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Postby Bookwyrm » Aug 10, 2010 3:01 am

Adrienne had had an uneventful ride to the camp. She'd actually slept for most of the ride, as motorized vehicle rides tended to make her nauseous. Once they arrived in camp, she and Amy had waited patiently for the rest of their new friends to arrive on the other bus. Adrienne had only payed cursory attention to the flier she had been handed, but Amy had enthusiastically examined her flier, reading and rereading it. She babbled on about what she hoped her room would be like and whether the food would be good for awhile until she noticed Adrienne wasn't paying attention to her.

"You love him, don't you?" Amy asked, knowing the answer already. Empathy made asking probing questions so much less exciting.

"Maybe a little," Adrienne said, with a small, reluctant smile.

"Enough to stay human for him?"

"Obviously not," Adrienne said, the smile turning into a bitter smirk.

"Yeah, I get that the spells weren't completed, but you've told me before that once the process is started, it isn't reversible. So you should be an Elemental by now. Something is making you cling to your humanity, consciously or not," Amy said, stubbornly refusing to back down on her line of reasoning.

"So you're saying I've turned into quite possibly the most deadly thing on this continent because I'm secretly nursing a schoolyard crush? I can't move on to full Elemental because I subconsciously want to play tonsil hockey with Malachi that badly? Please drop the pop psychology thing, Amy, it isn't reassuring or helpful."

"Well, excuse me for trying to help you. Obviously whinging and wallowing in your grief and guilt is far preferable to trying to figure out your problem," Amy scathingly retorted and then changed the subject. "They're here, I can feel new minds getting closer.

"What? I can't even hear the bus. What kind of range do you have on that emotion-reading thing of yours?"

"A considerable one. And it isn't just emotion reading."

Malachi entered the yard towing Portia behind him. He looked around for some familiar faces and raised his free hand to wave at Adrienne and Amy.

"Well don't they look friendly," Amy commented, staring in distaste at Portia's and Malachi's clasped hands.

Adrienne just rolled her eyes and smirked at the couple," Malachi isn't the type to discourage flirting. If a sixty year old grandmother made a pass at him, he'd encourage her like she wasn't three-quarters of the way to the embalming table already."

Christopher was the next to emerge, launching himself into the air on his ridiculously soft and downy wings. He hovered about ten feet above the ground and stared down disdainfully at the teeming masses of Unnaturals, brooding over Night's newly emerging independence. In all the years he had known her, Night had always been meek and, quite frankly, spineless. Now after being around other Unnaturals for a few short days, she was showing signs of possibly shrugging that off.

"I need to get her away from these people," Christopher muttered to himself.

Psyche drifted through the crowd, making eye contact whenever she could. She giggled to herself at the rush of dreams that surged into her mind whenever she did so. The only Unnatural eyes she scrupulously avoided were those of the vampires. She had heard too many stories about the mental powers of vampires to risk eye contact or even light surface scans of their subconsciousnesses.

By now Malachi had reached Adrienne and Amy. He managed to remove his hand from Portia's grasp (no mean feat) and gave Adrienne a quick hug. Portia's nose crinkled up in distaste as she gazed at her current male target sharing a quick moment of affection with another woman and then caught a glimpse of Amy's irritated expression.

"Hey there, cutie. Why aren't you out looking for a nice little Unnatural boy to play house with?"

"Are you for freaking real, lady? Unless that was some kind of innuendo (which wouldn't surprise me), I haven't played house since I was four. I'm almost as tall as you for that matter."

"Oh, aren't you cute?" Portia said dismissively.

Night was one of the last to leave the bus and moved as slowly as she could. Already the boldness that had led to her slapping Psyche and snapping at Christopher had faded and once again she was meek little Night again. There was a sense of shame haunting her, shame that she wasn't confident and in-control of her life. As long as she could remember she'd let others guide her and protect her. Now that she thought about it, standing up to Psyche was one of the few times she had ever gone on the offensive like that. This deep introspective mood was shattered when she spotted Psyche moving through the crowd. The last shreds of confidence faded and she bolted for Malachi and the rest.

The little group of Unnaturals was still together when Richard burst out shouting and the soldiers began to move them about. Naturally they felt some unease at this development, but were lost in blissful ignorance of just how much trouble they were all in. Malachi was the first in the group to notice something was wrong when the shield switched on. He had been juggling fireballs to make Night laugh and as the shield went on, the fireballs disappeared without a trace. Amy yelped in alarm next as the familiar background emotions faded away. She shook her had, half thinking it was something wrong with her, something new and unexpected happening with her powers. Then Christopher fell from the sky. Whatever strange power allowed him to fly despite the utter absurdity of his wings actually supporting his weight had failed. His wings flapped desperately, but were not enough to keep Christopher aloft. Night helped him to his feet, but was almost knocked over as Christopher's wings flapped frantically in a vain attempt to get him aloft again.

"What is going on?" Portia wondered aloud and then caught sight of Pepper assaulting a hologram.

"Not to be Johnny Rain Cloud, but I think we need to get out of here now!" Amy snapped at the others.

Naturally this was the moment Adrienne chose to pass out.

"Christopher, stop flapping and get the girls out of that door!" Malachi snapped, crouching over Adrienne and feeling for a pulse.

Christopher would normally have objected to being ordered around by anyone, but was bright enough to see this was a bad time to argue. Especially when the bullets and laser blasts began flying around.

"Come on, run!" he growled, grabbing Amy and Night and shoving them in front of him toward the gate Pepper had opened.

"Can you carry her?" Portia asked, hopping nervously from one foot to another as bullets passed a little too close for comfort. She could hardly believe her teleportation powers were gone. The thought of this being permanent was somewhat more terrifying even than the fact that they had obviously been grossly deceived.

"Of course I can carry her," Malachi said, irked. "It's not like I have magic muscles or something."

The fire mage unceremoniously threw his ex-girlfriend over his shoulder and charged at the gate, hoping that his character shielding was strong enough to prevent him from being shot anywhere vital.

As a murderer long on the run from the law, Psyche was naturally quick to bolt toward what looked safety. She reached the gate and the other side of the wall in the first rush of Unnaturals, only having to shove two people to the ground to do so.

Christopher and his two charges had almost reached the gate when a laser beam sheared right through his right wing. The injured wing was sliced almost in half, the tear fortunately cauterized closed. Still the wing was destroyed beyond all healing. Christopher managed to shove the two girls through the gate before falling to the ground unconscious from the pain.

"We have to go back for him!" Night shouted and charged back into the yard.

"Well duh! I wasn't going to suggest leaving him to die," Amy shouted back and followed.

Together the two girls drug the winged man to safety. Or what had seemed like safety at the time.
Portia was next through, followed by Malachi still carrying Adrienne.

"What's wrong with her?" Amy gasped, sinking to her knees besides Adrienne when Malachi gently laid her on the ground.

"Whatever shut down our powers shut down the magic part of her. Remember, she only partly human now. I think she may be dying," Malachi said. He didn't know what to do. He was no expert in the intricacies of Elemental spellwork and had never heard of person having their magic shutdown during the transformation. "I don't know what to do for her."
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