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PostPosted: Jan 10, 2012 8:48 pm
by narnianerd
"Alright, first thing to do is to take this watch tower, and to take it quietly" Joe said, motioning towards the roof under them. He produced two rolls of rope from his backpack, he took them and fixed the rope to the apex of the roof, where there was a flag pole.

Then he took it down to edge, "Okay, watch what I do" he wrapped the rope around his waist twice and nodded at Weillyn to do the same. He wasn't waiting though, better to clear out most of guards before she got down there. Joe didn't doubt her abbility, but it was in his DNA to be protective of his friends and relitives.

With that being said, jumped off the edge of the roof, the rope grabbed him and sent him flying through the glass windows that surrounded the uppermost part of the watchtower.

Joe cut the rope that was threatening to rip him out of the tower and then used his knife to slice the throat of the nearest MUPPETZ before he could respond. The next second the knife was flying through the air, and with a soft crunch it found a home in the skull of the second Agent, Joe lifted his SCAR and very carefully checked the rest of the room for any remaining MUPPETZ, waiting for Weillyn to arrive through the busted window. "I should of left one for you" he said, as he knelt and pulled his knife out of the MUPPETZ's head, Joe wiped the blade off on his shirt and slide it back into its seath.

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PostPosted: Jan 10, 2012 9:00 pm
by Weirdo
Weillyn tied the rope next to Joe's and swung through the busted window after him, cutting her rope as she landed and pulling her throwing axe off her belt. She went over to Joe, and after quickly scanning the room, checked to see that her M4 was loaded. Though she knew it was, she had developed the habit of checking when she was impatient.
She looked eagerly towards Joe, hoping to continue deeper into the tower to find more MUPPETZ.

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PostPosted: Jan 10, 2012 9:02 pm
by Narnia_Fan12
Muffin #028 (CyKo) skipped up and down the court of the gym. It was mandatory for muffins to work out during specific portions of the day. This day was different, however.

For the last two days of his apparent visit to the M.u.p.p.e.t.z. headquarters, he had begun socializing with the other mutant muffins around him. They were all kinds of cool, he thought; war heroes and new enlistments filled the establishment as muffins went about their daily errands and duties.

One of these muffins stood out from the rest, however: not too much different from the others in appearance or detail... #028 felt that there was something special about her .

He set his mind to a plan- a plan to win her sugary heart. The muffin looked at #028 as he was staring into her soul. Her eyes were abnormally large; she had pink frosting upon the top of herself. Her eyelids were made of gumdrops. Her lips were of a gooey licorish.

She glared at him upon seeing his stare, and turned away.

#028 ran to his quarters, crying the whole way.

then he awoke.

As if awakening from an alcoholic hangover, CyKo found himself lying in the Mutant Muffin barracks. He saw the she-muffin and for a split second felt a sense of longing; he quickly shook that aside as the muffin winked at him.

He wondered what had happened the previous hours, still a blurry image. Afterwards, he remembered how he was imprisoned in the MUPPETZ HQ, and his attempt to escape- up to where he was stabbed with the needle upon seeing the mutant muffin transformations. He immediately realized that once the MUPPETZ found that he was awake and 'sober', that he would be once again imprisoned or needle'd. NEEDLEss (get it? that's a needle joke. :P) to say, he had to continue portraying his muffinified version of himself, lest worse things come afoot.

As he thought, he looked up and saw the she-muffin towering over him.

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PostPosted: Jan 10, 2012 9:13 pm
by narnianerd
"Okay, first things first. We need data. I'm going to hack into their computer network, I'll need you to watch the door. If Cyko is in here, the computer will know it" he went over to the computer that the watchtower was provided with.

Luckly the MUPPETZ that he had just killed had the computer already unlocked (they were watching something on MyTube... Something about Harley Bitted Mah Finger), hence it was a simple matter of hacking into their database. Which he did with a few taps of the keys, "Ahah, I've found the head scientist's journal, apparently they've turned him into some kind of Muffin/Human hybrid. Crap, so now he's one of them... We've got to get him out of here"

Joe walked over to the window he had smashed and looked out, the Muffin army was in formation, so he scoped them out, he could of sniped any of them, if he wished.

