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Leaked Script vs. Final Movie

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Re: Leaked Script vs. Final Movie

Postby CharlotteRose » Feb 06, 2011 10:41 am

Good! They didn't combine VDT with SC in the end! I would have been heart broken if they did because although that script sounds good, it would probably have killed SC or made the story weeker because LoTGK's snake identity would have already been known/guessed! Although the crew member going to Aslans country would have actually made sense in the current story line, and explains beeter why Reepicheep would want to leave narnia (I know it is 'his strongest wish' or something like that, but that would be confusing for non-book readers who saw PC, because Reepicheeps is more of a warrior than an adventurer (?) )
Also, I should like to have seen Aslan more, and him in Coriakins house would've been cool! :)
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