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Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Past, present, and future.

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Of all the "Narnian" portrayals thus far, who do you think is the best and why?

Aslan / Liam Neeson
Mr. Tumnus / James McAvoy
The Beavers / Ray Winstone and Dawn French
The White Witch / Tilda Swinton
Miraz / Sergio Castellitto
Trumpkin / Peter Dinklage
Trufflehunter / Ken Stott
No votes
Nikabrik / Warwick Davis
No votes
Reepicheep / Eddie Izzard and/or Simon Pegg
Total votes : 36

Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby fantasia » May 17, 2011 1:58 pm

A companion thread to the Best portrayed "Child" thread I started, this thread really covers pretty much everyone else in these movies ('cept poor Professor Kirke in LWW :P ). So, out of the three movies made thus far, who's your favorite and why? Consider casting, acting, adaptation, and (where it applies) creature design. :D

I'm not going to cover every character on the poll or this post would get ridiculously long. So here are the highlights....

Mr. Tumnus - Casting, acting, and adaptation, love, love, love, love, love. ;)) My favorite scene is when he's playing Lucy to sleep and he looks into the fire and Aslan roars.
I've always wondered though, from a design standpoint, is black hair so hard to do on film? Why are all of the film Tumnus's every color but black like Lewis describes in the book? Just curious. ;)) Anyways, Tumnus is my favorite of all Narnians.

The Beavers - Again, casting, acting and adaptation were sooo good. From a design standpoint, they are my favorite Narnian animals. It's a disagreement that I think I'll always have with glumPuddle ;)) , but I definitely preferred the fact that they were more "animal" and less "human" and they didn't put human eyes on their faces. My one and only complaint was that I really missed the sewing machine line from Mrs. Beaver in LWW. ;)) But that's a rather small nitpicky thing.

The White Witch - A lot of people thought Tilda Swinton fell short of being the most beautiful woman Digory had ever seen. I quickly point out that Polly never found anything especially beautiful about her. ;) Another criticism I often hear is that she doesn't have black hair. I point out that the book never says she has black hair and the only reason people visualize it that way is because that's how Pauline Baynes drew her. Really my only complaint visually about Walden and Disney's White Witch was a serious lack of, well, white. ;))
But Tilda nailed this character in my eyes. Something about the quiet, controlled anger and fury were far more scary than Barbara Kellerman's over-the-top yelling (which I tend to either dissolve into fits of giggles or roll my eyes over...not scary).
Really, the only complaint I have over this character is the filmmakers insistance on sticking cameos of her in every movie. 8-| But in LWW, I just love her.

Aslan - As far as casting and acting goes, Liam Neeson did a fine job. I felt he captured the "He's not safe..." side of Aslan perfectly. On the other hand, I felt the "...but he's good" side left a little to be desired. But then again, how do you voice a deity that's Lewis's interpretation of God? Out of all of the Aslan's I've seen and heard over the years, not one of them has been perfect in my mind, and Liam Neeson is definitely one of my two favorites. :)
On the design side of things, Aslan is my favorite of all the CGI creatures (though the Beavers are a close second). I felt he was best animated in LWW though, in PC and VDT he was a bit too.... shiny? glossy? Something. I've never really been able to put my finger on it, but he didn't look as real to me.
Moving on to character interpretation, my big complaint is that I felt like Aslan was pretty watered down in all three films so he could fit into the mold of any religious deity and therefore sell better in cinemas worldwide. Even in VDT where he says that he's in our world too (a line straight out of the book), there's no reference anywhere else in the movie that leads you to understand he meant Jesus. (The Lamb is non-existent and Reepicheep "earns" the right to go to Aslan's Country.)
As Aslan is THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER in the series of books, and in fact the only one to appear in all seven, I felt it was critical they get him spot on... and imho, they didn't.

Trumpkin - This character was either loved or hated I think. Very, very different from the jolly, doubtful Trumpkin of the book. But ironically, I really liked Peter Dinklage's Trumpkin.

