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Trailer #1 Discussion

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Trailer #1 Discussion

Postby fantasia » Jun 14, 2010 9:43 am

Ok! Trailer discussion... go go go! :D

Favorite scene: Lucy seeing herself turn into Susan
Second favorite scene: The painting pouring water into the bedroom

And now I'm going to bed. ;))
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread *It's not here yet*

Postby ramagut » Jun 17, 2010 12:23 am

I waited up and was happily impressed with the trailer. It will be interesting to see where some of the things fit in when we see the whole film put together.

Favorite scene: "This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder!"
2nd favorite: The water rushing out of the picture. I've always wondered how to picture that! (Picture--they are looking at a picture... ;)) )
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby Reepi » Jun 17, 2010 12:24 am

First thing I noticed after watching:
No mention of Lost Lords, or swords, for that matter.
Caspian and Eustace are getting much less screentime in the trailer than expected. (A bit more eustace wouldn't have hurt)

Other observations:

Edmund wants to enlist in the army?
Why? Did Ed find so much liking in wars that he wants to enlist in wars on Earth as well :? ?
And then the line "I'm a king". Reminds me of PC Peter.

The Picture: I always pictured the picture (pun intended) with the Dawn Treader more in the foreground. It's mostly water.
Eustace ripping off the Picture is perfect :D the transition was made more "cinematic", and in a good way. That's one change I actually like.

Dawn Treader: Nothing new, besides the Sail which looks much different, and much better, in my opinion. Some sort of Emblem on it

Minotaur: looks very CGI-ish, very unlike PC and LWW?

Mermaid: Not much to say, Lucy waves to her, but it seems not to be the Merpeople from later on.

Reepicheep's voice: Doesn't sound much different from the old one honestly.

Dark Island: Honestly looks more like "foggy Island", if you ask me. From the outside, AND the inside. And then: WHY is there green stuff flying around in the island? The Dark Island is not really "dark" anymore. Don't like.

Jadis with GREEN eyes, surrounded by GREEN fog: I wonder if that is supposed to mean that the dark island is actually the Lady of the Green Kirtle's doing?

Magician's Book: Looks great, transition from Lucy to Susan is very subtle, but noticable (before the cut where Lucy touches her face which is mirrored by the book)

Rhindon glowing: They are apparently in the darkness of the dark island. Dark, but not dark enough, if you ask me. And then the fog is GREEN again. RHINDON is glowing BLUE. Does that mean instead of Aslan, we will have Ramandu's Daughter guiding the DT out of the darkness? And then, I don't know what the significance of Rhindon is supposed to be here.

"Extraordinary Destiny, something great than you could have imagined": Makes sense for Reepicheep, with his longing to the utter east.

Ramandu's Daughter: Now that was a little bit too much, if you ask me. The glow, her being as pale as it gets. If she only got an ice crown she could be Tilda in LWW :P
"The Fate of Narnia depends on you". Ugh. I hope this is something just said in the trailer. The footage of Ramandu's Daughter going Star Mode is sped up, as being visible by Lucy taking that step back. Honestly, I don't like that whole "Becoming star and human whenever I want" thing. Ramandu was a retired star. We don't know exactly about his Daughter, but the fact that they'd just transform at will in that way seems very much unlike the book.

Battle: Kind of Ironic how right after "Return to hope" they show an added battle. Behind the Faun is apparently Gumpas, as headgear and garb seems to match. He probably shows resistance against the abolishing slavery and re-instating someone else in his place. Of course they want to show of Narnian creatures, maybe that's why they added them to the crew?

Lucy apparently is training her archery (as per HHB). Ed has Rhindon, Lucy apparently has Susan's Quiver.

Dufflepuds: Very... jumpy.

Coriakin apparently is in the same room when Lucy says the spell-

Sea Lilies: Look great ;)

End of the world: The water wall seems to be in motion, but the water really goes nowhere. Very weird effect.

"You have returned for a reason": Yeah, we heard that in some PC trailers as well :P

Pevensies in Narnian garbs: So, what are Peter and Susan doing in Narnian garbs? The footage of Lucy and Ed have the same background and Lucy having still the same outfit, indicating that they're still in Narnia. Apparently not a flashback, as Lucy has her regular outfit :? What's that supposed to be? And then, Peter looks different.

