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PostPosted: Aug 29, 2018 6:42 am
by Meltintalle
With everyone back at basecamp, or on their way, there were people everywhere! Thumbs were put to good use as things were fetched, others were carried, and often right from under Mel's very nose.

After being accidentally whacked by a moving shuffleboard cue, Mel was more careful about how close she stood to people. At least she hadn't tripped the lady. Xandria still needed pants, so Mel dug through the suitcases and bags. Clothes, when they weren't being worn, looked very much the same to Mel. The first item she found that seemed the right size, when gently tugged out flat--well, were those arms or legs? There were lots of buttons, so, probably a shirt.

Settling on a likely item, Mel headed out to where the latest group had beached, fabric fluttering like a flag from her mouth.

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PostPosted: Aug 29, 2018 9:22 pm
by Lady Arwen
"Yes ma'am, thank you," Kaelin said, nodding over her pile to Twigs. She turned to Grace, nodded again, and the two trotted back the way they had come.


"The legs are rather thick for a splint," Maeve said, pulling her knife out and carefully cutting away Angie's sleeve, "but could be useful to whittle down for a more permanent one later."

Maeve glanced at Dan, then at the sky. She meant to be kind, but she wasn't used to having to have bedside manners.

"Plus, we may end up needing them to help us sledge her back to your camp," she continued. "The sun seems to be sinking rather quickly, and once it's down, it'll be dark."

Dan looked concerned. Perhaps mentioning the approaching evening was a poor idea.

"She has a Colle's fracture--or maybe a Smith's fracture--on her arm, probably from trying to brace herself when she fell. Or something with a straight edge hit her with a lot of force. It's actually a rather common break, and it feels like everything stayed in place, so it shouldn't be too bad at all. It should set well enough, as long as she doesn't move it. I probably already has started setting."

Maeve glanced over at Dan, unsure of how helpful her words were. She decided to continue working in silence, and just hope the girls returned quickly. The more she thought about it, the more she hoped for a rope. The table would move smoothly enough over the sand, and it would ensure no slippery hands dropped Angie and jarred her. That and Maeve was unsure of when--or if--she would wake.

"We have things, the lady is working on heating water, and they're making a bed for her, and they have a door," Kaelin yelled, panting between phrases. A few moments later she dropped her load by Angie, Grace just behind her.

"Good, good!" Maeve exclaimed, glancing over the haul. "Kaelin, put one of the sweaters on yourself. You need to stay warm."

Maeve quickly sorted through the items. The shuffleboard cues (an item Maeve had never seen before, and thus was slightly mystified at) were aluminum, so she quickly flattened them as much as she could and bent them into the appropriate length and shape. The ties were a bit long, but, after securing the poles, Maeve realized this allowed her extra fabric to wrap Angie's arm, which should help warm her, or at least insulate her arm. Maeve looked around. Jeff was off scavenging, leaving herself, the girls, and Dan.

"We need to get the wet clothes off of her, and get her dried off as best we can," she said. "Then we can wrap her up and get her back to camp. Hopefully she'll wake up once she starts to warm."


Xandria had found her way back to the old, broken down dock she had previously discovered. This, in fact, was perfect for her. She had, very early in her mermaid career, perfected breaching the water at high speeds and landing solidly on her feet. The speed and the wind were enough for her to dry adequately, and as she otherwise was fairly impatient, it was the best method for moving from sea-to-land. After ringing out her hoodie, she carefully picked her way down the dock and onto the sand, then, using the last vestiges of smoke for a heading, set off to join her fellow survivors.

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PostPosted: Aug 30, 2018 8:49 pm
by narnianerd
Jeff knew that recreating a trauma bag from scraps would be no easy task. Thankfully he had multitude of scraps to chose from. Specifically he was searching for a woman's diaper bag. Those tended to hold goodies galore, items that are easily repurposed for survival situations such as the one they found themselves it. First though, he stumbled across an old fishing net caught up on some rocks. Using his pocket knife, he was able to secure a decent length of rope, sure to come in handy. Shortly afterwards, amongst a pile of refuge and washed up piles of junk he came across a fully stocked purse, the contents of which were sure to make Maeve happy.

"Normally I know better than to look through a woman's bag." Jeff tossed Maeve a small, but well stocked first aide kit. "But this time, I think the risk was worth the reward."