Reepicheep - Disagree all you want. I did NOT like Reepicheep in PC. Not at all. He's my second least favorite character to Peter. About the only correct interpretation of the character was his pride, but that was it. He was rude, ran from comrades dying in battle, and really rather annoying. His nobility was non-existent.
I also didn't like his animation. I suppose I might be a bit heavy handed with my criticism as they had to animate a mouse wielding a sword, but Reepicheep was too "human" in these movies and not nearly enough "mouse." Nor did the filmmakers bother to study mice when they animated him as Reepicheep's put together wrong, moves wrong, and they gave him human eyes. GRRRR!!!
Thankfully, I enjoyed the VDT Reepicheep infinitely more as they found his nobility again (though his pride seems to have gone missing lol).
As far as voice actors go, it's a tossup, I liked both Eddie Izzard and Simon Pegg equally.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Shy Galadriel » May 17, 2011 2:34 pm

I liked a lot of them, and actually, I dislike Aslan's portrayal the most. But With that being said, the best Narnian portrayal in my opinion would be Glenstorm. I know, I know, he's not blonde like he's supposed to be; but I have to say I liked him better in the movie than I liked him in the book. Since he's the only character from the movies that beat out the book I say he gets first place.
I liked all the rest pretty good. Tumnus comes in second for the best portrayed and the rest follow. Aslan comes last. I'm always cringing when he's on screen. It was like they were like, "Oh, we can't make him too Christ-like (read: like the book) or we'll loose our audience." To me it just made his character weak. And he never came close to appearing threatening to me. I knew that he wasn't a "tame lion" (that came across at least); but it was a sort of wildness that you would see in almost any other person (it's called individuality). So in other words, they did make him tame. He was supposed to practically breathe power. I never got that impression. It's not so hard to portray an all-powerful, wise character, is it? That being said, he was a lot better in LWW than in the other two movies. I would rather that they had chosen a different voice for him. Liam just sounds out of place.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby DamselJillPole » May 19, 2011 9:03 pm

I voted Mr. Tumnus. Once I saw him walking in the snow with Lucy when first seeing the film I got so excited that it reminded me a lot of the book. I just loved him and that entire beautiful movie.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Elanor » May 20, 2011 9:47 am

Hard decision, just about all of these did a nearly perfect job, but I picked Mr. Tumnus, because I can't find ANYTHING wrong with him. :) (oh, and James Mcavoy played him ;;) )
I think Aslan was of course wonderful, but, I was thinking this morning, he didn't really show any emotions. I mean, he's always perfectly calm and quiet and . . well, he laughs softly, or is softly sad. :P But in LWW the book, at one point he shouts out in joy; I just wish they could have included more stuff like that.
The Beavers were pretty much perfect; I love them both so much! :D
I can't think of anything that I don't like about the WW; and yet she doesn't seen perfect. I do think that in looks she was just right; in a way, when she seems strong and powerful, beautiful, but not to a casual observer. :P Tilda Swinton did a really, really good job!
Trumpkin: He's so lovable and all, but I think he could have been made a bit nicer.
I didn't really like the guy who played Trufflehunter, his voice, but otherwise he was good.
I love Reepicheep of course (I like the first voice better, though. :(), but he wasn't quite as noble . . as he could have been. IMO.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Jadis101 » May 20, 2011 8:34 pm

I agree Tumnus was the best casting choice of them all. James McAvoy played him perfectly and he looked like he stepped out of the book. The Beavers were great as well but I also agree about the missing sewing machine line but their voices were perfect imo and I love how the had them holding hands at times.

Tilda did an awesome job as the WW. She had the cold evilness of the character down pact. The only complaint I have was like you said her lack of whitness lol. Liam Neeson was a good voice for Aslan but overall I feel he should have been made more powerful in the film. Trumpkin was good as was Trufflehunter.

