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Re: Ditto Fountain II: A New Beginning

PostPosted: Jan 18, 2011 8:23 pm
by Narnia_Fan12
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

CyKo then took the wheel, and grew strangely berserk. "I can drive... somewhat... I got my driver's license at Disneyland!"

He took out his license, and caught the light; then flashed it at everyone. :ymsmug:

Calling to mind his lessons at the bumper car track, he pushed random buttons and pulled levers. Soon, after about five minutes of pressing buttons, he had the submarine back under control. Though he could control it, the TV screen stopped flashing the picture of the "sweet cottage in a field of roses" picture to a "smiley face that's crossed out." Growing concerned, he saw that, despite what he had done, the sub was still sinking.

"I'm going out there," he explained, "To see what is wrong. Does anyone have a fishbowl? I need something to stick over my head. I also need some ducttape (HANDYMAN FOR THE WIN!) so I make it airtight. I will only have a few moments out there, so I will attach (and here he looked around trying to find a particular object, until he sifted through the broom closet and found a rope) this rope to my waist. When I tug on that rope, I want you to pull me in."

He went outside the sub, and began the epic adventure of inspecting.

He had inspected almost half the submarine in less than a minute. He found the link. CyKo took out his waterproof duct tape and started fixing the hole, but it wasn't enough. "The tape isn't substantial enough to stop the link," he thought. Suddenly, he heard a 'DING!' against the glass of his fishbowl helmet. He took out his pistol, and saw an aquatic, yet very furry, frog-like MUPPETZ right beside him. His pistol had no bullets.

CyKo grabbed the ducttape, and taped the struggling muppetz as quickly as he could. Succeeding in the task, he saw more Muppetz approaching. He grabbed the furry frog and pressed it against the submarine. "This should plug the leak!" He duct taped the frog to the submarine, and the leak stopped. "Genius, I daresay!"

He tugged on the rope and was brought back into the submarine.

CyKo pressed more random buttons and began draining the leaked-in-water, and said, "We're under attack." Muppetz started banging on the submarine.

Re: Ditto Fountain II: A New Beginning

PostPosted: Jan 19, 2011 9:53 pm
by Jillhope
~*~ Brywahr Academy ~*~

In the silence the ensued before Darek and Atom had spoken Lilly mulled over what they could possibly do... they honestly didn't know much... she hadn't told them much... she didn't know much.
"Thank you," she said quietly "I know this probably hasn't been a welcome intrusion to your day." She moved away from the wall that she had been leaning against, and walked (She tried to pretend even to herself that her leg didn't still hurt) to the door.
Dan was sitting at the desk in Brownie's and his room. He was working on a map the he had recently started, It was of the main rooms of the academy, he'd just gotten the precise measurements of a few of the rooms and he was now doing to math so that they would be in proportion to the rest of the map. He was always careful with these things... it was one of his favorite hobbies. He was also thinking about writing a poem of some such in the upper left corner when he was finished, and also finding a way to make it look old and yellowed. He carefully started drawing in the main lines, first in pencil and then afterwards inking them in with an ebony black pen. Perfect.

~Lady Fiona

((O.O.C. I'm the second Brywahrian to post in the new DF. Does that make me special? ;) ))

Re: Ditto Fountain II: A New Beginning

PostPosted: Jan 19, 2011 10:34 pm
by georgiefan1
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

"We're under attack" three words that sent everybody into ready mode. We had all been trained and knew exactly what to do in any situation. Whit knew her part in this...hide. Collectively as a group they had decided she couldnt exactly be in te middle of the action for two reasons: her age and because of her age she can be taken over.

into that broom closet everyone has been utalizing lately while everyone else prepares for what may come. This gave her some excellent time to think after her accident with the sub. This thing really could all be blamed on her. If she wouldnt of lost control of the sub, Cyko may not have had to go outside the sub to fix a hole and maybe we would've all been ok, and now her friends were risking their lives for her this idea hits her she begins to cry for how long she doesnt know...but by the time all the tears are out and she doesnt think she will ever be able to cry again, she knows her plan, and is ready to put it into action....

