Possible Island Order on Narnia.com?

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Re: Possible Island Order on Narnia.com?

Postby icarus » Aug 19, 2010 1:50 pm

Just in case there was still any doubt about the new Island order, in particular the Deathwater + Dragon Island merger, here is a shot from the new clips which clearly show the Dragon's Treasure (from which Eustace takes Octesian's arm ring) with a small river running though it (upon which Edmund and Caspian are shown to stumble)

Walden Media Synopsis wrote:...to mysterious islands and a river that turns to gold....

Dragon River.jpg
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It looks to me that after Caspian and Edmund stumble across the treasure, they work out how the "Deathwater" works by dipping Eustace's shoe in it. It kind of explains why all these gold objects were scattered along the side of the river valley. Octesian's skeleton being present would seem to suggest there will be no "old dragon" which had hoarded the treasure thusly.

The other main implcation for the island order from these new clips, again something we kind of already knew, is that it appears from the way Eustace is talking in the rowboat that he doesn't get dedragoned till very near the end of the movie, as he seems to be talking about a very recent "undragoning" and is making a very heartfelt apology, which wouldn't mean a thing if he waited half a movie to actually apologise after Aslan saved him.

That means that Eustace will be a boy on The Lone Islands, to Magician's Island and up to Goldwater Island. That he will then become a Dragon on Goldwater Island, through Ramandu's Island and right up to and including Dark Island. And that he will then be turned back into a boy in time for the final trip to Aslan's Country.
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