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An Epic Battle Begins. . .

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An Epic Battle Begins. . .

Postby DiGoRyKiRkE » May 29, 2012 4:56 am

Calling all NarniaWebbers! Calling all NarniaWebbers!

Welcome to the first ever NarniaWeb competition! This summer, the Games & Blogs section will be hosting a competition, in which any member is able to participate. Here are the basics of this heavily detailed competition (please pay close attention should you wish to participate).

There are two rival combatting teams:

The Lone Island Dragons: This maritime team has its headquarters on the island of Felimath in a large disused castle. The wide open fields, and fresh sea air has given the knights of this team a particular advantage when it comes to open combat. Skilled in hand to hand combat, sailing, and falconry, Knights of this team will stop at nothing to claim victory over their arch nemesis - the Knights of The Dancing Lawn Lions, with whom they have quarreled for more than ten centuries.

The Dancing Lawn Lions: This wood-wise team has its headquarters in an underground cavernous complex whose entrance is concealed within a hollow oak tree. Knights of this order pride themselves on their logic, clever wits, and calm nature. Their knights are skilled in the art of infiltrating enemy camps, archery, and magical enchantments. Where their arch enemies, The Lone Island Dragons use brute force to try to subdue them, The Dancing Lawn Lions have always remained strong due to their perserverence, and wisdom.

Would you like to join one of these most-high orders of knights, in a competition royalle in order to claim victory over your opponents? Five representatives (known hereafter as the "Marshals of the Lists") have recently come to NarniaWeb. These Marshals are known to you as Ramagut, Malkah, ValiantArcher, Pattertwigs Pal and DiGoRyKiRkE. The Marshals are currently recruiting NarniaWeb members to join these teams. Should you wish to enlist in a team, please feel free to PM one of these noble Marshals, and they will place you on a team.

But what good is sorting you onto a team unless there is a challenge, a battle, and a cataclysmic smackdown! The Marshals of the Lists have decreed that the feud between these two rival Knight-Orders will be settled throughout the month of July on Those who wish to enlist, will earn points for their team by playing certain games in the Games and Blogs section, and will also earn points by having meaty, substantive, and poignant posts (which both Knight-Orders value most highly!) across the forum in such places such as Narnia & Christianity, Talk About Narnia, Costumes, etc...

The five humble Marshals for this competition will keep track of your forum activity, and will award points for behaviour that is representative of the nobility of both teams; however, behaviour which would bring shame unto the noble houses of The Dancing Lawn Lions or The Lone Island Dragons, will be dealt with severely, and will cost your team points.

So what are you waiting for? Enlist today by sending a PM to one of the Marshals of the Lists mentioned above. They will sort you into one of the two teams. Then, await the first day of July, when points will start to be awarded. Once open battle commences, earn your team as many points as possible to ensure glorious victory for your most noble Knightdom!

Good luck!
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