Using a bit of thought, he came to the conclusion that they had to be keeping Cyko in the barracks. No other place to hide him "follow me" Joe turned on his heel and walked to the door "Stay close" he lifted his gun, bent his knees and slowly made his way down the hallway, keeping an eye out for Muffins and MUPPETZ.

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PostPosted: Jan 10, 2012 9:22 pm
by Weirdo
Weillyn watched the door while her cousin searched for Cyko's location. When he finished, she continued watching the door as he walked over to the window. A moment later she followed him down the hallway as instructed, keeping close as she also pulled her gun up, scanning around to see if they were followed.
Her finger was itching to pull the trigger, but she knew that it would be best if they didn't meet up with any Muffins or MUPPETZ at all.

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PostPosted: Jan 11, 2012 9:10 am
by narnianerd
Evil Dr. Joe Weirdsworth the III and his cousin crept slowly and silently to the very bottom of the tower, not running into any resistance along the way. However, the lower they got the more Muffins there were bound to be. Sure enough, a platoon of Muffin soldiers marched down a hallway to their right, they had to press themselves up against the wall to avoid being seen.

After that encounter, Joe took to the air ducts, with Weillyn close behind. Together, they made their way to the scientific research center, at the very middle of the base. It was heavily guarded, but then again, who would expect someone coming from the ceiling?

He took small needle, and pieced his cheek with it, leaving behind a microscopic two way radio that would allow him to communicate with his cousin. "Stay here until I call you" he whispered to his cousin, and then Joe kicked out the grate and jumped down into the room.

"Interesting" he said, speaking aloud, he was surrounded by whiteboards "I feel right at home here" Joe walked over to board that captured his eye, it had rather largish Muffin outlined with a dry erase marker, and written inside of the muffin was the plan of all plans.

"Mental Reconstruction... I've been working on this for ages, dangit, someone beat me to It." he pulled out a small camera and began taking pictures of the surrounding lab environment. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” said a voice from the darkness.
“It’s the motherload… Mental Reconstruction is the holy grail of modern science, so much good could be done with it” Joe responded without turning around to face he evil that was surely sitting in the shadows across the room.

“Car crash victims could be saved, soldiers; coming home from war could have the memory erased… Children who are born with mental disabilities could be altered so that they could live a normal life, and here you are; sitting on it like an egg. This technology could change the world, save lives, and you’re using it to end lives. You’re despicable” Joe was raging mad now, when you got him talking about the ethics of science, he got passionate and more often than not, he got angry.

The man in the shadows shifted in his seat “Dr. Weirdsworth, you do not understand to complexities of this arrangement, I asked every single respectable organization for funding. I didn’t need much. Just enough to do the project, but I didn’t get it. So finally I went to the government, and still, they called me crazy. What was I supposed to do? Let the most advanced technology in the past decade got to waste? No, and then the MUPPETZ offered me the money in exchange for my serum, and I took the offer. Now all those people who laughed at me shall pay”

“You’re crazy”

“It’s a side effect of being a mad scientist; you know what I’m talking about. Me and you, we aren’t so different”

“I’m nothing like you”

“Is that so? We’ll find out how much it takes you to become more like me”
The moment the man in the dark said that, the doors busted open, and in flowed a hoard of Mutant Muffins. Joe lifted his FN SCAR and began firing, taking out the first six through the door before they got to him.

Then he ran out of Ammo, Joe dropped the Magazine and loaded in another, but the split second he took to do that was enough, and he was hit by something fluffy, yet heavy, and hard. And then more of the same stuff hit him, it seemed as if all the muffins in the world had dog piled on him, he couldn’t breathe; he was suffocating. Due to the lack of oxygen, Joe blacked out and he remembered no more.

