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Re: Ditto Town Holiday Mansion, 2018

PostPosted: Jan 09, 2019 5:59 pm
by stargazer
Grace glanced down at her new dress. "I suppose my parents would be upset if I got this all dirty." She didn't seem too worried about poisonous spiders, however.

"How many ornaments we need?" she asked, selecting another one similar to the one Kaelin had while looking toward the stairs her friend had indicated.

Re: Ditto Town Holiday Mansion, 2018

PostPosted: Jan 10, 2019 4:02 am
by Delia Death
Well, it sure was fun having you all visit! Unfortunately, it is time for our visit to come to a close, as some spectral spooks elsewhere are in need of my attention. Fear not, however! There is more fun in store. On the 28th of this month (that's January, for you temporal Earth-dwellers) a new Flash Fiction Challenge will commence, and you can expect the Mansion to re-open its doors on March 15. Until then, you are welcome to discuss this Mansion or any other salient character and plot points in the Cavern Tavern, or simply hang out with your fellow writers and Dittotopians in the Town Square, as the weather is usually fair there.

Poisoned Kisses,