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Re: Individual Books: Better as Shows or Movies?

PostPosted: Jun 24, 2019 11:51 am
by decarus
The thing is they will have to recast the kids that are in MN anyways because Digory and Polly are old from there on afterwards. I didn't think about that but it also feels like a problem to have a completely new set of characters every season. It would even be better, in my opinion, if they just showed MN in a flashback situation interspersed with scenes from the real world, (the gathering of the friends of Narnia, Jadis in London, etc) and then with the beginning and later the end Narnia. I think there is a way to do that that makes it feel like a good solid arc. Maybe making the Lady of the Green Kirtle, be Jadis. I know. I am not really a big fan of that because of giving that character way too much power and proliferating the idea that there is an evil side like that devil that sits opposite God, instead of evil just being being a perversion of good.

Maybe if they did more with just a linage of villains. With the northern witches. With the giants. Jadis and the Lady of the Green Kirtle being witches. Jadis being half giant and the mentions of wars with the giants. The wolfs and the werewolf. The Calormenes. Maybe having the different villains talk about each other and creating a history there that could be interesting. I would still rather they not make a villain a point of view character though.

Also, if they were going to do that, that is way long game that they have to make those decisions and usually shows are way more off the cuff then that, so I don't know. They would have to decide at the beginning that that was the plan at the end and who knows if they would ever get there. I still think that is what they should do. Possibly put HHB after LWW, doing more with the Calormenes trying to take Susan. Do more with the battles with the giants that Peter is being distracted by. Somehow make that coordinated possibly.

They could even then move the returning of the Pevensies to earth to after HHB. Then with start of PC we would already know about the Calormenes and other people in the world. They could even have a character related to Avaris and Shasta in the future. One thing that was great about PC was Aslan's how and the pictures on the wall and the stone carvings in the stone table room.

I think that by leaning on the history, they could show the long game of the series, and still find those quiet, important moments in each stories that are not big battles and fighting. Like Lucy talking to Aslan. Shasta walking with Aslan. Edmund choosing to trust Lucy. This is like long game plot though that would have to be worked out in advance and i just don't know if shows do that. I am going to have to reread now. It has been awhile.