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PostPosted: Jan 11, 2012 11:28 am
by Weirdo
Weillyn took the tiny two way radio, anxiously watching her cousin jump down into the room.
She backed further away from the opening to avoid being seen by anyone in the room, still hearing some muffled talking.
Then she heard six shots. Weillyn slid quickly over to the opening, just in time to see her cousin go down. She aimed at some of the Muffins, ready to shoot, when she realized she would only get herself captured if she gave away her hiding place. She leaned forward to hear what the man by the Muffin pile said, but he was too far to hear anything correctly. As the room was emptied, Weillyn went over her options in her head.
Joe was heading for the barracks to find Cyko. My best shot is probably looking for him there, Weillyn thought; as she crawled a little ways back into the chute to look through her weapons.
She automatically checked to see that her gun was loaded, then crawled over the opening, pushing her M4 in front of her as she continued down the chute; hoping that she wouldn't mess this one up.

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PostPosted: Jan 11, 2012 12:15 pm
by Melian_Maia
"Er," said Lia quietly as she listened politely to Jaws' rambling. "I imagine it would be hard to drink tea with fins." She zoned out as Jaws continued to talk and casually drank her tea (which tasted as though it had been made with salt water, but Lia said nothing. She didn't know what would offend the shark).

It wasn't until Jaws asked them, "So, tell me about yourselves. How did you come to be in these waters?" that Lia snapped to attention.

She thought for a moment about the best way to answer the question. After a few seconds of silence, one of the squirrelz stepped forward and whispered in her ear, "Had the shark wanted to kill us, he already would have. I thinkz he iz trustworthy."

She nodded and patted the squirrel on his furry little head. "What we're about to tell you is top secret, Jaws." She paused for dramatic effect. "The others-" she motioned to them with the hand that wasn't holding a teacup "-and I are secret agents. ANTI agents. We're trying to get to the MUPPETZ Headquarters. Our leader, Cyko, was captured."

Jaws appeared to be listening intently, so she continued.

"We lost one of our best agents on the Squirrelz Izland in a battle lead by..." Lia trailed off as she remembered the battle.

One of the squirrelz picked up where Lia left off in his high-pitched, squeaky voice. "It was lead by an evul lady called Clo." He wrinkled his nose. "Her perfume was smelly." Most of the squirrelz giggled and dumped more caffeinated sugar into their drinks.

Sipping her tea, Lia looked around at the remains of her team. They were all dedicated to defeating the Mutantz. They all were ready to fight along side squirrelz (who, although fully trained and lethal, could, at times, get a little annoying with all the hyperness and constant talking). She was willing to lead them, but they needed Cyko back. "Get ready," she said, looking into each agent's face. "We're going to enter enemy territory first thing tomorrow morning."

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PostPosted: Jan 11, 2012 2:30 pm
by Narnia_Fan12
"NO, I mean, uh, I already have three wives and a kid. I MEAN wife and three kids. Uhh--- uhm... please don't..." said CyKo as the she-muffin neared close to him, puckering up. Her breath smelt like gingerbread.

CyKo began to formulate a plan to get out of the barracks without causing any grief upon the muffin, but was too late. The next thing he knew, he was engaged in a passionate kiss from the muffin's part. She withdrew from the kiss, as CyKo's eye twitched. He realized that the muffin had left behind a red lipstick imprint upon his cheek.

Cy noticed that the insignia upon the muffin's left arm (displaying rank) was one of the three highest ranks- Cy couldn't remember the difference between the top three. But he knew that she was a high ranking muffin.

In a split second decision, CyKo jumped upon the muffin and planted his own kiss on her mouth. The muffin's eyes closed as she hugged Cy tightly. Cy let go of the kiss (her mouth tasted like strawberries) and smiled brightly.

He grabbed her hand and the two skipped along as Cy had before.

After an hour or so of this, they found themselves in the courtyard of the HQ. Cy voiced gibberish and then said, "Miss She-Muffin Ma'am, I know not your name but my heart is sold to you and you alone." The muffin growled in delight. Cy continued: "I need an item from the outside world- an item of importance." the muffin stared downwards, as if in thought.

