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Re: The Mansion: Christmas and the New Year!

PostPosted: Jan 03, 2012 4:07 pm
by Aravanna
Oh, the bracing cold of a yuletide breeze on one's face! If only every day could be Chirstmas.

These were the thoughts of the young lady who had just stepped into the Town Square a little more than fashionably late. She had missed the Zacks but at least she was here before the traditional twelve days of Christmas ended January 6.

After all, who in their right mind would miss Ditto Town on Christmas? The air had the spicy-sweet smell of fir trees and the rich unmistakable smell of wood smoke. The snow from a recent enchantment crunched under her boots and flecks of multi-coloured light danced in the air around her. The Mansion was ablaze with light and a song sailed on the air that made the young lady think of a wild land of green moors, proud people, and legends of selkies in the surf.

It was too perfect. The best of holidays in a world full of the dreams of enthusiastic young writers and older authors who had never gave up their childlike wonder. "Ditto," the young lady whispered into the air to honor an old tradition. Then she spoke "Ditto," then she yelled "DITTO!" at the top of her lungs with a huge grin.

It was only then she noticed a couple that had stopped dancing to stare at her.

"Oh, um, hi. That was just... me being me. I'm Ara by the way! Merry Christmas!"

Re: The Mansion: Christmas and the New Year!

PostPosted: Jan 10, 2012 10:51 pm
by Lady Arwen
* walks in with a wreath of holly in her hair *

Greetings, all! Soon, this thread shall melt away. As you can tell, the Yuletide is over, closing with Epiphany last Friday. Post your goodbyes if you feel to do so, and raise a glass to a prosperous new year!

This Mansion will close within the next week.

Re: The Mansion: Christmas and the New Year!

PostPosted: Jan 11, 2012 7:58 pm
by stargazer
Erik enjoyed his dance with little Grace. She was so much fun and full of energy. Some day, he knew, Molly would be the same way. And he couldn't wait.

The music stopped once again, so Erik led the little girl back to the refreshment table where her parents were busy talking to other new friends. She eagerly began telling her parents about her dancing adventure.

Just then, the clock in the town square began tolling twelve, its Big Ben-like chimes ringing through the Mansion. "Guess it's time to say our goodbyes for another year," Dan Baxter sighed.

"The Emporium is always open to our friends," Abby, who'd just rejoined the group, winked. Molly was full and content now, back to her cheerful self.

"Yup, we've got to compare notes on all this interdimensional travel," Erik said. "Sounds like a great excuse to get together sometime soon."

"Will do," Angie Baxter said with a big grin. "Right now, why don't we say goodbye to all our new friends here, then meet back by the Fountain afterwards?"

"Before we do, let's raise a toast to this year just begun," Erik said, raising one last glass of cider.