Reepicheep was ok but I feel they made him abit too goofy at times but over all he was good. So far I think they have done well in the casting for the Narnians,.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Joey-Woey » May 21, 2011 6:38 pm

I've got to go with Mr. Tumnus. Everything about him is just so perfect. All the other narnians are great too, but it just makes me smile to think about James as Tumnus. :) This is a tiny little post. :ymblushing:
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Conina » May 22, 2011 10:55 am

I was torn between Tumnus and Trumpkin. I ultimately went with Mr. Tumnus because he was portrayed as truer to the book. Except for the coloring, when he showed up carrying those packages and that umbrella, it was like he had stepped out of my imagination and onto the screen. They did such a fantastic job with that introduction scene to Narnia overall and Mr. Tumnus was what made it perfect. Every scene he appeared in, they seemed to get just right.

On the other hand I thought making Trumpkin grimmer and more sarcastic made sense. He had been through a lot and I thought his lines were well-timed and hilarious. His character was one of my favorite parts of PC.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Narnian_Archer » Jun 11, 2011 1:57 pm

I chose Aslan. There's almost no question for me: he's the one they got just right! Liam Neeson just has the most amazing, powerful voice! You hear it, and you just know it comes from the very heart of a lion. No one could do a better job!
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Evelyn » Jun 26, 2011 11:56 am

Wow, this was so hard that I couldn't vote!

Tumnus- he was nearly perfect! James played him sooo well. I loved everything about Tumnus and his house, down to his scarf and tea cups.

Beavers - again they were great! The looked very real, seemed so "Mr. & Mrs. Beaver-ish", had great voices and their house was awesome! If you listen to the commentary, William M. does say that there was a sewing machine in the Beaver's house set. You just can't really see it. They didn't really have enough time to bring it into the story.

White Witch - remembering back to my very first viewing of LWW, I was slightly disappointed that she didn't have black hair, but I forgot about it as the movie went on. I think the WW is great! Tilda is an awesome villianness. If you listen to the special features of LWW, Andrew talks about how he didn't want to make her into the cliche kind of evil women. He wanted her different. I think she was good- and really quite evil and scary, too.

Miraz - whoo-hoo! Go Telermarines! I loved the way they were protrayed in PC! Miraz was a tyrant and so evil compared to the book. That made the movie so much more intense. I love the way that Telermarines have their own unique lifestyle and clothes and arcitecture in PC. Great great job!

Trumpkin - spot on! Peter D. is the perfect Trumpkin. Pauline Bayens illistrations always bothered me. The movie Trumpkin made me satisfied.

Trufflehunter - I never paid much attention to him in the book, but he is perfect in the movie. Especially his soup line. He makes me love him and laugh.

Nikabrik - totally perfect! I enjoyed watching him. He has some really funny lines, actually! I liked the way they used him in the WW scene in PC.

Reepicheep - I really loved him in PC and he was great fun to watch. But something was wrong in VDT that made me dislike him in that movie. Maybe his lake of grace and nobility.

Aslan - perfect in LWW! His emotions were spot on and his voice was increbible. He was good in PC- not in it so much, which I missed. His CGI wasn't as real for me, but he still satisfied me. But I really couldn't like him when I watched VDT. He looked really fake, said things that Aslan wouldn't say and was completely taken out of the story. Disappointing.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Liberty Hoffman » Jun 30, 2011 1:08 pm

this was a really hard choice, as I thought all of the people in the list above made outstanding performances. but I had to choose Trumpkin/Peter Dinklage :D Peter totally nailed the part and was hilarious! :D :D
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Ithilwen » Jul 02, 2011 12:30 am

I voted for Aslan. That's a character that is really hard to pin down, but I think the first two movies did a very good job. (I don't think the third one did, though)

My second and close favorite is the beavers. They were so fantastic. I think I like the movie Beavers more than the ones in the book. :)

I love James McAvoy and his portrayal... but it's not exactly how I saw Tumnus in the books. Tumnus always seemed younger to me... more Lucy's age.