CyKo winked and said, "I was hoping I could... buy a ring." The muffin jumped on Cy, toppling them both to the ground. She laughed crazily, and clapped her hands three times. She got up and grabbed Cy's hand.

She ran towards the side gate. Cy felt freedom nearish to him; as if he could taste the free air and feel the free grass. Then, much to his disdain, the she-muffin turned to the left, running into a small door. After recovering (for she had literally ran into the door), the she-muffin gracefully opened the door and waltzed inwards.

Inside was a large sign labeled "Gift Shop". The she-muffin ran to the back, where a small row of plastic rings were hung up. Cy's heart sank as the muffin's face turned red as if blushing. CyKo followed slowly as the she-muffin ran to the front counter.

In front of them was a Muppet, who was called Dave by the cashier. "Dave, I really think that coonskin cap looks much better than the onion turban. Plus, it doesn't make the women cry every time they near you." "But that's the point," replied dave to the cashier, "I want them to cry so I can console them and make myself out to be a heartwarming friend! :D" The cashier muppet rolled his eyes and rang him up. Dave ran out giggling.

The she-muffin then threw three dollars and fifteen cents on the counter. "Trying again I see, Mildred?" the cashier asked with a wink and a nod to Cy. "Again?" asked Cy, and the cashier laughed as he rang them up. The she-muffin took the plastic ring out of the bag and knelt down on the ground and said with a gruff voice, "MORRY MEEEEE."

Cy immediately regretted his very immediate decision.

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PostPosted: Jan 12, 2012 7:12 pm
by narnianerd
When Joe woke up, his arms and legs strapped to the table he was laying on. His head was fuzzy, like someone had been forcing him to consume Jack Daniels, but it wasn't that. He felt weird. He had this odd desire to lick the icing off his head.

oh! So that’s what’s wrong with me, they injected the serum into my blood stream. And know I feel like a Muffin. Most interesting, in all of my research I would of never thought that this would be a side effect. Dang I smell good. No, that’s an illusion, my senses are messed up.

“Look who’s woken up” the scientist-in -the dark said “Let’s see if he’s still himself” right after the scientist spoke a small blue MUPPETZ jumped onto Joe’s and asked “What are you?” Joe, thinking quickly, responded by saying “Joe Weirdsworth the III” this was directed to Weillyn, just to let her know that he had survived.

“Where exactly is your backup?” The really evil scientist asked – agitated that his serum had failed and not knowing that Joe was really communicating with his cousin. “In the ocean, about ten clicks west of here. You’d better hurry though” that was an order to Weillyn to leave him and Cyko and find the others. “Thank you, Joe” the doctor said before he walked out of the room.

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PostPosted: Jan 12, 2012 9:39 pm
by Weirdo
Weillyn paused as her minuscule radio crackled into life.
Joe Weirdsworth the III. her cousin's voice sounded through the tiny vent.

At least he's alive, Weillyn thought. She listened carefully, straining to hear through the static.

In the ocean, about ten clicks west of here. You’d better hurry though. Weillyn thought for a moment.
I wonder why he wants me to leave....I suppose I'm not experienced enough to pull him out of there myself. Pretty much no one is, though....not to mention I'd have to find Cyko. Oh well. Weillyn continued crawling through the vent, still musing.
I wonder how I'm supposed to get underwater. I suppose I'll find out when I get there; I'd best get a move on.

She continued down the shaft a ways, stopping once to eat some crackers that had partially crumbled in her pocket. About 17 minutes later, she came to a dead end. Until she noticed the grate in the floor of the vent. Weillyn peered through the cracks in it, looking for occupants. Finding it to be empty, she kicked out the grate and leaped down. The room was, indeed, empty, but Weillyn kept near the edge of the room anyway.
Until, that is, she remembered the invisibility cloak. She face-palmed mentally, and moved for the door, pushing it open. 3 MUPPETZ walked by, but Weillyn ignored the urge to shoot. She needed to keep her cover. She continued down the hallway, until she reached another door. Peaking in, she realized it led out, and slipped through it. To her left was a small building. She was just heading past it, when she saw a She-muffin at a counter out of the corner of her eye. She turned and peered through the glass door, as the Muffin knelt in front of a cyclops. A cyclops?! Weillyn breezed through the door, carefully closing it, just in time to hear the She-muffin propose.