Aslan: In all the shots we see of him, looks much different than both previous iterations. All in all seems to have a darker mane? Kind of looks less majestic. Seems to be an entire new model again, modeled after an altogether different kind of lion this time. IMHO a step down from PC :(

Logo: Dragon scales apparently.

Also, what's with the snow? First in Coriakin's house, then with the lines ("From C.S. Lewis' Epic Masterpiece" <- wasn't this the same they said with PC? ) and then when the Dufflepuds are jumping around there is _something_ in the air as well.
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby Raticus » Jun 17, 2010 12:26 am

In regards to Peter and Susan in Narnia... DON'T PANIC!

I'm pretty sure it's a flashback.
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby narnian_at_heart » Jun 17, 2010 12:26 am

The most glaring stuff:

There was quite a bit of stuff that looked very CGI. Very obvious.

What was with Jadis being in there???

Who was that glowing white person in there? I didn't think it was Jadis. Maybe Ramandu's Daughter?

Anyway, don't have time to post anymore. I'll try to in few days.
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby Kate » Jun 17, 2010 12:27 am

Overall, I like it.
A lot of the things we've worried about seem to be ok. The addition of the White Witch makes a great deal of sense. The filmmakers have decided to make the voyage into a test of the characters and Edmund needed one written in since he receives little development in book VDT.

A few surprises: Caspian says nothing. Not one word. Reepicheep sounds suspiciously like Izzard.

Will Poulter's one line was delivered marvelously. His voice is even wonderful for Eustace.

*Ignores everything blue and glowing for now*
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby Glumpuddle » Jun 17, 2010 12:27 am

Thumbs down. For pretty much everything.

Edmund going through the whole Peter "but I'm a king not a kid" thing?

Edmund dreaming about the White Witch.... even there he had a great character moment at the end of PC where he overcame the Witch? The Witch is in the trailer for the same reason I think she's in the movie at all: She's a box office draw.

The CGI is terrible throughout, but the shots are probably unfinished. The CGI looked bad in the first LWW trailer too.

Looks like they have indeed turned the freeing of the slaves into a big action scene....even though what makes it so amazing in the book is that they avoid that!

They show Reep's intro only because he's a big box office draw. It would have been much more fitting to show Caspian's intro. It's a much more important plot point.

What are Peter and Susan doing at the end??

The whole thing is very HarryPotter-ish

Eustace said it best. This trailer just gets weirder and weirder. And they pretty much hit every trailer cliche. I'm hoping this is just a bad piece of marketing, and not an accurate reflection of what we can expect.
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby decarus » Jun 17, 2010 12:27 am

Okay Ramandu's daughter was totally glowing.

Did Lucy have Susan's bow? The White Witch was during the dark island. They also showed all four at the end. I am not sure what that was about. I think it was some fast and lose editing, but it did look like Peter and Susan were wearing Narnian clothes.

I need to watch it again.
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby MissAravis » Jun 17, 2010 12:27 am

I accidentally posted in the wrong thread, so here we go again..*paste*
I had really low expectations for the trailer, and it definitely wasn't quite as disappointing as I thought it would be. But the bit with Jadis was kind of tacky. And what were Peter and Susan doing at the end walking out with Lucy and Edmund?(not a bad thing. Just very very curious now) I thought it was really neat how when Lucy looked into the Magician's book and she looked like Susan.

I agree w/ Reepi that it was kinda overkill how glowy RD looked... and then when she went up in the sky again... eh. :/
Dufflepuds and lillies both looked rather fake.
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby Aslanisthebest » Jun 17, 2010 12:28 am

I got excited on a large degree when seeing it and now am experiencing the effects of calming down.

Favourite scene: Lucy opening the book and when the snow is falling.
Second favourite scene: The painting, when they're looking at it, when it floods the room, and when they're swimming over to it.

A few things that question me were the cameos, several mention of "The Fate of Narnia Depends on You", seeing some things. Admittedly, a couple viewings made me think but I do like it generally.

