possible. Give us a reason to believe your information!

3.) Do not make something up in hopes that it will become a rumor. Members who do this will be dealt with by the Rumors moderators.

4.) Keep your comments respectful. Whether or not you like a particular actor or actress, there's always a way to state your opinion in a non-offensive manner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Rumors moderators. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks, and happy posting! :)

— starkat and suchwascharn
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