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Jill Pole

PostPosted: Dec 08, 2009 8:09 pm
by A_Narnian_Ship
I was looking at some 1940's school uniforms and found some ideas for Jill's uniform. Anyone have any ideas for her Narnian traveling dress?
1940s school uniform.jpg
1940s school uniform.jpg (80.9 KiB) Viewed 40401 times

I wasn't sure if Jill would be wearing a skirt, jumper, or dress. I'm not sure what the "age level" is for the type of uniform.

Re: Jill Pole

PostPosted: Dec 09, 2009 8:44 am
by Lady Galadriel
Does she wear a dress in the book? I thought she wore her British clothes? Either way, cool question -- I may be back later if I can find a dress that looks like it may be suitable. There's also the dress she wears at Harfang.

Re: Jill Pole

PostPosted: Dec 09, 2009 5:52 pm
by A_Narnian_Ship
Hmmm I forgot about that.... the fact that she puts her uniform back on...that would be really boring though. No Narnian Dress?!?!?!? Please No!! I hope they will give her a dress so she doesn't have to stay in British clothes!!
I can't wait to see how they make her harfang will be very vibrant, I'm sure!! ;)

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PostPosted: Dec 10, 2009 12:55 pm
by Lady Galadriel
All right, I've done a little research...

I'm sure she'll wear a Narnian dress at some point! After all, Susan and Lucy both did in the first two movies. Even if Jill doesn't wear a traveling dress, I'm sure she'll have a Cair Paravel gown and a Harfang dress.

If she does wear a traveling dress I would imagine that it would probably be something like Susan and Lucy's in LWW (perhaps Susan's green?): ... ucamp5.jpg ... ucamp6.jpg


I also looked at Eowyn's dresses from LOTR. Those seem too fancy for my tastes when it comes to Jill, though... :( Sorry I couldn't really find anything more original. :( I'll keep looking around though.

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PostPosted: Dec 12, 2009 2:32 pm
by Alice
I like ur idea 4 her school uniform, only I think that it would be more bland, so I would go with grey, and she would prbly wear a forest green jacket or shawl too, I think.

For her harfang dress a kind of silky material, pink, red or green,and a reasonably simple syle, like Susan's dress.

and her Narnian Dress.... the length should be about mid-calf, loose, and I think it would b dark blue and/or green

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PostPosted: Dec 16, 2009 5:12 pm
by Alice_WL
Well, for all we know, the costume designers may completely change Jill's outfits.. maybe none of the costumes in the books will be present in the movie.. if we ever get that far.. O.o Let's hope so..

ya know, this could also be a great topic for someone planning to make a costume for Jill.. It could give them some ideas.. :S

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PostPosted: Dec 21, 2009 12:29 pm
by Georgie Fan
I always thought that at the beginning, she would wear a schooldress similar to Lucy's at the start of PC, that was rather wrinkled from her fights with the bullies.
I would think that at Cair Paravel, she would change out of her uniform and don a Narnian dress. Then end up wearing it for the feast, and most of the film, until she gets to Harfang.
Then, at the end of the movie, her dress (from Harfang) would be clean and brilliant when she and Eustace give the bullies a taste of their own medicine.

Just my thoughts.

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PostPosted: Dec 27, 2009 10:05 am
by lostin1800
I agree with you Georgie fan, but I always thought she'd change again for the end of the film(Caspian's 'goodbye') and Rilian's coronation by wearing a fancy clean new dress. And then back to her school clothes, but this time they'd be clean and neat.

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PostPosted: Jan 05, 2010 6:34 am
by Pepper Darcy
I'd rather like Jill to be in something Narnian on the journey... simply since it'd be lovely to see her in costumes instead of her regular school clothes... though I'm afraid I've tread on forbidden ground by wishing her to be in Narnian clothes when Lewis has her in her English clothes...