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 7:50 am
by Reepissweet
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

“Ooh!” Reep said, “A battle, ghastly business. I remember the time when I was in a submarine much like this and a Nazi battle ship began to attack. The captain of the sub, who was a smart man, just shot once and sank the battle ship, all in time for tea time.”
Reep ran to the window and looked out; a MUPPETZ swam up to the window and made a scary face to try and scare Reep.
“Hullo!” Reep said with a wave, “Are you out of sugar again and need to barrow some more?”
The MUPPETZ stared at Reep confused.
“Alright then.” Reep said, then he turned to someone next to him, “So this is actually a window and there is a MUPPETZ out there staring at me, huh? It’s not a TV?”
The person shook their head ‘no’.
“Oh, that’s just dumb.” Reep said, “All this time I thought people had finally gotten wise and installed TV screens on the side of these things.”

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 9:15 am
by Melian_Maia
A.N.T.I (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Princess Lia stood by one of the windows. She wanted to reach for her energy sword, but decided that the even the idea of fizzling MUPPETZ might ruin the other Agent's appetite, and if what Reep was saying was true, they would be done in time for tea. So instead Princess Lia pulled out a package. 'Play Doh,' it read. Then in little tiny letters on the bottom of the can: 'For use defeating evil. NOT for use by children.'

Re: Ditto Fountain II: A New Beginning

PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 1:11 pm
by Bother Eustace
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Agent Boe's eyes narrowed as he glared through the submarine's windshield (or is that a currentshield?) at the goggly-eyed furry mutants without. He yanked out his SPELR in preparation for the oncoming battle. Glancing to the side, he noticed Princess Lia wielding a package of Play Doh. "I love the smell of weaponized modeling compounds in the late morning," he said, an ominous grin taking over his face. He pulled back the SPELR's pump-handle with a menacing 'click', chambering three new cannisters of Silly Putty ready to be fired.

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 4:24 pm
by Shastafan
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Summer wished she could enjoy this, she she couldn't. The last time she had fought the MUPPETZ at sea, she had almost drowned when a anti-floating life ring had pulled her to the surface. She never could remember who saved her, but she remembered a handsome face, and was thankful he had come in time. Maybe that had been swell, but she feared that the same incident again. She licked her lip, where a tiny scar was. She wouldn't fall for MUPPETZ scheme this time.

She grabbed a Bee Shooter (which shoots bees that attack the thing they're shot at) and took a deep breath. Deep down inside, she knew this was going to be the most epic and insane water fight she had ever experienced. "Please, guys, if anything, I don't want to drown again," she admitted. Then, she glanced at CyKo. "Is it time?"

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 4:39 pm
by Narnia_Fan12
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Glancing at the floor beneath him, he was about to give the order. But he didn't. His phone beeped, and he took it outta his back pocket. It was wet and beginning to malfunction. He saw that he had three new messages.

1. EAT ME by Spamalot
3. HELP. by Evil Doctor Joe Weirdsworth II

CyKo sighed. "Why don't I ever get emails from REAL people- wait." he looked at the phone again. He opened the email.

"Wif A. Thrn n mothership. Out of chzpfs, Thorn angrE. Du not-" and the phone malfunctioned again. In a last ditch effort to make his phone work, he tracked the coordinates from the message. He got '123 L west, 83743 East' and other numbers. He wrote them down quickly and efficiently.

"Guys, head the sub towards these coordinates! Keep your weapons close. We may need them yet. All speed ahead!"

