Summer Mini-Game: Facts, Facts, Facts!

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Summer Mini-Game: Facts, Facts, Facts!

Postby ValiantArcher » Aug 24, 2012 8:13 pm

This game, like the Interesting Game, has three parts to it. Each poster must post a fact about the person above them (#1), a fact that matches the person above them (#2), and then a fact about them self (#3).

Person 1:
1. Has green eyes (Fact about imaginary poster above them)
2. Has a mobile phone (Fact that matches the person above them's last fact. You MUST be able to answer it.)
3. Likes Newsboys (Fact of their own)
Person 2:
1. Owns a blue car
2. Favourite song is "Go" by Newsboys
3. Eats sandwiches for lunch
Person 3:
1. Has long hair
2. Has ham, tomato and cheese on sandwiches
3. Has broadband internet

General forum rules apply.

Have fun! :)

1. [Left blank since I am the first poster]
2. Likes to read
3. Has been learning Fortran
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