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New Characters?

PostPosted: Oct 28, 2018 12:56 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
In the Walden Trilogy, we see a number of characters not found in the books: General Oreius in LWW, Asterius in PC, and Gael in VDT, to name a few. All were added to fill a perceived gap in the story after being adapted to screen. In LWW, Oreius was a more personal icon of the Narnian army and added a lot to the battle scenes. In PC, Asterius embodied the sacrifice of the trapped Narnians at Miraz's castle. In a movie with few female characters and no other young children, the addition of Gael ticked both of those boxes in VDT.

We're likely to see new additions in the upcoming Netflix adaptation as well, and probably considerably more if we're looking at a television series. Who should fill Oreius's horseshoes this time around? What about adding more friendly Calormene characters? How about an evil tree on the Witch's side in LWW? Or a naiad in the crew of The Dawn Treader? What new characters would would aid the adaptation without straying too far from the spirit of the story?

Re: New Characters?

PostPosted: Dec 19, 2018 12:45 am
by Monty Jose
I wouldn’t be surprised to see an additional marshwiggle or two in order to give Puddleglum some additional depth. Also, considering Puddleglum’s own words and in light of his own personality, it sounds like they’re a batch of real negative Nancys. It always made me curious to see what his interactions with another wiggle would look like.

Re: New Characters?

PostPosted: Dec 19, 2018 2:22 am
by King_Erlian
I can imagine a short flashback scene in The Magician's Nephew depicting Frank the Cabby as a boy, caring for a horse, taking it to the farrier to be shod, etc., to show that he was a country lad and not a born-and-bred Cockney.

Re: New Characters?

PostPosted: Dec 19, 2018 9:34 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
Some new characters I wouldn't be surprised to see is a "popular crowd" in England (or possibly America) that Susan falls in with when she starts to neglect the Friends of Narnia. They would be useful for illustrating how Susan eventually prioritizes reputation and popularity over her family and what she knows to be true deep down.