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Re: Pairings?

PostPosted: Jul 22, 2013 6:09 pm
by parableproductions
DamselJillPole wrote:
Varnafinde wrote:
Jill and Tirian meet in Narnia, though. But she's a bit too young for him.

The Last Battle takes place 7 years after The Silver Chair. Jill Pole would already grew up by then.

Where do you get 7 years???

According to the book - "I'm Eustace Scrubb and this is Jill Pole," said the Boy. "And we were here once before, ages and ages ago, more than a year ago by our time, and there was a chap called Prince Rilian, and they were keeping this chap underground, and Puddleglum put his foot in -"

Which to me says, that it was over a year, but less than two - otherwise Eustace would have said, "two or three years ago" or "a few years ago."

Re: Pairings?

PostPosted: Aug 22, 2013 4:33 pm
by DamselJillPole
parableproductions, that is very understandable however I always looked at that as an inconsistency. Reason being is that the Pevensie's are a lot older and Lucy is supposed to be 17. Eustace is a year younger than her as should Jill. That is why I go by the time table of the years in Narnia and the years that went by on earth because it is more consistent than the books.

Also if a year really did go by between Silver Chair and Last Battle then the debates between Jill/Tirian and Lucy/Tirian would pretty much be useless considering the both would be extremely too young for Tirian.

I believe it was just a time mistake. As a writer I do that often too.