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Re: Mansion: Winning Your Spurs

PostPosted: Apr 26, 2019 6:04 pm
by Lady Arwen
Grace sighed, removing her rifle from Pat’s chest and resting it on her shoulder.

“You usually roll into towns with no luggage and without knowing where you are?” she scoffed. “This is Original. Y’all got a problem with that?”

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PostPosted: May 02, 2019 9:57 am
by Ryadian
Original? Faye wracked her brain trying to think if she'd ever heard that before, even in historical reference, but she couldn't come up with anything. She was pretty sure it hadn't come up in the lecture, but now she really wished she'd paid more attention so she could be sure.

"As I said, we're... a bit lost." She decided against saying "And we don't know how we got here" - she had a feeling that wouldn't go over any better. She sighed, and she doubted it would work, but decided to ask anyways, "You wouldn't happen to have heard of Ditto Town, would you?"

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PostPosted: May 04, 2019 10:17 am
by Lady Arwen
Grace cocked her head, still keeping an eye on the newcomers.

“Benjamin?” She asked.

“Nope,” Benjamin replied.


“Aw, that ain’t fair. Ya rode for years. If you hain’t heard of it, not like I’m gonna. Sounds like some fancy place back east.”

“None of us know it,” Grace said flatly. “Why?”

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PostPosted: May 07, 2019 9:53 pm
by Blackstar
There was a sudden flash of light and Eliza was standing in the middle of a dirt road. There was a tavern on the side of the road that was dotted with lanterns, which seemed to be the only other light besides the moon and stars. There were other buildings further down the road, but the tavern was the only one that seemed remotely inhabited.

Everyone seemed to be wearing period clothing and it also appeared that Eliza was wearing a period dress. She looked over a Marcus with a confused look and her face only to find the same face on her husband. The dress wasn't uncomfortable, actually it was quite nice and not too hot even for having a good amount of layers.

Then it hit her like a bullet, where was Zale? I mean she wasn't overprotective but he gets nervous easily so she wanted to make sure he was okey. Turning to Marcus she asked,
"Have you seen Zale, Marcus?"
"No, not sense we walked into the mansion."
"Then we should look for him, you know how nervous he can get."
"Alright lets go."
'Zale please be alright.'

With that Eliza and Marcus went off to look for their son.

* * *

'Well alright.' Faye had just whispered something to someone and walked straight towards the people that came out of the tavern. Zale would never have the confidence to just walk up to some random person and start doing anything. he thought that maybe one day he would at least be able to say hi to someone without stuttering. In the mean time he decided to try to slip away and find a quiet place to think or just calm down. He spotted a large rock underneath an oak tree and started towards it.

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PostPosted: May 09, 2019 9:43 pm
by Bob Saget
While the others had been busy keeping Pat at bay and Anthony under guard, Cecile Babbit had hurried a block or so down the street, slipping into an unobtrusive blue door. She emerged a few moments later, followed by a tall man. He was dressed similarly to Benjamin, except his vest was in much finer condition, and he, of course, wore an immaculate white hat.

"That's them," said Cecile, as if there could have been more than one group of strangers cluttering up the main street.

With his thumbs in his belt, Cecile's companion stepped towards the group. As he approached the gathered strangers, he tipped his hat to the newcomers and called, "Howdy, folks. It's been some time since we've had strangers in these here parts. Seems we’re all a bit surprised at the honor. How’d you happen on our humble abode?"

For those at the lecture, it wouldn't be easy to identify him as Dr. Milner. It was unquestionably the same facial features, but other than that the change was like night and day, as if before they had only spoken with his shadow. He stood tall, seemingly a good foot and a half taller than he was while giving his lecture, and his mildly pudgy frame was replaced by the well-toned musculature of a man who worked his body for his living. Gone were the nervous shifting eyes, and instead he did one single, clean sweep of the group, making careful note, perhaps seeing things that they were not yet aware of.

The silver star on his chest confirmed it. This--this could only be the Sheriff.

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PostPosted: May 10, 2019 2:55 am
by aileth
"Why, howdy...uh...Sheriff," Molly, stepping forward to join Faye, cast her eye over the man with a mix of curiosity and half-veiled suspicion. He looked awfully familiar, but she couldn't quite place him. "We had hoped that someone here could tell us that very thing."

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PostPosted: May 12, 2019 12:51 am
by Bob Saget
“Well,” the sheriff began, his eyes crinkling kindly at the corners, “seems a bit odd that a body wouldn’t know how it got where it was. Most of the time those would be words out of the mouth of an inebriate, yet all of you seem to be upstanding personages.”

Harry started to raise an objection, but his efforts were stymied by both Pat and Benjamin turning to glare at him.

“Quell your fears, Harry,” Sheriff Lyman said, seemingly comprehending the complaint the former was unable to make. “They carry no luggage, so they don’t intend to stay long, and their dress indicates they are respectable enough. They can’t have traveled far.”