I'll come back and post thoughts tomorrow when I'm in a more sane state and not tired or insanely excited. And go post a calmer status on Facebook... ;))
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread *It's not here yet*

Postby Movie Aristotle » Jun 17, 2010 12:28 am

OK I've seen it and the first thing I have to say is that the trailer did not look or feel at all like I expected. I have lots of good things to say, but a few negative things as well. I do really like the opening though. Very funny! :) Rejoice people, the trailer is here! :ymhug:
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread *It's not here yet*

Postby icarus » Jun 17, 2010 12:28 am

Initial reaction was somewhat disappointing - felt it look a little cheap in places. After a few views i kind of changed that opinion, but there is definitely some very unfinished CGI work in there (the shot of the Dawn Treader on the painting coming to life just looks awful). Also a few other shots, such as Ramadu's Daughter glowing blue (and not in a good way, but in a weird Tron/80's sci-fi sort of way). Also the shot of the Minotaur looks really odd, and the Dark Island smoke looks very fake - though i could see how it could end up being a very nice looking visualisation for the scene once the CGI is finished.

Overall the trailer is reasonably nice. Well paced, gives a nice overview of the plot without going into too much detail which is exactly what you want from a teaser. A good variety of shots as well, very pleased to see the Dufflepuds in there in full one-legged glory, they look surprisingly awesome. Nice to get some good shots of the Dawn Treader herself as well. First reaction was that the ship looked pretty gaudy and awful, but upon further viewing i really like the way the ship looks in it. Most of the stuff from Coriakin's library looks pretty decent. As suspected, Coriakin seems to be the one who sets up most of the exposition for the quest, with his maps and such, suggesting his island his much nearer to the beginning in the film.

Though one thing i just go ahead and say right away - what on earth is up with the shot of Peter and Susan at the end IN NARNIAN CLOTHES??
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby beloved » Jun 17, 2010 12:29 am

More question i have, many more questions, but it was absolutely splendid. I loved the Dawn Treader's prow coming into the screen, her lines really are perfect and her colors really are pure.
Caspian looks amazing, seeing it in motion really helped with the look.
Lucy looks older, a lot older, and I'm sure I don't like it.
I don't think the WW should have made the trailer, and Susan had more screen time than Eustace.
Coriakin's map scene looks really Harry Potter ish to me.
Why is Rhindon glowing?
Did you see the people standing the open mouth of the dragon head?
I love the Lilies!!
What happened to Aslan's line at the end we all heard about?

That's the initial thoughts, but overall, I adore it :D

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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby ForeverFan » Jun 17, 2010 12:30 am

Reepi wrote:Edmund wants to enlist in the army?
Why? Did Ed find so much liking in wars that he wants to enlist in wars on Earth as well :? ?

Maybe not so much that as him wanting to follow the call of duty. After all, in Narnia when he was king, he fought battles and put his life on the line for his country, and so him wanting to enlist in the army in WWII to fight for his real country is a realistic and plausible thing. Even if they just had Ed want to enlist because of the atmosphere, the times, and the current events in England it would make sense. :)

My favourite part of the trailer was no doubt when Lucy had opened the book, and a bit later on, when all the snow comes falling down. :)
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby MissAravis » Jun 17, 2010 12:31 am

Haha, oh yeah, Rhindon glowing. Totally reminds me of Sting...
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Re: The Official Trailer Discussion Thread

Postby Yellow Peril » Jun 17, 2010 12:31 am

Reepi, great observations and I couldn't agree more.

Definitely, Aslan looks like a downgrade and not as grand as in the last films.

I am curious how they weave Peter and Susan into the film. Maybe, it's a special reunion since Edmund and Lucy aren't coming back for the next adventure. Better have them all together one last time. Quite sentimental and touching, I must say.

I would have liked to have seen more Eustace, maybe even a shot of him as a dragon.

As you mentioned, I didn't quite like the whole Edmund wants to be in the army. Recycled from Adamson's Peter.

Personally, I'm not feeling it with this trailer and that saddens me. I really want to be excited for the film. Hopefully, my mixed reactions will change as I warm up to it.
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