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PostPosted: Sep 01, 2018 9:26 pm
by stargazer
Dan quickly realized that Maeve's grasp of field medicine far exceeded his own and knew it would be best to follow her advice.

Once the girls returned Grace returned to his side. He glanced again at the sky. "Are you cold?" he whispered to her.

"Not yet."

"Did you find anything warm in the stuff you brought? We'll need some for Mommy and for you if possible."

They rooted through the piles and found a pair of mismatched sweats that looked to be about the right size. One of them bore the logo of an arch-rival of his wife's alma mater and he couldn't help musing as to what she'd think when she awoke wearing it. A bonus was another sweatshirt that looked too large for his daughter but would do. He was grateful some people happened to bring such casual warm wear on a tropical cruise.

"Thanks for taking care of her arm. I think we can change her into these so she can warm up with some dry clothing on."

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PostPosted: Sep 03, 2018 10:29 pm
by Lady Arwen
Maeve caught the bag Jeff tossed her way, and gave him a thumbs up before popping it open. The kit was a pleasant surprise; she had expected it to be of the band aids and neosporin only type, but quickly saw that it was actually a fairly complete car kit that held a wide range of items, including several individually wrapped sanitized needles. She hoped she would have no further need to break them open, but it was a relief knowing they were on hand. More importantly, there were butterfly bandages and sanitation wipes. As it had been a good number of hours since Angie's initial injuries, and considering her own hands were slightly shaking from stress and exhaustion, Maeve opted to use these to clean and close the wound on Angie's head. She felt a slight twinge of guilt at this, but reminded herself that once it completely healed, the scar would be small and light, nothing a little makeup couldn't cover.

"There, good as new," Maeve lied, smiling at Dan and Grace. "Those clothes look perfect. I've already cut the sleeve down, so it shouldn't be difficult to remove it. Put the jacket on to the bad arm first, and let me know if we need to cut it open. Since this is not a permanent cast, be sure to hold it here," Maeve pointed, "and here, and to keep her hand and wrist as straight as possible. Once she's changed, we'll work on moving her back to the camp."

Maeve rose and walked over to Jeff, stretching her legs and testing exactly how poorly she felt herself. She decided it was merely exhaustion from extended swimming, and nothing more to worry about.

"That kit was quite a find," she said to Jeff. "Nearly everything is still sealed, so most of it is all still sanitized. I see you've found a few other useful things, too. Any ideas on how to get our patient to camp?"

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PostPosted: Sep 14, 2018 12:23 pm
by Ryadian
"Wouldn't dream of using it." Faye told Twigs, tapping her book. "But, if worst come to worst, I'll order you a new one when we get back." Faye wouldn't even consider thinking about any alternative possibilities.

After a bit of effort, especially since some of the wood was already doused and/or charred, Faye finally managed to get a fire going. She sighed and settled back, glancing around the camp. No other emergencies had arisen, and it seemed like they were in a state of limbo while they waited for the Baxters and company to return. There was much to do, but Faye decided to wait for the one emergency to sort itself out before thinking of the next one.

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PostPosted: Sep 19, 2018 9:51 pm
by Movie Aristotle
Gladstone had quite a handful of seashells in his hand by the time he arrived back at the camp with Dan. He was now wearing his white button-up shirt (which he rarely buttoned) that he’d found washed up on shore along the way. -He had left it poolside before his float so he wasn’t surprised to find it nearby. And since it was made of such thin material, it was easy to wring out and slip on, though he didn’t button it, so it could flap in the breeze as he walked.

He set the shells and the float down as Grace ran to her father. Junior couldn’t help but smile at the reunion.

"Look who we found," Dan said, referring to Mr. Gladstone.

Dan began to tell of the stream that they had found, so Junior wandered over to another familiar face. He slapped Waters on the back with a strong, manly, but friendly sort of backslap. “How are you, old man?”

Physical touch didn’t seem to be Water’s love language (in fact, Waters didn’t seem to have one) so Junior backed off and rejoined Dan to help tell the story of what they saw. He was deep into describing a particular breed of seagull that had flown over during their walk when he noticed Twigs dart towards the wood pile, poke at the logs with a barstool leg, and then fling sand onto them. They were on fire! Dan grabbed a cosmetics case and filled it with water as Faye ran up kicking sand and stomping on the fire. Dan poured the little water he had on the fire and then scooped sand onto it. Molly ran over to Mr. Waters, while Junior ran away from the fire, getting exasperated looks from the others as he did so. (Junior was very much against unnecessary work.)

