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Puddleglum: Actor, CGI, or Both?

Past, present, and future.

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How should Puddleglum be Portrayed?

Actor only (with makeup & costume)
CGI Creation a la Gollum (LOTR)
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Actor with CGI Enhancement
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Re: Puddleglum: Actor, CGI, or Both?

Postby Glumpuddle » Sep 07, 2016 9:47 am

Can't believe I have never thought much about Puddleglum's skin color. Because of the froggy feet, I guess I always imagined him slightly green. I agree Rose, I think BBC is pretty close to what I imagine.

I would like to see a 100% real Puddleglum even if that means deviating from Lewis' description. Mainly because I want to keep that budget low.

Another possibility might be having him wear loose clothes (which Lewis mentions) so we can't tell that he's super skinny... but have one or two brief scenes where we do get to see. You could use CGI for those brief scenes. Just to make it really clear he is not human.
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Re: Puddleglum: Actor, CGI, or Both?

Postby Anfinwen » Jan 10, 2017 9:13 am

What do you all think of Hugh Laurie for Puddleglum? I haven't seen any of his recent work, but he was great as the quirky Bertie Wooster. He looks a bit like a cross between Tom Baker and Doug Jones.
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Re: Puddleglum: Actor, CGI, or Both?

Postby narnia fan 7 » Jan 11, 2017 7:49 am

I don't believe I've seen anything he's been in so I can't say anything about his acting ability. But I think he definitely has the tall and thin look needed for Puddleglum.
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