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Amazon selling illegitimate copies of the Chronicles?

PostPosted: May 26, 2018 3:52 am
by Reepi
As I browsed amazon earlier, I made a strange discovery.

Apparently, there are people trying to sell illegitimate copies of the CoN for kindle via amazon. They are characterized by poorly translated or copy/pasted text, and don't even list C.S. Lewis as the author.

Here are some examples I found:

The Chronicles of Narnia by "muhammad sajjad": ... B07D6SNXZF

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia: The lion the witch and the wardrobe by "Junaid Ali": ... 07CWBT43F/

Re: Amazon selling illegitimate copies of the Chronicles?

PostPosted: May 26, 2018 9:55 pm
by waggawerewolf27
Isn't that a breach of copyright to do something like that? Piracy is piracy, even if it is intellectual property that is being pirated, not goods or valuables. All those difficulties with moratoriums, translating rights, and filming rights, would be meaningless if you are right about illegitimate copies of the Chronicles being sold by Amazon. Or is it the case that these "illegitimate copies" are being attributed to a particular translator, rather than C.S.Lewis, himself, always possible judging by the style of name? I am aware that some countries in the world don't bother much about copyright, and there may not be mechanisms in such countries to administer copyright disputes.

Plagiarism is definitely a no-no wherever you are. Another contentious issue (in Australia) is how much of a book one can photocopy. This is 10% of an article or, in the case of an entire book it is limited to one chapter. A lot depends on whether a book is easily available for sale commercially or if it is out of print. And whether or not the copying is only for private use rather than for commercial use.

It is the reason for the need to attribute any quotes, with where the quote comes from, the page number, and the year the author wrote the material from which the quote comes. I'm sure many NarniaWebbers are aware of the importance of compiling bibliographies when doing school or university assignments It is also the reason that permission has to be given by the author or publisher if a work is used extensively in other works.