Is this a site for The Silver Chair? or what about The Last Battle? Costume/calormene armour ideas for that might be interesting =)

I love your choice for her uniform A_Narnian_Ship!! : D

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PostPosted: Feb 07, 2010 9:31 pm
by HighQueenofNarnia
In my opinion, the dress on the right suits Jill more- although it is a little bit grown up for her! Maybe something like Lucy's schoolgirl outfit in PC? With a long-sleeved shirt and jumper? Then at Cair Paravel, she could change into a royal-looking dress (gold?), then change into either a simple traveling dress or her school outfit. You know, in SC it mentions that Jill wears shorts! I could really imagine that. Then, of course, Jill's calf-length cloak, which should be a dark blue. In my mind, it just wouldn't work otherwise. I have always imagined Jill's Harfang dress to be lime green- I don't know why. Then she wears that until she goes back to Cair Paravel. Then she could wear something nice for Rilian's coronation and going back into our world. Maybe a crimson color? She wears that for the fancy-dress balls. Then she changes into school clothes again- a different outfit, probably.

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PostPosted: Feb 08, 2010 4:02 pm
by Lady Jill
Keep in mind that Jill and Eustace's school is co-ed. When reading the book, I always got the impression that their school is the type that would have the same uniform for boys and girls so the shorts would make sense.

And she definately does get a Narnian dress. When she and Eustace arrive they are given clean clothes and have dinner with Trumpkin and the others. After dinner Glimfeather tells her to get changed into "traveling clothes". So she puts her uniform and a cloak on.

When she, Eustace, and Puddleglum leave the underworld I'd guess that the Narnians would give them fresh clothes. (after all that crawling through tunnels they'd be pretty dirty :) )

Jill Pole

PostPosted: Dec 29, 2010 8:06 am
by Lu_valient
How do you think the costumes Jill has will look?
-school outfit
-Narnian dress #1(in beginning)
-traveling outfit
-Harfang dresses(nightgown and other dress)
-Narnian dress #2 (at coronation of Rillian)

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PostPosted: Dec 29, 2010 9:38 am
by Meltintalle
I think, based on the costumes we saw in Voyage, that the Narnian dresses will have a more Telmarine-ish flavour.

But I also think a Narnian dress for Jill will have similarities to Susan's Purple dress from PC and Gael's dress in VotDT. :)

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PostPosted: Dec 30, 2010 7:32 pm
by Lucy of Narnia that this is open again, perhaps I shall do what I did w/ LotGK in her thread! Stay tuned. =))

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PostPosted: Dec 31, 2010 9:44 am
by Lu_valient
Lucy of Narnia, that was a good way to do that

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PostPosted: Dec 31, 2010 11:27 am
by Lucy of Narnia
Thanks, Lu! (funny how I asked if I could call you that, then start calling myself that! Lu #1 and Lu#2, lol!)

Here are some ideas:

English School Outfit

The book describes Jill as wearing shorts, a blazer and a sweater, if I correctly recall. I'd prefer her to wear a skirt, and to be somewhat similar to what the Pevensies wore in Prince Caspian. Of course, Jill's would be neither bright red, nor have the "Sin Finbar" school badge on it. I think it should be either navy or khaki, or a combination of the two. Like, maybe she could wear a khaki skirt, white school shirt, grey knee-high socks (or khaki, what do you think?), same clunky black shoes, with a gray blazer maybe, and a navy blue suit-jacket (like Lucy and Susan's). Or something along those lines. I'm not sure if she should have a hat or not. Maybe she's supposed to wear one to be in uniform, but nobody follows uniform anyway so she ditches the hat and maybe a few other accessories. Plus, her clothes could be rather wrinkled from running and hiding from the bullies. Although, when she first goes to school, I don't think her clothes would be wrinkled, as in The Silver Chair, Jill is always seeming to complain of not being able to wash and having to sleep in one's clothing. So she should be neat, at least. And her hair should be drear, like just hanging down limply, nothing fancy done to it. In my opinion it should be about shoulder length, no bangs, straight-cut and well-brushed but rather un-fabulous.

(the other dresses will be coming soon! :) )

Welcome to Cair Paravel Dress

On a Mission Outfit (w/ cloak)

Horrible Harfang Dress

Peace Restored Dress

And of course, we finish the movie w/ Jill back in her original English School Outfit. :)