The volunteer firefighters toiled to put out the fire however they could. They began to sweat from the work and the close proximity to the heat. They were tired. They were hot. They were upset. And they were surprised to hear the sound of CO2 being expelled at high speeds. As they looked up, almost in unison, they saw Junior, glistening in the afternoon sun, aiming a fire extinguisher at the remaining flames. Within moments the main fire was out as the others took in their surroundings. “Well... all right,” said Faye, “so that... happened."

Junior turned to Twigs, who was nearby. “I saw it floating to shore. Thought it might be the best way to ensure the fire stayed out.” He sprayed some rogue flames that had caught some leaves. As Junior finished the job of making sure the fire was no longer in danger of spreading, he heard that Mrs. B was hurt. But when Junior could turn his attention away from the fire, he saw a man carry an injured woman into camp. As the man ran down the beach, Junior ran up to the woman to tend to her injuries. Soon Molly joined him, applying her medical skills.

“Here, I need somebody strong, to give a gentle pull.” Junior began to assist, but evidently didn’t know his own strength. It was a common problem for him. “Gentle! That's right; under the heel and across the arch. Ahh! that's better. Now we'll see. Aaand hold it."

Soon the woman’s immediate needs were attended to, and Junior began to be a third wheel. He stood up and stepped back from the ladies, watching for a minute to ensure they didn’t need anything else. Then he turned and picked up his pool float, only to find Twigs directly in front of him looking surprisingly more forceful than he had known her on the ship. She snatched the float out of his hands and replaced it with a bowl, and ordered him to fetch water. Then she turned and walked away. “Yes, Ma’am” he said, watching for a moment as she went. He smiled as he walked the beach back up to the stream. “Maybe I’ll be able to find my sandals.”

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PostPosted: Sep 29, 2018 12:24 am
by stargazer
Before long Angie was sporting drier, warmer clothes. The biggest challenge had been being careful around her injured arm and head, but now that this was finished Dan took up his post, sitting on the sand by her side.

Grace spread one of the blankets over her mother and then joined him on the sand. Dan held her hand, grateful that it didn't seem too cold. Perhaps they'd managed to stave off the risk of hypothermia.

"Maybe you and Kaelin could go see how that water is coming along," he said, but before Grace could answer there was a soft groan from the figure on the sand.

"Mommy?" Grace cried as Angie opened her eyes and turned her head toward them.

"What happened? Where am I?"

Dan had never been so happy to hear his wife's voice, but he wasn't sure how much to worry her with right now. "It's a long story," he began. "But right now we're on an island, we're safe and we're together. You've been injured so we need to be sure to do what Maeve suggests." He looked over at the other woman.

Angie nodded and closed her eyes. "It hurts so much."

He looked back at Maeve. "Do we dare give her anything for the pain? Do we even have anything to give her?"

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PostPosted: Sep 29, 2018 3:14 pm
by Pattertwigs Pal
Twig's pulled out several aluminum shuffleboard cues. She was pretty sure that aluminum didn't melt, aluminum foil was used for cooking. She had considered making some kind of a tripod but she had found enough shuffleboard cues to make a little table. Using embroidery floss she lashed together a frame with four cures standing upright and four cues making a rectangular frame. She made it a narrow frame so the bowl could sit on two the two long sides of the rectangle. The cues were around 5 feet long, so Twig's had used the length to keep the floss well away from where the fire would be. Twig's approached Faye who had just gotten the fire going. "Would you help me with that?" Twig's pointed to her creation. "We need to center it over the fire and anchor it in the sand. I think Jr. should be back soon with the water."

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PostPosted: Oct 01, 2018 9:17 pm
by Lady Arwen
Maeve grimaced.

"There's a couple aspirin in here, but I'm not sure how damaged they are, or even if they'll do much for the pain. Once we get back to camp and we're sure you're settled and warming, Angie, I'll go take a look-see if there's still light, but I doubt my plant knowledge will be of much good here. This is a very different world than the one I grew up on, and I haven't learned much of the value of this sort of flora. Speaking of--how do you feel? Do you think you could walk, or shall we try to make a sand sledge?"