And as much as I love Peter Dinklage, he didn't seem at all like Trumpkin to me. In the movie, he was crankier and more reminiscent of Nikabrik, in my opinion. Pauline Baynes's illustration will always be Trumpkin in my mind, and I think Lewis protrayed the character as being more mellow and good-natured.

Tilda Swinton did a good job playing the part she did. But it didn't seem like the Jadis in the book. Tilda's Jadis was very dry and stern, and she looked older than I pictured the one in the book. I always envisioned Jadis as having dark hair, like the illustrations show. I think book-Jadis she was louder, and in some ways, even comical to a degree. It's hard to imagine Tilda's version being the same Jadis who stands on top of a moving carriage, making a mess of poor uncle Andrew. ;))

Miraz and Trufflehunter were both fine. Not blown away. Not disappointed either. I didn't feel I got to know Trufflehunter well enough.

I like the movie version of Nikabrik. :) I think he was portrayed well.

I didn't like the way they portrayed Reep. The lines he was given were too cheesy. He was barely in PC at all, and the Reep we saw in VDT was like a completely different character from the book. I think Eddie Izzard's voice fits Reep well. I don't think Simon Pegg was right for the part. :/

~Riella =:)
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Valiant » Jul 04, 2011 8:10 pm

I voted for Mr.Tumnus. I think James McAvoy did a fantastic job. As well, his character in the movie was the closest adaption from the book. His potrayal was very faithful.
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby juzuma loves lucy » Jul 05, 2011 4:40 am

Miraz and Aslan. I don't know why. :D
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby wolfloversk » Jul 12, 2011 7:25 pm

Oh how can I ever pick... They're all so brilliant! So perfect! It's impossible to choose (so I refrained from voting).
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby wild rose » Jul 29, 2011 12:26 pm

I found it so so so hard to choose but at last I went with Aslan, I don't think I will be able to say how much I loved the way they made him in LWW, he was worse in PC but he was still okay, I was only disappointed with him in VDT, but then I was disappointed with everything in that movie :) . I just love that Liam Neeson was chosen to voice him, I think he voice matches just perfectly, I also love how Aslan is always sort of calm and serious, somehow I think that is the way he is suppsed to be (course this is just me :) )

Mr. Tumnus fall into second place, I loved him too, he played so well, he was cast so wonderfully
I enjoyed Tilda Swinton as the WW, I think she captured the roll very well, when I thought of the white witch I always thought her to be icy and cold, like winter, there is little or no emotion in her, I only wish they would have show her like ReALLY angry at least once, cause winter has it' storms too :)

The Beavers were fun and I loved them, they were cast perfectly

I loved Trumpkin,I couldn't have asked for anyone better

I didn't care to much for Nikabrick, somehow I imagined him a little differently, I imagined his voice to be different, more gruff

Miraz was GREAT, I loved his accent :p

Reepicheep was great, could have been better, but I enjoyed him in PC, hated him in VDT though

Trufflerhunter was great, I only wish we got so see him more, cause I felt like I didn't really get to know him enough
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Re: Best portrayed "Narnian" thus far?

Postby Lilygloves » Aug 27, 2011 7:04 am

I loved the scene where Tumnus meets Lucy in Lantern Waste for the first time. I was thinking about that scene a lot because after the fast pacing of VDT movie, I enjoyed that scene in LWW where they actually slowed down. Liam Neeson was very good, it would just be difficult to portray a voice how it was described in the book- after all, he is doing the voice of Jesus!
Reepicheep was pretty good in PC, I just honestly hated when he said "shut up" to Pattertwig. I admit, it was funny. I just could never see a noble Mouse like him actually saying that. It wasn't chivalrous at all. He wasn't even a real character to me in VDT. He just offered comic relief and *shudder* was thrown across the deck of the ship.
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