Weillyn wasted no time. She strode up to Cyko, pulling off her invisibility cloak, and introduced herself.

'I'm Weillyn Rachelle Weirdsworth Do, Dr. Joe Weirdsworth the III's cousin. I know you're Cyko....and you need to come with me if you want to get out of here.' She paused, waiting to see what the cyclops would say.

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PostPosted: Jan 12, 2012 11:04 pm
by georgiefan1
Whit was contemplating how to convince Jaws she was actually British when Lia's words entered her brain.

"We are going to get Cyko back?! Do you really think so?" She would never admit how much she actually missed Cyko. She knew well that his leadership for the A.N.T.I agents helped everyone from going crazy(well, more crazy than they already were). Lia was trying incredibally hard to help lead while Cyko is gone, and Whit wanted to help her.

"What do we need to do?"

(A/N I'm so happy we are reviving ANTI! I went to find my character profile to brush up on my character, and I wrote it on January 15, 2011. In 3 days that will be a year! Thats so crazy!)

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PostPosted: Jan 13, 2012 9:00 pm
by Narnia_Fan12
CyKo stared down at the kneeling muffin and looked for a way out of it. Before him the shape of a woman pulled away from a cloak- an NV15 Invisibility Cloak, to be exact (CyKo had overseen its production). Cy stared awkwardly from the woman to the muffin.

The muffin's face grew redder than her lips. She stood up and threw the ring to the ground. "OTHER WOOMAN?!" the muffin yelled as a tear ran down her cheek. Cy nearly attempted to console her, but decided against it. "This isn't what it looks like." Cy said, directing it at both the muffin and this apparent cousin of Joe Weirdsworth, his trusted scientist and friend.

The muffin growled and yelled out once more, "YOU, YOU MAWNSTER!" "I swear I didn't mean for it to end this way-" "YOU GIVE UP ON ME-" "it wasn't intentional-" "FOR YOUR COUSIN?!"

Cy took a step back. "What?!" he began, dumbfounded. "I mean... OH. No no no, she's my friend's cousin... yeah. this is awkward."

The cashier stood by with a blank face, then patted the muffin on the shoulder from over the counter. "Don't you worry, Mildred. There are other muffins in the batter."

Overcome with rage, the muffin pulled the cashier muppet over the counter and ate him whole. Cy's eyes widened as he saw the cashier pound from inside the muffin's interior, then slowly stop as he was compressed into a furry goo.

Cy grabbed Weillyn by the arm and ran towards the open airvent. He grabbed a jump rope lying on the shelf of the gift shop and threw it up and over the open latch of the airvent, and tugged on it to make sure it was safe. He pushed Weillyn up to help her get a grip. From the side, the she-muffin stomped towards them. "HURRY, HURRYHURRYHURRY," shouted Cy repeatedly, following with a snort and a chuckle. "Ha. I never really expected that I would have gotten in a romantic situation with a muffin."

Once he saw that Weillyn was safely up, he quickly pulled himself up- not a moment to soon, at that. The muffin swung at the jump rope, pulling it and a piece of the airvent downwards. Cy looked down at the newly opened hole, and whispered, "Nothing personal and no hard feelings. I'm sure you'll get over it eventually, hearts mend sooner than you'd think."

The muffin's face went from a momentary lapse of rage to all out hatred as she yelled the alarm. "Blast," CyKo whispered to Weillyn. He then stared at her for a moment and said, "I didn't even know that Joe had a cousin." From below the airvent, Cy could hear the pit patter of multiple pairs of muppet and muffin feetz.