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 4:43 pm
by Silver the Wanderer
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Within the Admiral's quarters, a solitary girl stood, gazing out the window, watching the frothy waves roll by beneath the ship. A seagull drifted past, soaring on an updraft of air. She watched it soar out of view, wishing she could have the freedom to do the same. Not for the first time, she pondered running away. But her last attempt hadn't worked out so well. She shuddered, remembering her father's anger when his MUPPETZ minions had found her and dragged her back. And now she was stuck here in his quarters until he got back from the ship's control room.


Brushing a lock of long, black hair out of her eyes, the girl turned away from the window and stared curiously at the door on the opposite side of the room. Her eyes widened when she heard a sharp pop, and suddenly the door fell inward. A rather unruly looking creature stepped into the room. She squinted, trying to tell whether it was a MUPPETZ or...something else.

When it screamed at her, she decided that "it" was a "she".

Stepping backwards, the girl, Echo, returned the glare. "Who are you?" she demanded, "and what are you doing in my father's quarters?"

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 5:44 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Agent Thorn slowly lowered the gauntlet she had been aiming at the person in the chair, and quirked an eyebrow in confusion.

". . . You're not the admiral?"

The girl shook her head wordlessly.

"Oh. Um. . . ."

The dryad pulled her hair out of her face and re-braided it, as if neatening her hair might clear up some of the confusion in her brain.

"OK," Agent Thorn finally said, "Do you know anything about this warship's apparent lack of cheese puffs? And why? I cannot believe anyone would go to sea without—"

Wait, a tiny voice in the back of her mind was whispering. Dr. Weirdsworth's briefing on the mission. . . the bus. . . the kidnappers! The cheeseburgers!

Everything came flooding back to her.

". . . Sorry about that. I, uh, get a little one track minded when I'm hungry," she said, embarrassed. "Haven't eaten anything since I was kidnapped. Wait, I should start from the beginning."

Agent Thorn took a deep breath.

"See, when I was a sapling, I didn't like tea parties or the dresses my parents picked out for me, and preferred battling the pigeons and pulling pranks on the other dryads and marching around the perimeter of Primberly, because I liked pretending the estate was being attacked by enemy troops, and one day, I found a hole in the hedge, and I didn't think I would be able to fit through it, but I did, and—"

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 6:13 pm
by Silver the Wanderer
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Echo clapped a hand over the strange creature's mouth, silencing her babbling. "Footsteps!" she hissed.

After living on this ship for years, she knew the way her father walked. His sturdy boots hit the ground in a much different way than the fuzzy extremities of his MUPPETZ minions. Luckily enough, those boots made quite an impact, allowing her to hear Admiral Hank Oz long before she saw him. Yes, he was coming this way. She knew he would be furious when he found the mess his prisoner had created.

But an idea was forming an Echo's mind. What if this was more than just a strange creature? What if she was...a way to freedom?

Echo stared at the creature. "Will you help me?" she whispered.

The footsteps came closer.

Not waiting for an answer, Echo shoved the creature towards a closet. "Quick! In here!" she breathed, shoving her in and closing the door.

At that moment, she heard a bellow from outside. "Echo!" came her father's deep, rumbling voice. "What happened here?!"

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 6:15 pm
by malkah
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Mal'ady peeked out the window at the MUPPETZ chasing them, and then turned to go back to her seat. Agent CyKo's sudden revving of the sub caught her off guard, and she jumped in surprise, then lurched forward as their speed increased. Just when she had nearly recovered her balance, the toe of her boot caught in the worn carpet of the sub, and she tripped and staggered across the room, landing in a seat just behind the cockpit.

She quickly checked for any broken bones or crumbled Doritos. Satisfied that all was well, she tightened the buckle on the gun holsters at her side and gave Agent Summer an encouraging grin.

Suddenly, Mal'ady's brow furrowed as mental images of the tunnel leading to the lake, the sub, and the pursuing MUPPETZ all came together in her mind. She pulled a slender, leather-covered book from her satchel and pressed a spot on the binding. A light blinked once, and the leather cover transformed into a state-of-the-art A.N.T.I. satellite phone.