“Come,” he said, turning his attention back to the newcomers. “I think this had best be settled on the morrow. A good meal and proper rest would do you all well. If you’ll follow me, the boarding house is right this way.”

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PostPosted: May 12, 2019 11:56 pm
by aileth
Glancing around at the rest of the Mansion folk, Molly could see the tension in most of their faces slowly dissolving. What a difference a kindly word could make!

"I guess we could all do with a meal," she said, still a trifle hesitant. She couldn't help wondering why the town folk should appear to be so hostile to strangers.

"Even more, what I'd really like is the chance to have a wash," she muttered under her breath, fingering the portions of her neck that she could reach, hating the gritty feel of dust chafing under her high-necked dress.

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PostPosted: May 13, 2019 4:04 pm
by Meltintalle
Standing on her porch to take advantage of the evening breeze, Norah Thamer swished dishes in and out of the tin washtub. An oil lamp flickered pleasantly on the windowsill, casting a soft orange glow over the weathered boards. There were voices down the street, but she didn't pay much heed. Just the young folks lettin' off a bit of steam before settlin' down fer the night.

She found herself humming.

"Drat Harry," Norah muttered. "He's always gettin' things stuck in my head with that kazoo o' his." She tried to shake the tune off like an irritating fly, but it was stuck. Catchy thing. Almost drowned out the voices--no they were gettin' closer now.

Norah put one hand to her lower back, and dragged her opposite wrist across her forehead. Her bones weren't as young as they used to be, and she was starting to feel the years that had turned her hair white and carved the wrinkles around her eyes. She blinked at the group coming up the walk to her porch.

"Land sakes," she ejaculated. "That shore do be a passel o' folks. Where'd they all spring from?"

They seemed to be all ages and sizes, with a few of the town folks herding those who'd seemed inclined to stray, and led by Sheriff Lyman. Grace had her rifle over her shoulder, and Norah narrowed her eyes. That girl had a talent for sniffing trouble in the making.

Sheriff Lyman put a booted foot up on her porch step. He tipped his white hat respectfully. "Evenin', Miz Norah. How's business?"

"I have a feelin' it's about to pick up," said Norah, wryly. She wiped her hands on the dishtowel and considered the state of her pantry. "Howdy, folks. This here's Thamer House, the finest boardin' establishment this side o' Dinkling Falls. You must be tired so let's get you inside and settled."

There were nods of agreement, and as they filed past her and into the front room, Norah counted heads and continued to plan.

"Sheriff, if you don't mind, there's a bucket by the door--you can fill the kettle on the stove so these folks can wash up a bit. I'll have somethin' hot in the dining room in two shakes of a lamb’s tail--Grace, Cecile, if you wouldn't mind lendin' a hand--yes, through that door there--" Norah pointed. "Now, upstairs I have two long rooms. Gentlemen on the left, ladies on the right, for those as don't mind sharing. You want a private room, those are the next four doors. If that don't fit y'all in, let me know."

She smiled at her new guests. "Welcome to Original!"

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PostPosted: May 14, 2019 9:32 pm
by Ryadian
Cody saw Zale break away from the group. He turned to him and quietly said, "Hey... we're going to be okay, okay?" He tried to offer a reassuring smile, but he knew he wasn't sincere and the smile was stiff. He had the feeling that Zale wanted space, and decided not to follow too far. Besides, he had a feeling Miss Brixton was going to kill him if he wandered off. Still, he kept an eye on Zale, just in case.

In the meanwhile, he had a whole bunch of other things to worry about. He didn't like how the townsfolk looked at them and talked to them at all. Cody was trying to decide what the rules were. It couldn't be simple time travel - why did their clothes change? Admittedly, he had no experience with time travel outside of stories, so for all he knew this was par for the course. Could it be some kind of alternate reality? That still raised the clothing question.

Regardless, there was no explanation that was going to satisfy the townsfolk. When the sheriff first came out, he was worried that he was going to arrest them all. Thankfully, he actually seemed more easygoing about the whole thing than the other locals, and soon he'd invited them all to a meal and a rest.

Great! This was all assuming, of course, that this wasn't part of some maniacal plan of his to get all of these poor, lost travelers into one place.... Cody shook his head. The day was crazy enough without his imagination running wild.


Faye did her best to smile politely when "Norah" gave her directions, but the strangeness of the whole situation just wouldn't leave her mind. Something seriously bothered her about the Sheriff. It was nothing she could put her finger on, just a feeling of distinct familiarity... and yet, everything seemed wrong. But the light had been poor outside and she hadn't seen much of him since then. She'd just have to hope for a better look at him - assuming she wasn't just out of her mind altogether.

