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Announcement: NEW Mansion Coming to a Port Near YOU!

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Announcement: NEW Mansion Coming to a Port Near YOU!

Postby Hugh Hologram » Jun 24, 2018 9:40 pm

Oh, hello there, I didn't see you come in! I was just reading through the news, and I saw the most interesting advertisement. Here, take a look:
The Royal Dittotopian Cruise Lines Launches First World Tour!
Experience the vacation of a lifetime aboard the relaxing Titan IC, the newest and best cruise liner on the planet!
Play in the 18 themed pools, each designed to reflect one of the wonders of the galaxy, or be an adventurer and take advantage of our NEW excursions packages!
You won't want to miss the maiden voyage on a cruise liner GUARANTEED never to sink!
Space is limited on the Titan IC!
Be Aboard this CRASH-FREE Cruise, departing this July!

That does sound rather exciting, doesn't it? It appears all participants will be starting off at the Mansion on July 5th, with the cruise officially departing a few days later. Delia is arranging the tickets, which should be rather interesting. You're invited to attend, and bring a friend or two along with you. All of Delia's usual rules apply, of course, so all attendees should be G or PG rated, and, whatever you do, no Mary Sues, please. If you have any questions, I'm sure Delia or one of the moderators (Lady Arwen, Ryadian, or stargazer) would be happy to answer them.
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