Mal'ady pressed a few buttons on the touch screen and was soon searching through the online A.N.T.I. database. . "A-ha!" she cried. "I knew it! Dratted MUPPETZ...they're worse than Orcs and sparkling vampires combined!"

"Agent CyKo, I've found this lake in the database. Somehow...I doubt it was a coincidence that we found ourselves here. And CyKo," she took a deep breath, "we are headed into a minefield."

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 6:25 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

Before she could tell about the first time she had eaten a cheese puff, the stranger had clapped her hand over Agent Thorn's mouth, muttered something about footsteps and needing help, and shoved her into a closet and slammed the door shut.

Eyes wide, the dryad pushed her boot-clad feet hard against the metal of the floor, feeling for vibrations. Sensing other objects' weight, proximity and movement was an ability that all dryads possessed, called woodsight. Agent Thorn was no exception. Her abilities were sharpest when she was inside her tree and could feel the roots in the soil, but years of training with A.N.T.I had sharpened this awareness for times when she was thousands of miles away from her home tree, and even when she was on water.

Trying to keep quiet, Agent Thorn pressed her ear against the door, straining to hear what was being said. Trees didn't have ears, after all, and her hearing was thoroughly average.

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 6:38 pm
by Narnia_Fan12
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

"A minefield?" CyKo stuttered, then grew dull and serious. "This would be the perfect place for a cliche about courage, but I think that a cliche about danger would work better. 'Better strap your seatbelts, agents!'"

CyKo realized that he hadn't yet taken off his helmet. "Help me unstick my helmet, guys!" He tried every which way to take it off, but the ducttape wouldn't budge. After a while, he just gave up and let it be. "At least I look cool."

He now knew that both Weirdsworth and Thorn were together and safe.... for now.

Aquatic MUPPETZ continued to attack, and ultimately splat on the windshield of the submarine. "Turn on the window wipers." (here he clicked a button) The furry googly eyed Muppetz were wiped away, and vision was restored.

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 7:05 pm
by georgiefan1
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

hearing Cyko's orders to take your sits, Whit exits her closet with a couple precautionary swipes to her eyes to try and hide any puffiness and any stray tears. She put on her biggest prefected brave face and walks to her sit in the rear of the sub.

Just to be safe Whit kept her eyes shut as the MUPPETZ splatted on the windshield. several more orders were thrown about until she realized it had become a bit more dark, even with her eyes closed. Tentaviely opening her eyes to not see any more MUPPETZ but they were in a cave... but then she remembered the word she heard earlier...minefield. The group of agents seemed pretty dumbfounded as to what to do in this situation, the sub was slowed down to keep caution not to hit anything. Brainstorming fiercely Whit scanned through ideas, she wanted to help so very badly. Thinking on an okay idea she suggests

" there anyway we can make it so they MUPPETZ hit the minefield? Distract them somehow"

looks from her group showed they werent entirely convinced...thinking quick she decides this is a good time to tell them her plan

"Look, I am a complete and utter liability for this group, I always have to hide and can't help, I almost got us killed by trying to aviod that stupid shark, I can distract them by putting myself out there, maybe long enough all of you can get away. I want to help, I'm willing to do this"

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PostPosted: Jan 20, 2011 7:27 pm
by Shastafan
A.N.T.I. (American Nitwits Think Intelligently): The Rebellion

"Please, no!" Summer cried. Another memory flashed by as she thought of the last time this situation had occured. If someone was to experience water again, it was her. "If you must do it, I'll come with you in case!"

And before anyone could protest, she snatched a scuba bunny suit and got out of the sub. The dark ocean surrounded her, and she wished she had brought her Hydro Icy Shooter (HIS) with her. But before she could think anything else, she suddenly felt like something was pulling her in. She flipped around to identify a underwater cave sucking her in like a vaccum. "Help! Someone!" she pleaded, but it was too late. In a flash, she disappeared into the cave.