Regardless, now wasn't the time to make a scene about it. She followed Norah's directions to the washroom and cleaned up as best she could before the promised meal, trying all the while to figure out what explanation they could give for their presence.

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PostPosted: May 19, 2019 4:09 pm
by Meltintalle
Anthony jogged along with the rest of the party from Ditto Town, trying to decide. Was this a dream or not? He'd assumed it was, and it was a good dream, right until they'd walked out of the tavern. He was glad the sheriff had suggested something to break the tension. Still--there was something odd about how quickly things had gone from friendly song-swapping to cold-eyed suspicion.

Maybe if he could get a word with Harry alone... the insurance agent seemed harmless enough, and not prone to pointing the business end of a rifle at people. He might be able to explain who did what to whom and why.

Anthony tipped his hat to the woman on the porch at the Thamer House. "Evenin,' ma'am."

She nodded back, neither overly friendly nor hostile, before stepping inside behind the group and explaining about washing and eating and sleeping. The prices for room and board were clearly painted on a sign over the guestbook, and Anthony signed himself in before taking his turn at the wash basin, humming under his breath.

Little Tommy Tucker, singing for his supper...

Along with wanting a fancy suit, which he'd gotten, Anthony had fancied himself with the skills of a master detective. He grinned. There were opportunities for everything here!

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PostPosted: May 21, 2019 10:15 pm
by Lady Arwen
While the townsfolk might have been suspicious of their new guests, they were still quick to offer their hospitality, especially once the sheriff was involved. This was particularly of importance to Grace, as Sheriff Lyman's presence immediately lifted a huge weight from her shoulders and deposited on his. Hugh soon had his rifle back behind his bar, now more precious for the intrusion, and Grace was off to more important tasks.

After surveying the contents of Norah's kitchen, she had judged it unfit for combat with such a large crew of hungry mouths, and hurried off to raid her own larder. By the time Norah had finished sorting her new charges and returned to the kitchen, Grace had rosy-cheeked Bernadette laying out dumpling wrappers, tow-headed Jephthah (who was sporting a good shiner from yet another round of fisticuffs) scooping filling, and Grace's own hands flying around the edges. A stack of bamboo steamers was already waiting at the end of the table, and the three were quickly adding more to it.

"There's a bowl of tea eggs, there, if you think they might be appreciated," Grace said as Norah entered. "I meant to send them to the school tomorrow, so I had set the eggs to soak before we went down to the tavern. They should be about ready."

She smiled at the older woman.

"Benjamin's gone out for a wheel of cheese, if you wish to add it to the beans."

It might not be the meal the travelers were expecting, but it was sure to be one of the most...unique they had had in a long time.

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PostPosted: May 22, 2019 2:34 am
by aileth
By the time that Molly finished washing, she was becoming aware of a raging hunger. Some delicious aroma was beginning to waft up from the lower regions, so she followed her nose towards the source.

Peeking in through the door, she saw a bustle of activity going on, and wondered whether she should offer to help, or if she would just be in the way. Then she figured there was no harm in asking.

"Would you like me to take those to the dining room?" She pointed to a stack of plates, and some bundles of cutlery that were sitting near the door.

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PostPosted: May 24, 2019 12:09 pm
by Lady Arwen
“Sounds good to me, thanks,” Grace replied, glancing up and smiling before returning to her work. “You can just leave the extras on the table—I don’t know how Norah will find enough chairs, or where she’ll fit them, but she will, so it would be best have them out. I’m guessing everything will be ready in the next ten minutes or so.”

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PostPosted: May 24, 2019 5:48 pm
by Meltintalle
Norah appreciated Grace's assistance in the kitchen. Many hands made light work, and many brains brought creative solutions. Sometimes age brought solutions too, born of experience. In Norah's case, she'd worked in a lumber camp kitchen when she was younger, and lumber camps had never bothered with chairs. They'd set everyone down on long benches.

It'd still be crowded in the dining room, but they could fit everyone in. She'd just have to fetch some boards from the storage shed out back.

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PostPosted: May 25, 2019 12:34 am
by Blackstar
Eliza and Marcus followed the rest of the group into the building while looking closely for Zale. Once inside, they noticed people writing their names into a guest book at a desk. They hoped that maybe they could ask if anyone had seen Zale or perhaps he would walk up on his own and be found that way. Eliza decided to ask anyone in the immediate area of the desk if they had seen Zale.

"Has anyone seen my son? His name is Zale and is 15 1/2, 5'10', with shoulder length black hair and has a blue right eye with a green left eye. If you see him please either tell me or tell him that Eliza and Marcus are looking for him." Eliza announced to no one in particular.

* * *

Zale had loosely followed the group to the building and just hung out by the entrance unaware of what everyone is doing inside. He searched through his clothing to find his yo-yo or to just think of a way to calm himself down from what is happening. He hoped that nothing bad will happen, the doubts still echoing inside his head.

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