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PostPosted: Jan 14, 2012 6:15 pm
by Melian_Maia
"Weeeelllll," said Lia in response to Whit's question, drawing out the word as she thought, "I'm not sure. The raft is gone. I have no clue where the Ellecopter went; probably the bottom of the ocean somewhere, but if we can find it or some other way to get to Muppetzylvania, we'll be good to go." She placed a rather large container of fishy crackers on the table. "Can you and Echo handle negotiations with Jaws while I look around for the Ellecopter?"

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled out her Multitasker (MT for short) and swam off. Which begs the question, how were they drinking tea if they were underwater? B-)

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PostPosted: Jan 15, 2012 2:56 pm
by Weirdo
Weillyn stifled a nervous laugh at the look on Cyko's face as he tried to explain that she wasn't his cousin to the outraged She-Muffin. Before she could add her own input, the she-muffin was eating the cashier, and Weillyn was watching in fascinated horror.
She ran with Cyko to the open air vent, where he fastened a jump rope. She climbed it as fast as she could, Cyko urging her on as the she-muffin followed them.
As soon as Cyko made it up, the muffin pulled the rope and a part of the vent down, Weillyn scrambling away so as not to fall too.
She winced as the muffin called the alarm.
'Blast,' said Cyko from beside her. Then a moment later, 'I didn't even know Joe had a cousin.'
'This is my first mission with him,' Weillyn said. 'He was captured earlier; he sent me a message via radio: In the ocean, about ten clicks west of here. You'd better hurry though. I don't know what I'll find there, but I know he wanted me to leave instead of look for him. It was only by chance that I found you.'
She realized they would be caught if they didn't hurry and, catching Cyko's arm, she continued down the vent as quickly as possible.

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PostPosted: Jan 25, 2012 2:25 pm
by Narnia_Fan12
"Joe's message could mean any number of things." Cy explained, "But it doesn't. Both myself and Joe decided that a click would be 15 yards. So. 150 yards to our right."

CyKo headed left. The continual shuffling of feet below never ceased. He bonked his head more than once on the top of the airvent, but continued onward. He suddenly stopped and facepalmed. "You know, west is to our left." Cy attempted to turn around inside the airvent, but was unable to do so. He giggled. "Weillyn, back up."

As Weillyn began inching backwards, Cy followed suit and did the same. "Beep. Beep. Beep :p " CyKo said continually, imitating the noise of a tractor backing up. Or a microwave alerting that food is ready. Or television censorship. He could no longer hear the muppetz below him; they must have outsmarted them. These Muppetz must be /really/ dumb. ^.^

They turned around at the opening of the airvent and began heading left. The moment he turned around and began heading right, he realized a small bug was in his way. A cricket, to be exact.

CyKo pointed it out to Weillyn and said, "I love crickets. They are an invaluable part of the nature around us. Ah, how I love nature's creatures!" The cricket cocked its head; its expression unchanging. It began chirping. "It's so cute!" Cy said joyfully.

The chirping continued. "You know, when a cricket chirps that means it's looking for a mate." The chirping grew louder. "This cricket is particularly desperate for a date." The chirping's pitch continued to grow and grow, and the cricket outstretched its wings. The wings began to flash excessive beams of red light at Cy and Weillyn, as the chirp became near unbearable. Cy screamed, "You're not going to find a mate up here!!" at the top of his lungs. The flashing continued, essentially blinding Cy.

A solid, high pitched note rang through the airvents. Cy yelled and threw his fist down upon the cricket. The flashing and chirping ceased from existence. He could hear yells from behind. As he pulled his hand off of the cricket, Cy said, "I never wished for this, little cricket. I'm so sorry." The cricket raised its head as if recovering and again about to chirp. "NO!" Cy yelled once more and smashed it multiple times. "Stupid cricket!! X( "

Cy stared from the goop that was once a cricket then to Weillyn, somewhat awkwardly. "Shall we be moving on?"