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Postby Valiant_Nymph » May 05, 2018 8:12 pm

8. When Eustace fell, did you think he died? Even for a moment?
No, I didn't think Lewis would really kill off one of the children -- at least so quickly!

9. Whose fault is it that Eustace falls off the cliff? Or is it no one’s fault?
Well, I suppose it depends on what one means by 'fault.' I guess it was Jill's showing off that led to him falling, but I don't think that means she murdered him or anything! She wouldn't hold the same culpability she would if she pushed him off, for example. But I guess Lewis wanted to show how Jill's insecurities and desires to show off cause her all kinds of problems. This is a weak point of Jill's that has to be corrected throughout her journey.
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