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Re: The Silver Chair Support Group

Postby coracle » May 22, 2019 2:03 am

I'm not confident. But I have an agency that supplies doubles and creature actors for lots of films, and even back home I hope it will put me forward. I am prepared to travel elsewhere.
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Re: The Silver Chair Support Group

Postby JFG II » May 24, 2019 8:49 am

Movie Aristotle wrote:I am disappointed. I would have liked to have seen David Magee’s script come to life. And also, whatever happened to the “Name the Lady of the Green Kirtle” competition? /:)

And I think Joe Johnston would have been a marvelous director for a Narnia story.


David Magee is one of the reasons I hoped this movie would work. I loved Life of Pi, so I was excited when he was announced as screenwriter.

I realized at a certain point that LotGK did not need a name, and shouldn’t have one: She’s an unknowable sociopath. That makes her frightening. Still, I thought that if she were of Charn-descent, the name ‘SOLOIS’ would be cool and strange.

I agree about Joe Johnston. He could have surprised fans and made a great version of The Silver Chair. If Peter Farrelly could go from ‘Dumb & Dumber Too’ to ‘Green Book’, Joe Johnston could have surprised everyone with Narnia, critics & audiences included.

(I only mention Peter Farrelly because ‘Dumb & Dumber Too’ was a bad film (I’ve heard) while ‘Green Book’ won Best Picture this year. Not that it’s the actual Best Picture this year, but I’ve heard it was a hugely improved effort over his previous movies.)
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Re: The Silver Chair Support Group

Postby Cleander » Nov 14, 2019 11:52 am

Well, it sounds like the Silver Chair movie has finally passed on. :( Though in light of recent revelations about the possible nature of the film had it been made, I think things turned out for the better. Gresham made the right call by walking away from what might have turned into a "girl power action movie" and going to Netflix instead. I also consider this move to potentially be a powerful message to Netflix- corrupt Narnia, and Narnia will leave you. Hopefully Gresham will have the level of influence we want him to have with Netflix.
Weirdly enough, the last time I checked Joe Johnston's twitter, it still said he was currently directing the Silver Chair. I guess he never bothered to change it??? :-\ (Actually, he- or whoever handles his social media-rarely posts anything anyway, so...)
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