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PostPosted: Oct 03, 2018 11:13 am
by stargazer
Angie managed to sit up, with Dan's help, while Grace just looked on. She'd never seen her parents injured or seriously ill before and wasn't sure how to handle it.

"I can try to walk. Not sure how far I'll get."

"Lean on me," Dan said, helping her get to her feet.

Progress back to the main camp was slow. They'd only gone a short distance when suddenly Angie stopped and took a deep breath.

"Emma!" she cried. "Where's Emma? Where's my baby?"

Dan and Grace looked at each other, eyes wide, and then at Maeve. He wasn't sure what to make of this. While he hesitated, Grace didn't. "Don't you remember, Mommy? We left her at Grandma's house."

"I don't remember. She's safe?"

"Yes, she's fine," Dan added. He wasn't sure what to make of this memory lapse. Maybe it was nothing, or was it something more? His experience with memory loss in cases like this was limited to books or movies where it was a plot device, but this was real life. "Amnesia?" he silently mouthed to Maeve.

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PostPosted: Oct 03, 2018 8:23 pm
by Lady Arwen
Maeve frowned and gave a curt nod before glancing over at Jeff. Disorientation was possible, and perhaps the best to hope for. The worst? Maeve did not want to think about the possibilities of a brain bleed. She had heard of pressure on the brain changing memory and behavior, and had even seen an emergency trepanation on the field before, but had never taken part in such an extreme procedure. She hoped there was no such issue, and meant to keep a good eye on Angie.

"Jeff, quite quick, give me a hand, and let's pull this table up farther onto the beach. It's quite sizable, and may be quite useful if we're here more than a day or two," she said. "Dan, keep heading to the camp with Angie. Rest when needed, but don't let Angie sleep. You won't be out of sight before we've done and caught up with you."

Kaelin sighed and looked about.

"I feel quite useless, standing around like this," she said. "Really, what use am I?"

"You're quite a lot of things," Maeve said, pausing and touching her sister's chin. "Keep close to the Baxters: they've most likely never experienced true trauma before, especially Grace. Right now, being close and being a friend will do the most to help them through."


Xandria wandered back toward camp with pants very much in the front of her mind. She quite hated the idea of showing up pantless twice in one day.

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PostPosted: Oct 10, 2018 12:10 pm
by Meltintalle
Mel sniffed the air. She caught the scent of the sea associated with Xandria, and changed her course slightly, bounding through the underbrush like a freight train and sliding down the hill to come out near Xandria in a cloud of sand.

She shook herself and barked around the fabric in her mouth to catch Xandria's attention.

"'Ill 'is oooo?"

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PostPosted: Oct 10, 2018 8:17 pm
by Lady Arwen
"Pants! Mel, you are a god-send," Xandria said, dropping onto her knees, kissing the top of Mel's head, and rubbing her ears. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

She picked up the pants and inspected them. Large, with a string tie, so perfectly adjustable.

"Did I mention you're amazing?" she exclaimed again.

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PostPosted: Oct 14, 2018 6:39 pm
by Ryadian
"Right." Faye got on the other side of the creation and helped her gingerly move it over the fire. It was makeshift, but it should work, at least in the short term.

Once it was settled, there was little to do but wait for Junior to get back with the water. Faye's curiosity had gotten the better of her, so she sat not far away from where Ainsley was resting, to make sure that everyone was either close enough to hear and respond. "All right, does anyone know what happened out there? How, on a clear blue sky without another ship or rock in sight, does a top-of-the-line cruise ship just sink into the ocean? From what I remember, it was smooth sailing until basically the moment my cabin flooded."

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PostPosted: Oct 14, 2018 7:40 pm
by Meltintalle
Mel's entire body vibrated with happiness. She'd done a good job! What a good dog she was!!!

Her tail swished back and forth in lazy arcs as she and Xandria headed back to camp, and her perked ears caught Faye's question just as the two of them arrived.

"Was shipwreck an option for the activities list?" asked Mel. "Could someone have checked it by accident?" It occurred to her that if this was a planned activity, they wouldn't have to worry quite so much about a rescue--it'd be included in the adventure.