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12 – The Queen of Underland

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Re: 12 – The Queen of Underland

Postby TheLukeskywalker2 » May 22, 2020 9:57 am

1. Why is Jill the first one to succumb to the witch’s magic? Why is Scrubb the second? How come Puddleglum is able to fight the magic longer?

Puddleglum has lived in Narnia all his life and he is used to magic. Eustace has had some interaction with magic during his time in Narnia, specifically the dragoning. Jill has never been to Narnia before, so she would logically be the first to succumb.

3. What do you think of Puddleglum’s speech to the witch? Does he make good points?

He makes fantastic points. If it weren't for this scene, Puddleglum would be virtually indistinguishable from Eeyore in tone. However, this is where he shines, as he takes the worst possible case, nothing but the Underland being real, and puts the positive twist on it, saying that even if the Upperlands are not real, Puddleglum is willing to follow them, because they are more real than her world. 

4. Where's question 4?

I dunno.

5. How would you like the scene where the witch turns into a serpent and they fight her to be adapted?

I feel that it should feel like a last option for the Witch. We should see that she tried and failed to enchant the four of them.

6. How do you think the scene will be adapted?

I fear that they will make the attempted enchanting too short and the battle to long. I think that the enchanting should be longer than the fight, because the longer the enchanting scene is, the more power in has. If the scene is just there to check the box, I think a lot of the power of Puddleglum's actions would be lost. 
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