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Re: Featured Roleplay: Secret Origins

Postby narnianerd » Jul 10, 2010 2:42 pm


David force pushed the dragon back, late in the battle he was separated from the main group and found himself facing a gigantic fire breathing dragon, alone, the force which had possessed him the past few days had left him now that Enyo was dying and his mission was complete.

That being said he was still able to hold his own against the dragon, cutting of two of its limbs, or so David thought, cause a second later when he looked back at them they had grown back out.

"Crap." David thought in the split second he had before the dragon blew fire his way, he rolled underneath the dragon and stabbed upwards, strait into its chest. He ran out of the way as his advisory fell to the ground.

However the dragon had one last trick up its sleeve; reaching out as he fell and sliced open David's back as he turned around to walk away from his fallen enemy. David screamed as his back exploded in pain, falling to the ground with a groan he blacked out and knew no more.

A little while later...

Shono was shifting through the derbies of the battle searching for his lost friend, he only had a few seconds left to do so, lifting up the wing of the dragon, he found David, staring up at the sky.

Shona ran over and knelt by David "Its going to ok, I'll get you out of here" he said as he prepared to transform into his fighter form, they had to get off this planet before it crumbled underneath of them.

David didn't respond, as he was still unconscious, Scrappy rolled out of a little corner he was hiding in and helped load David into the now transformed Shono before rolling back to David's X-wing and jumping into the droid dock "Here we go!" yelled Shono as he took off, getting off the planet.

Even sooner to the current time...

David was in a small cubical- by autobot standards anyways- in the middle of the Autobot city, he had recently climbed out of the bacta tank, the only two remaining remnants of his wound was a scar -which stretched from his right shoulder blade to his left hip, it had been but a surface wound but it had hurt like crazy- and the sticky smell of the bacta fruit.

Shono walked in and tossed David his lightsaber, "time to go kid" he said as David caught the lightsaber and hooked in on his belt, "Thanks" he replied "Never did catch your name" David stood up and said "The names David, yours" the Autobot replied "Shono, now put this over your eyes" he said and tossed David a blindfold.

"Whats the need for the blindfold?" David asked as he began raping the the piece of cloth around his head "Apparently only one other organic has ever looked at our ship slash city... Thing and he caused a bit of trouble afterwards. That and we kinda would like to keep our presence here secret, So forget you were ever here" Shono replied.

"Will do" he said as Scrappy rolled in "Hold on to your droid till we get to a place where you can take your blind fold off" In a few minutes David, Scrappy and Shono arrived at a landing dock where David's X-wing was landed.

"You can take your blindfold off now, David" David slipped his blindfold off and did a three-sixty around his ship "Well, she's a bit more dirty then when I first saw her" in truth 'a bit' really meant that his ship was all but destroyed.

"It's still flyable" Shono said "Now get in and lets get going" David responded by jumping in the X-wing, Scrappy fired his boosters and got into the droid cockpit. David fired the engines and took off. Followed by Shono.

When they arrived in Ditto Town David hopped out his fighter, Shono transformed to his robot form once again, David looked up at his new friend "Hey man, thanks for every thing" Shono nodded and shook David's hand "No problem, good luck here in Ditto Town" Shono replied and the transformed back into his fighter form and took off.

David walked around the town for a bit before he came to his old house that had been destroyed, he walked in among the ruble. He found the remains of his family and buried them by removing a few stones from the street and digging under the road.

When his work was done he preformed his one final act of closure by placing the stones back on top of the makeshift grave, then lit his lightsaber and scrawled on the stones 'RIP'.

David turned off his lightsaber and and walked down the street, closing off the only part of his life he had still held onto. As he walked into the square in the middle of town he felt several force sensitive life forms around him.

He looked towards the group, he recognised at least the older one. Must of been one of the guys in the battle against Enyo. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Allyn or something like that. David walked up to the group and stuck out his hand to Allyn "The name is David, good to see you again" he said. Smilling.

((Eventually I'll finish this post))
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